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what are Some Remedies for cold sores?

A: There are numerous remedies for cold sores, ranging from prescription medications which will suppress outbreaks to home remedies which are designed to relieve the pain and irritation of an outbreak. In all cases, you should be aware that no remedies for cold cores will eradicate the virus which causes them, although these remedies can reduce the severity of cold sore infections. Many remedies for cold sores also work on canker sores, since although the two conditions are caused by different things, they have many similarities once they have formed. You may also learn with experience that your...


cold sores vs. canker sores Oral sex risks?

A: Dear ignorant, There is often confusion between canker sores and cold sores. In a nutshell, canker sores are painful ulcers, or open sores, on the inner membranes of the mouth and cheek, or can resemble pimples on the tongue. Canker sores are not considered to be contagious and are of uncertain origin. cold sores, on the other hand, are small red blisters that generally affect the mouth and facial areas, but usually appear on the lip and outer edge of the mouth. In contrast to canker sores, cold sores are extremely...


6 cold sores in 2 weeks!?

A: Have you gotten rid of your toothbrush? It really needs to be thrown out after every sore. If you are a women, and use lipstick or Chapstick that has to go too. Also change your pillow cases. most probably it is due to stress but some times it may follow common cold or air way infections like tonsillitis or pharyngitis or it could be due to some weakness in your immune system ,, the best thing to do now is to make complete blood picture and try to take it easy. The best thing I have EVER tried for cold sores and it really works is lactinex pills. Ask your pharmacist. They keep them refrigerated and you do not have to have a prescription to buy them. Start taking them at the first tingle of an approaching


My girlfriend has a cold sore, need help!?

A: andy t is right, over 50% of americans already built up an immunity to hsv-1, b/c we''ve developed cold sores when we''re younger, i get cold sores here and there, does that mean it''s herpes? absolutely not, everybody gets it every once in awhile, just like canker sores in your mouth, everybody gets''em, sometimes people get 2-3 of''em at a time, no need to stress. if she only gets them on her mouth it is probably HSV-1... it is not transmittable if u can not see it. i have cold sores (HVS-1) and when ever i get them my boyfriend & i dont kiss & dont have oral sex. i wash my hands all the time (so i dont...


Kanker sore/cold sore?

A: Good oral hygiene comes first. Rinsing with salt water may also help. Also, consult your dentist. Regular check ups are best. sounds like a canker sore, but on your lip it might be a cold sore. For your canker sore you should use a tooth pain medication like orajel to numb it. (don''t use too much one time i did and my tongue felt so big i didn''t think i could breath) Anyway i have this stuff that''s supposed to be fore cold sores called Rincinol. I only used it once.. it tastes pretty weird, but not bad. Also... since i''ve been brushing with baking soda toothpaste i haven''t had a canker sore! you can also try using it in water as a Mouthwash or use Hydrogen Peroxide as a Mouthwash (diluted a bit more) about...


what's the best cure for cold sores? Does Abreva really work?

A: A few things: 1) Congratulations. Whoever has a cold sore, now has herpes. Yes, usually it''s HSVI, but not always, and if the person w/ the cold sore goes down on their lover, they CAN transmit oral herpes to their lover''s genitals. 2) Zinc +/- 50mg/day can help w/ this, as can Lysine (500mg/2-3x/day). 3) There is a Zinc lozenge and a cold sore cream made by Quantum that I have found to be wonderful for people. 4) As herpes is more a hassle than anything else, and b/c I have had people in my clientele only have outbreaks like every 10-20 years or so, and because drugs like Abreve cannot cure HSVI or HSVII, I am inclined to urge people to avoid pharmaceuticals for herpes like the plague. No one is really sure


what Are the Best Natural Remedies for cold sores?

A: Natural remedies for cold sores include lysine, tea tree oil, slippery elm and lemon balm. Applying Vaseline® to a cold sore can also help prevent a fever blister from becoming too irritated or from cracking as a sore begins to dry. Certain preventive actions can help reduce the number of cold sore outbreaks, including wearing sunscreen, not sharing personal items, avoiding intimate contact during an outbreak and reducing stress. Most natural remedies for cold sores are also considered safe and effective. cold sores will generally heal on their own if left alone, but there are herbs and...


How To Treat A cold Sore Quickly - Quick Ways To Solve Your cold Sore Problems!

A: An infection from the HSV1 virus is what causes subsequent cold sore outbreaks. Normally, these sores take seven days to two weeks before they heal completely and you might want to know how to treat a cold quickly. This article should give you an idea of some of those effective treatments that can heal these sores quickly. For medical treatments, you can have either pills or creams. The Food and Drug Administration has approved several drugs for these sores. Examples are Acyclovir and its derivatives namely Zovirax, Denavir, Famvir, Valtrex, etc. These drugs work by slowing down the replication of HSV1. As a result,...


If you frequently kiss someone prone to cold sores, what are the chances that you''ve contracted that strain of herpes?

A: Depends if he has herpes-related sores or plain old cold sores. If he just gets cold sores, she''s not going to contract herpes. I wasn''t aware there was a non-herpes type of cold sore. There are 8 types of herpes viruses. cold sores are HSV (herpes simplex virus)-1, though if someone goes down on you during an outbreak, you''ll get cold sores on that region as well, and genital herpes is HSV-2. They are transmitted through close contact generally and more likely to do so during an outbreak. Read more here. And you can shed the virus even if...


would a doctore prescribe valtres usually for cold sores?

A: @jenn121, why are you wondering? and you have a strange sense of humour... @Rockhead, im wondering becasue, im curious i just want an answer. if you cant do that for me then please do notttt ask. @jenn121, Quote:cold sores - Topic Overview what are cold sores? cold sores, sometimes called fever blisters, are groups of small blisters on the lip and around the mouth. The skin around the blisters is often red, swollen, and sore. The blisters may break open, leak a clear fluid, and then scab over after a few days. They usually heal after several days to 2 weeks. what

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