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Does Lipitor cause kidney stones?

A: I never knew what a kidney stone was until I had my first bout at age 56. After a second bout with kidney stones, I associated this condition to my taking of Lipitor. I have stopped taking Lipitor and time will tell....


does anyone know by drinking nothing but diet green tea could cause kidney stones or kidneys problems

A: Side Effects and Warnings - Here it states: Studies of the side effects of green tea specifically are limited. However, green tea is a source of caffeine, for which multiple reactions are reported. Caffeine is a stimulant of the central nervous system, and may cause insomnia in adults, children, and infants (including nursing infants of mothers taking caffeine). Caffeine acts on the kidneys as a diuretic (increasing urine and urine sodium/potassium levels, and potentially decreasing blood sodium/potassium levels), and may worsen urge incontinence. Caffeine-containing beverages may increase the production of stomach acid, and may worsen ulcer symptoms. Tannin in tea can cause constipation. Caffeine in doses of 250 to 350 milligrams can increase heart rate and blood...


kidney stones and urinary track infections?

A: kidney stones are caused by caffeine from my under standing and bladder infections are actually cause from holding to long. of not completely emptying your bladder. during urination. the best thing to treat an infection is to take your antibiotics and drink plenty of water and cranberry juice you can also eat yogurt to replace the good antibodies that will also be destroyed by the antibiotic. kidney stones can last a while some times they have to be broken up by lasers it is very painful to pass them It really depends on the size of them and how many you have to determine how long it will take. good luck drink a lot and do what the doctor has told you to do stay...


kidney stones and orlistat

A: Alison: Orlistat does not cause kidney stones.  But it can increase free oxalate absorption from the GI tract which can increase the risk.  The only way to know if you can safely take it or not is to get a 24 hour urine test for kidney stone risk factors.  If your oxalate level is high or borderline, then you"re probably better off not taking the drug.  If the problem is elsewhere, then the risk is minimal.  And you"ll know what your risk factors for stones are and can do something about them. You may want to get a copy of "The kidney stones Handbook".  It"s an excellent patient ed...

I have another kidney stone which has to be removed. Are these caused by diabetes. what can be done to prevent? thanks

A: Doctors have no sure answer as to what causes kidney stones to form. Certain diseases and foods have been linked to a higher incidence of kidney stones. Diseases such as hyperparathyroidism, hypercalciuria, or recurrent urinary tract infections are all linked to increased calcium crystal formation and deposition resulting in kidney stones. Patients with type 2 diabetes are also at a significantly higher risk of developing uric acid kidney stones due to the fact their urine is more acidic. Keeping blood pressure under control, controlling blood...


Do you know anything about kidney stones?

A: If they are too big too be passed thru the urinary tract, they can now be "blasted" apart (with sound waves, I think)...no surgery needed. kidney stones may form to our kidney because of excess in salts, vitamin c or ascorbic acid. If these substance will prolonged to our kidney it will turn to liquid then solid (little stones). They are serious, because it could affect our metabolism, appetite and our health. kidney stones need to performed an surgery if the stones in our kidney can not be removed through laser. Surgery is major one to remove


Painful kidney Stone Symptoms and How to Prevent Them

A: When you find out what is causing that nightmarish pain, it will be hard to believe something the size of half a grain of rice could be causing it! what are kidney stone symptoms? They are many, diverse and nearly always painful. kidney Stone Pain Think you may have a kidney stone? Then these are some of the many symptoms: The pain feels like you are being stabbed in the side, back, genitals or groin Blood in your urine - the blood is evidence of damage to the lining of the kidney or urinary tract You think you want to urinate and when you do it hurts like heck,sometimes you can hardly pass a drop and the pain will bring tears to your eyes...


Is it normal for a teenager have a kidney stone?

A: Well it''s not normal but it''s not uncommon. kidney stones are made when there''s too much impurities in your kidneys. Kind of like how a pearl is made. Just cut back on sugary drinks and stuff and you should be better off. relatively low, a kidney stone is caused by an imbalance in your diet, a lot of red meat being eaten, etc. just try to exercise and keep a balanced diet, and no, it is not normal it is not normal for anyone to have a kidney stone. and highly unlikely at a young age. i wouldn''t worry. its normal if your not drinking enough water! usually older people get them though! kidney stones are mostly...


Are there specific symptoms for kidney stones?

A: Are there specific symptoms? Yes; symptoms of kidney stones include extreme pain in the back, flank, and groin on the affected side, bloody urine, vomiting, and sometimes frequent, difficult or painful urination. Generally, people who''ve never had a kidney stone pass before are totally unaware of it until it starts to move and they''re slammed with the unbelievable pain. kidney stones are crystals made up of substances that pass through the urinary tract. The most common type of stone is calcium oxalate, but people can also get uric acid, calcium phosphate, and struvite stones. Normally, these substances remain dissolved in urine, but when...


Husband's kidney stones

A: kidney stones are common and a real pain in the side.  I"ve had five myself and I can empathize with you and your husband. The ER doctor is quite correct that your husband needs nephrology follow up. There are many conditions that  can CAUSE kidney stones and demand a complicated and precise evaluation.  Your urologist and generalist, geniuses that they may be, think it"s easy because they don"t understand it well. For example, many times,a low calcium diet is prescribed as a preventive measure for stones.  It doesn"t work and over many years causes osteoporosis. All calcium stone formers should be on a low SODIUM diet....
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