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what is a kidney stone?

A: The Rolling stones aren''t the only stones that can change your life. Another type will make you keel over like a rugby player who''s been kneed in the groin. kidney stones form when urine becomes concentrated, forming small crystals and then stones. They create intense pain in your lower back and side and when you urinate. The main cause of kidney stones is dehydration, so it''s essential to keep your body hydrated with 64 ounces (eight 8-ounce glasses) of water a day. The main method of prevention is to treat your body like an empty swimming pool, and flood it with water to wash it out and prevent crystal formation....

what causes high blood calcium?

A: Calcium is one of the important mineral substances in the human body. It performs a variety of functions like formation of the bone and teeth, blood clotting, helps in muscular contraction, release of hormones and helps in neural transmission. Most of the calcium in the body is present in the bones but it is also found in blood in a very less percentage. The normal level of calcium present in blood of an adult is 9-10.5 milligram per deciliter or 2.2- 2.7 millimoles per liter while in children the range is 7.5- 10.8 mg per dl. When the blood calcium rises above this range, this condition is known as hypercalcemia. In a healthy normal individual, the blood calcium levels are perfectly regulated. If the level of calcium decreases in the blood, the bones releases the calcium and bring the...


what causes Too Much Calcium In The Blood?

A: Calcium in the bones and this helps to make bones strong, healthy and resistant to fracture. Sometimes calcium may leak from the bones into an individual''s blood, causing numerous problems including weak and brittle bones. An individual with this problem is said to have hypercalcemia. There are some characteristic symptoms individuals will experience if there is too much calcium in the blood.kidney stones ,constipation if her blood calcium level is too high,unexplained loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting,high blood pressure and congestive heart failure due to the weakening of the heart muscle,muscle weakness,memory loss and confusion, feel lethargic or fatigued. Too much calcium in the blood or hypercalcemia can interfere with bone...


How Effective Is Cranberry Juice for kidney stones?

A: Drinking cranberry juice for kidney stones can be either beneficial or harmful, depending on the type of kidney stone from which one suffers. Cranberry juice can help prevent stones in individuals suffering from struvite or brushite stones. Yet, cranberry juice may also encourage the growth of the most prevalent type of stone, the calcium stone. kidney stones are small, hard, mineral deposits generated in the kidneys that affect the urinary tract. Usually kidney stones are left to pass naturally through the urinary tract, though the process...


Preventing kidney stones....?

A: Stop drinking anything that has syrup in it. Those are a cause of stones as well. The syrup sits in your kidneys and gets harder and harder eventually becoming a stone. vitamin C Don''t take excessive vitamin C, which is broken down into the stuff that kidney stones are made of. Soda lowers the pH in your body. Your body will try to come back to neutral and it has to absorb the calcium out of your bones. This is what kidney stones. Or at least one of the causes. So stop drink all soda - even diet. watch your intake of acidic foods. 1) Eat less meat. Due to increased intake of animal proteins,...


kidney stones? Help!?

A: You cannot get rid of kidney stones by yourself.You must see a urologist immediately. There is a procedure in which the stones are blasted and reduced to powder so that you will pass them when you urinate. Unfortunately kidney stones are common and very painful. Get to a doctor and have the problem taken care of once and for all. Drink a lot of water and ask your doctor if taking Urocit K will help you from forming new stones. Drink at least 1/2 gallons of liquid a day, the more of it is water the better. Fiber reduces your ability to absorb calcium (the main component in kidney stones)....


kidney stones remedy

A: kidney stones generally form in the kidneys or in the urinary tract. They are a common problem and are usually composed of the chemicals found in urine, like uric acid, calcium, phosphorus and oxalic acid. kidney stones may vary in size and consistency and this is what determines the nature of obstruction they cause in the body. The chemicals that cause the appearance and growth of kidney stones are generally present in excess in the patient’s urine. Generally, these chemicals are soluble in urine but sometimes their concentration exceeds solubility and this leads to the formation of


what Are the Most Common causes of kidney stones?

A: The most common causes of kidney stones include a hereditary tendency toward forming them, excessive buildup of calcium, a side effect of urinary tract infections, and a response to too much acid in the urine. Each type of kidney stone, calcium, uric acid, struvite, and cystine, have a different cause. It may be possible to reduce the chances of a recurrence of kidney stones by understanding the causes of kidney stones and the reason for the initial condition.. Calcium stones are the most frequent variety of kidney...


what are Renal stones?

A: Renal stones, more commonly known as kidney stones, are crystallized formations of waste products in urine. stones can go unnoticed, passing without difficulty through the bladder and urethra. Larger renal stones may cause blockage of the urine by blocking the ureter, the central tube through which urine passes from the kidneys. Such blockage causes severe pain, and while most stones pass on their own, medical treatment is frequently sought to effectively break down or eliminate renal stones. The four most common types of renal stones are...

kidney stones causes: what Actually causes Them?

A: what are the kidney stones causes? There is no definite single cause why stones developed in the kidney. There are certain factors combined with other conditions that are major players in forming stones in the kidney, however it is good to know what types of stones are present in the kidneys in order to understand what might have caused them to form. kidney stones causes can be related to an imbalance the components of...

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