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what causes kidney Failure in humans?

A: Disease Years of poor diet (toxins, high fat, sugary foods) Age (after a while, our bodies just wear out) Genetics too much toxins in the body resulting to imbalance of body fluids.. well, you can also get that from too much drinking of medicines which are harmful to the kidneys.. There are a few things that can cause kidney Failure in humans. First and far most you have to rule out any diseases you may have, then there is the fact of being over weight or your liver being enlarged. Also diabetis is one of the leading causes in your kidney''s shutting down, and the other one is infection. Hope this can help, only know these things because of my friends mom who is having a treatment for her...


what causes kidney Failure, And what Are The Symptoms?

A: There are 2 types of kidney failure, acute and chronic. Acute kidney failure is sudden kidney failure which can be due to dehydration, low blood pressure, Acute tubular necrosis, Autoimmune kidney disease, etc. Its symptoms are oliguria, anuria, loss of appetite, hiccups, decreased sensation in hands and feet, metalic taste in mouth, peripheral edema, and mood changes. Chronic kidney failure is slow loss of kidney function. It can be due to kidney stones, high blood pressure, diabetes, polycystic kidney disease, obstructive uropathy, and Glomerulonephritis. There are no symptoms as this

Is it true that sodas or pops can cause kidney failure?

A: 1 soda a day is guarenteed to give you type 2 diabetes by the age of 35. Diabetes = Imenent kidney failure. Answer: yes Technically any fluid can cause kidney failure given a large enough amount. No...unless you drink 20 cans a day... Drink a glass of water once in a while and don''t worry....Soda will rot your teeth before it effects the kidneys No, it can give you kidney stones. But you can always treat damage to the kidneys if you catch it soon enough. You won''t wake up one morning and go into knidney failure. There are signs and symptoms and ways that your kidneys go down hill. I don''t know if it causes it, but...


Can taking 20 Ibuprofen pills a day for 3 months cause kidney failure?

A: i think you should try it and let us know sweetie pie. not just cause kidney failure. it will cause TOTAL BODY FAILURE. in probably just a couple hours. It will cause life failure, long before you reach 3 months. heart failure,liver failure and most other bad things all medication and anything you digest has to go through your liver, so your liver may be at risk as well, im not too sure about your kidneys I wouldn''t want to try it. Ibuprofen poisening is a slow painful way to go. Actually, it won''t take 3 months to see the affects of 20 IBP pills. Depending on how many mgs each pill is, I''d say after the 6th day you will see a rash appear on your body. It will not be noticed at first and then your liver will catch up and then you''re...


what causes kidney Disease in Children?

A: A wide range of factors from genetics to poison can cause kidney disease in children. The causes and resulting treatments vary depending on whether the patient is experiencing acute or chronic kidney disease or kidney failure. Long-term kidney disease can develop from unresolved acute kidney problems, however, so something that causes a short-term problem can eventually lead to chronic kidney disease. Bacterial infections are a leading cause of acute kidney disease in children, while genetics often play a role in chronic kidney diseases. Other...


what causes Homeostasis failure?

A: Disease states are the primary cause of homeostasis failure, an inability to maintain physiological balance within the internal environment of the body. Due to the processes involved with disease, the functioning of tissues and organs are altered in such a way that it causes severe maladjustment, namely in diseases affecting renal and immune system function. Certain mechanisms are initiated that work to defend the body against invading pathogens, but the system can sometimes mistakenly fight itself. As human beings age, the capabilities of organ systems wane, interfering with homeostatic functioning as evidenced by Alzheimer`s disease and heart arrhythmia.. Sudden failure of kidney function may cause serious issues due to homeostasis...


what causes kidney Disease in Diabetics?

A: The immediate cause of kidney disease in diabetics is high blood sugar, which damages structures inside the kidneys and forces them to work harder. This leads to a decline in kidney function. Diabetes also tends to increase the risk of high blood pressure, and this can contribute to the development of kidney disease or can make it worse. Problems with the kidneys in diabetic patients are known as diabetic nephropathy or diabetic kidney disease (DKD).. In patients with diabetes, the ability to regulate blood sugar is impaired. Patients can maintain stable levels with the use of dietary measures, exercise, and medications. If they fail to do...


Will interstitial cystitis cause kidney failure over time?

A: 13 Aug 2011 The prognosis for interstitial cystitis is variable. Many patients find that their symptoms come and go. In some patients, symptoms continue to get worse. Talk with your doctor about any potential complications specific to you. For more information see the link below. http://www.drugs.com/enc/interstitial-cystitis.html Votes:+0CommentVote upReport Pain pati...21 Nov 2011 I have IC with pelvic floor spasms and yes I did go into kidney failure, but it was only because I became unable to urinate and my body began to shut down. I have been diagnosed with IC but my dr''s say my real problem is pelvic floor muscle dysfunction. The lining of my bladder is in perfect condition so IC is not really an accurate diagnosis, but the docs say if I change my diagnosis...


Fentanyl Withdrawal Cause kidney failure??

A: realistically,i really cannot imagine that taking someone OFF fent would actually affect the kidneys to that point. did they do an autopsy on this person? there very well could have been some underlying condition going on with this persons kidneys BEFORE any of this even happened. i did not even know i had any type of kidney disease that i had actually been born with til i hit age forty when my son became gravely ill and he was tested. despite having great labs and as of last month,still are,i have major major destruction going on in both kidneys and my liver,but great labs despite that. just insane really. unless you know what was actually there before this actually...


what can cause kidney failure?

A: Diabetes Chronic kidney failureis related to both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. High blood pressureThe added forceof elevated blood pressure exerted on the glomeruli can cause damageand scarring. When this happens, the nephrons containing the damagedglomeruli eventually lose their ability to filter waste from your blood. Obstructive nephropathyThis occurs when urine outflow is blocked over time by an enlargedprostate, kidney stones or tumors, or by vesicoureteral reflux, acondition that results from urine backing up into your kidneys fromyour bladder. The backflow pressure in your kidneys reduces theirfunction. kidney diseases These includeclusters of cysts in the

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