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Are cold sores normal?

A: cold sores are normal if you are nasty cold sores are a strain of Herpes. They are normal to those that get them. Stress triggers them, and you should avoid kissing/sharing cups etc. and refrain from sexual contact with your mouth when you have one cause they are easy to transfer to others. They''re ''normal'' in the sense that most people will have them once or twice in their life; more often if they''re run-down; and they are a variety of shingles/herpes and therefore infectious, which means that they can infect your partner (hence, don''t kiss). By the way, you don''t have to do anything sexual to acquire them (I mentioned that because I used the h- word). The best cure is an ointment...


what home remedy can be used for a cold sore?

A: Honey works the best. Lots of Lysine, a vitamin/nutrient from a health food store. Chainsaw!!!!! use ice to take down the light swelling and peroxide to take away the whole thing. works great and helps it go away You''re going to think it''s gross, but it worked for me. I haven''t had one since. Put your ear wax on it when you feel it coming up. It will go away. My nephew got them all the time. Tried every medication out there. He tried the ear wax and hasn''t had one since. Carmex works the best even at the first feeling of a little tingle. It has camphor in it which helps the healing and is also wonderfull for regular chapped lips. It soaks in your lips and doesn''t just coat like other chapped lip sticks. Most stores sell it for about $1. Try looking at the checkout lines for it. Hope...


Why do people get cold-sores on their lips and mouth predominantly?

A: if you get them that means you have herpes herpes. quarantine the infected and make fun of them every chance you get Most likely...Stress! The cold sores are caused by a virus herpes simplex. u kiss to many times It''s a virus that you got when you were a child. It is always there in the nerve near the mouth and when you immune system is not working efficiently, it comes out in the form of cold sores. Don''t kiss anyone when you have a cold sore. It is very contagious. They probably appear at the mouth because it is very soft tissue. It is a virus called Herpes Zoster,and once you have it you will NEVER get rid of it. It`s very contagious. Yep


Once you get cold sores, can you ever get rid of them?

A: Sometimes cold sores are a form of herpes. Not saying that is what you have but I would go see a doctor. outside of your mouth, i think they go away and aren''t a lifelong disease, but you can get em again. inside your mouth, that''s with you forever. its a type of herpes, but it''s harmless really. i think they might come with stress? not sure though. doesn''t mean you''re getting sick, but your lymph nodes might swell. nothing to worry about though. tons of people have this. Most cold sores are caused by the Herpes simplex virus, which has no cure. If you have them in the same spot as a previous time, most likely this will continue for the rest of your life. Stay...


what Is the Homeopathic Remedy for cold sores?

A: While there are prescription medications and over-the-counter products available to help treat cold sores, there also are many homeopathic remedies available. The goal of a homeopathic remedy for cold sores is similar to those other remedies: to ease the pain and heal the sore as quickly as possible. Some of the most popular homeopathic cold sore remedies include camphor oil, cornstarch, one type of mint, and the amino acid lysine. cold sores are caused by herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1), though, in some cases, herpes simplex virus 2 (HSV-2) can also cause sores on the mouth. This virus is...


Fast Relief For A cold Sore - what Is The Best Method?

A: The herpes simplex virus can cause a red, swollen, and small blister on the lips or around the mouth. Being like that, this blister is really unattractive and causes discomfort. Normally, a person who endures having it will be desperately searching for a fast relief for a cold sore. Below are some quick methods you can use to clear yourself from these sores Here are some of those effective methods: 1.) You can try over-the-counter medicines which relieve the pain and itchiness. These medicines include skin creams, ointments and there are recommended pills too. Some are FAD approved, while others are not yet still scientifically proven. 2.) Applying ice can also lessen the pain and itch. Aside from that, it can help...


Should I confront the person I think gave me a cold sore?

A: actually cold sores are given to people when they are babies. if they are exposed when young... and alot of people will not get the first one until later in life...most adults cannot catch one from kissing in adult hood but you can give that person genital herpes that way when an adult Grow the hell up? Did she have a cold sore? If she did, then you shouldn''t have had contact with her. If she didn''t, then how could she have warned you? I can''t imagine why she would want contact with someone as anal retentive as you are. lol EDIT: Yes, it''s highly contagious. However... what are your options here? Are you never going to kiss another person in case they have ever had a


How do u get cold sores because i just keep on getting them and its pissing me off.?

A: They Have Meds At The Drug Stores That Work Great. But cold sores Are From Not Wiping Your Mouth Very Well, So Just Wash Your Face Everyday., And Wipe Well After Meals and You Shold You Be Cool. 8) The cold sore comes about as a result of a wonderful little virus, which you''ll have for the rest of your life called Herpes http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/cold_sore#Orofacial_infection and is related to the same Herpes that gives you veneral disease - lovely isn''t it. You first get it when you were kissed on your face cheek or mouth by your Great Aunt or something. It lies dormant for ages in the root of your hair stems on your mouth I believe and when your immune system is run down will rear its...


cold sore ...?

A: Herpes Simplex. Remains dormant in everyone. The fact that you have a sore festering on your lip could mean you have been dealing with a lot of stressful issues lately. Or, perhaps overexposure to sun or tanning booth. I have cold sore problems sometimes but only notice them when I am under a great deal of pressure or if I have had too much exposure to sun! A daily dose of Lysine 500mg helps keep it dormant. I doubt you caught something from a friend. Just use good hand washing technique and you shouldn''t have problem with it spreading any further on your face/lips. You can catch herpes simplex one ( the kind on your mouth) even from sharing a coke can with someone. Don''t feel bad though, although it stinks, it''s not as severe as herpes in other areas. Many...


Can cold sore spread into your private??

A: Yes it''s true... if a person has Herpes (simplex 1, cold sores around mouth), and they perform oral sex on a person who doesn''t have an STD, it can actually give them an STD (genital herpes, simplex 2, blisters on the genitals). So unless you perform oral sex on somebody, I would recommend using protection. And you can''t really give it to yourself, so don''t worry. that is gential herpe. but your partner has to pass it on to you . it is an std Nopers you are in the clear! Different type of herpes. the cold cores that are in your mouth, can not spread onto your private area, although if you are sexual active and the person you are having sex with has something.. such as gen herpes or gen warts.. that can be

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