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Herpes - what causes it ?

A: idk. but if u kiss a girl ur d!ck will fall off. so dont have sex! lol no it can not. and yes you can get from sexual intercourse and oral sex. cold sores are a strain of the herpes virus so yes you can get herpes by kissing someone with a herpes infection on their mouth. intercourse and oral sex are also ways to get herpes Herpes is a virus. It can be passed in fluids/close contact. So yes, kissing can pass both type 1 and type 2 herpes; but it doesn''t have to be sexual...a mother can kiss her infant & give them herpes. Giving birth can pass herpes on if there is a vaginal outbreak ( so C-section is indicated). There are diffrent types of herpes. There are 2 types. One isnt as bad as the other. You can get herpes via kiss, sex, or...


what is a cold sore a form of?

A: i use valtrex. If I start to feel the tingle on my lip, I pop 2 grams then redose in another 12 hrs. It keep them from coming for me. Denevir is topical- it works well too. its nothing my sister gets them all the time and its nothing...don''t even worry about it but if ur really concerned, go see ur doctor. It is from HSV 1 usually. However, now adays you can never be sure if it is Type 1 or 2 so you should have the blood test done to determine which type it is. The importance of knowing the difference in Type 1 there will usually be 1 breakout a year but if it is Type 2, there is possibility of up to 10 or more outbreaks; Also Oral type 1 can be spread to the genitals and vice versa. The test you would request is HerpesSelect HSV 1/2 IgG blood test. It is available at Quest Diagnostics...


If im getting a cold sore does that mean i have herpes?

A: Could be, get tested ASAP and don''t kiss or mess with anyone else until you know the results and it comes out negative. Good luck. yes. cold sores are oral herpes or aka hsv1. via kissing is one way of how cold sores are passed. i don''t think anything would happen to the baby if its just the oral kind, if it was gential then u would have something to worry about. just try to remember not to kiss the baby if u have cold sores. get some cold sore cream that would help heal it. if u had oral sex while he had the cold sore he could have passed cold


My partner just told me he gets cold sores - after having a break out that he couldnt disguise.?

A: relax all cold soars can be treated and get better just don''t kiss him or have oral sex while he has a cold sore, the cold sores (they are considered oral herpes) can be transfered to your genitals. it happened to me when my bf had cold sores and now i have genital herpes and oral herpes. talk to him about it and tell him that your worried about him passing on herpes to you. its good that you use condoms though and continue to use them because it cuts the risk down some. he may understand if u want to break up with him its your choice to make. if you really love this guy though it shouldn''t matter that much, it might make u seam a bit...


what are recurring cold sores?

A: herpes simplex A cold sore is caused by a herpes virus. But not the herpes virus that is sexually transmitted. Some people are very susceptible to the virus and others are not. If you are getting recurring cold sores then you are just more susceptible than the average person. Its a very very common form of the herpes virus, and people can get it from when they were like 2 years old and some relative came over and kissed them or something, and from then on obviously they pass it around - and they get them occassionally on and off for their whole lives. Recurring cold sores are normal cold sores. Usually herpes virus 1...


[3 in 1] I HAVE A cold SORE!! How Did I Get It? How Do I Get Rid Of It? Could Anyone Else Catch It?

A: cold sores are a form of the herpes virus. You have probably come into contact with someone with one. You can buy Aciclovir cream from the pharmacy to help with the discomfort of it, but you will now be prone to getting them (often when you are a little rundown). Yes, you can pass it on so be careful. cold sores are very common. If you google "cold sores" on the internet it will give you lots of useful info you can get it when you are stressed or from physical contact ie kissing someone who has a cold sore you can gaet rid of it by buying medicated cream called zofirax from the pharmacy and yes it is very...


I gave my bf a cold sore and..?

A: poor guy yeah it gets confused alot go to a doctor asap like now get off the computer and go now go get your purse If you have Genital herpes sweetheart the chances of him gettin herpes are Outstanding! Even without an outbreakk! Its very possible that you did, get online and find out the symptoms and what you should do next. Good Luck... Herpes is more complex then that. cold sores are different then Genital herpes .. thers both on seprate strands so you wont give you partner genital herpes from a cold sore. those are 2 different strains of the herpes virus....cold sores is herpes 1 simplex and genital herpes is herpes 2 simplex so no he...


what causes A cold Sore? - Important Things That You Must Know!

A: Many people ask what causes a cold sore. The truth is, there is only one cause of these sores, and that is the herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV1). The virus remains in the body after its invasion and the sore outbreaks themselves are caused by many different factors. Usually, a sufferer gets infected during their childhood. The herpes infection is contagious and it is transmitted by close contact like kissing. The person can transmit this infection when he/she has active sores, but there are cases when the person can transmit the infection even if the virus is dormant. This is because it can be present even in the saliva. After the virus enters the body, it travels...


Can you get cold sores when the person that has them dosnt have a breakout?

A: if the 3yo didn''t hav evisible sores you''re ok. ask mom when the last time her child had an outbreak was. The virus can live on hard surfaces 3-5 days after being in contact with the child. Also this seems crazy but if you can take a piece of garlic and cut it then hold it on your sons cheek when he''s asleep it''s possible if his little body did get some of the infected cells the virus will be killed before it ravages his body and leaves him with a lifetime of hassle. Garlic works, I use it for this. GOOD LUCK MOM they can also be stress induced...and also too much acidity in the foods they eat I don''t think so, but I would stay away anyway. cold sores CAN be transferred when the person does not have an...


cold Sore outbreak

A:     Hello, this sounds rather unpleasant, so lets look at some different possible causes and ways to help resolve this outbreak.     The first thing to look at is your birth control. Hormonal contraceptives can actually suppress your immune system. This is not very common, but does happen. When a virus is introduced into your body your immune systems combats. When your immune system is lowered you will experience more activity of the virus, because it is not being suppressed i.e. cold sores.     The next cause would be that you have had another strain of the virus introduced. The strain that normal causes

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