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Is there a way to prevent kidney stones?

A: Make sure to wash your fruits and veggies very well especially those that could have sand or dirt on them. Drinking cranberrie juice and eating aspargus once a week. aspargus will also get rid of kiddney stones Drink water. Stay away from tea. There is a chemical in tea that can cause stones to form. And can also cause more pain when you have them. Cranberry juice for stones is a myth. It will not keep you from getting them, nor will it help get rid of them. In fact, the sugars in the juice can actually make them worse. It will help with Urinary infections, but not stones. Just eat right and drink plenty of fluids(the less sugar, the better) Good Luck! A healthy diet is a good idea and I...


Should you consume alcohol if you are knowen to develope kidney stones?

A: The following says that alcohol does not cause kidney stones. kidney stones and alcohol – a not-so-dynamic duo Confucius certainly hit the nail on the head when he advised people to take things in moderation. It makes a lot of sense, especially when it comes to one’s health. Time and again, we hear about people developing serious illnesses that may have been prevented by adhering to healthy lifestyle habits. Among the culprits oftentimes attributed to a range of bodily disorders (among them kidney stones that may lead to serious complications if untreated) is excessive alcohol intake. The question that arises is, just how much is...


what Are the Pros and Cons of Lithotripsy for kidney stones?

A: Lithotripsy is a type of medical procedure that uses shock waves to help break up large kidney stones into smaller fragments that can then pass on their own. This type of procedure is not the ideal treatment for everyone, and there are definite pros and cons concerning lithotripsy for kidney stones. Some benefits of this type of procedure include pain relief, being able to avoid a more invasive surgical procedure, and reducing the chances of developing a urinary blockage or damage to the kidney. Some potential cons of lithotripsy for kidney stones include potential complications such as kidney...


what is the Best kidney stones Treatment?

A: The best kidney stones treatment is dependent on the type of stones a patient has, as well as the reason they developed and the intensity of the symptoms. Size and location also play a factor in the ultimate recommendation. Renal lithiases, commonly known as kidney stones, are mineral deposits and acid salts that crystallize in the urine and solidify into a small hard mass inside the kidney. Most stones are the size of a grain of sand but can develop into large, golf ball size crystals. When these stones move into the urinary tract, they can restrict or block the urine flow. This


How to get kidney stone dissolved without operations?

A: Very often the people find that they have kidney stones. The very chemicals which exist in your urine can cause the formation of these stones. what happens often is that one particular substance increases in your urine. When it becomes insoluble it forms a stone. These stones are usually of a gravelly consistency. The first symptom of a stone in the kidney is extreme pain that occurs when the patient tries to pass urine. Very often the patient also complains of nausea, chills and extreme sweating. Sometimes people whose diet consists of products containing white flour and sugar, and who consume excessive amounts of tea or coffee, also...

How long will it take for a kidney stone to pass?

A: Sarah: First, you should consult a good urologist for some reliable information.  It is uncertain if the stone is causing your pain or not.  Typically, a non-obstructing stone in the kidney is usually painless.   The best way to get rid of such a stone is ESWL or shock-wave lithotripsy.  This is a big machine that breaks up stones like this into small fragments that can easily pass.  Some experts might recommend removal with a special scope called a flexible ureteroscope.  The urologist will be able to tell you the best way to handle this. Drinking more is a good idea, but not cranberry juice. It has too much oxalate and is NOT recommended for kidney stone patients.  A...

kidney stones and Its causes: Are There Really Probable Cause to It?

A: kidney stones and its causes have no yet proven scientific evidence why they form in the kidneys. Although there are several factors that can contribute to its development. Normally its causes are those that detract the kidney from doing its function in filtering the urine out of the body. These stones normally formed in the kidneys that even the sufferer unnoticed it themselves because immediate symptoms are not felt immediately. Although our bodies can naturally pass these smaller stones but the danger comes when it comes in contact with the ureter that can damage it...


Urine System Imbalance: Is This a Cause of kidney stones?

A: The main cause of kidney stones can be attributed to just one factor - this is an abnormal balance of water, salts, minerals and other substances in the urine. This will also determine what type of stone you have developed in your kidneys. Most stone sufferers have the calcium type of stones and these usually forms when there is an increase of calcium levels in the urine. The cause of kidney stones can be attributed to the following factors that eventually change the urine balance in the body: 1. Inadequate amount of water intake. This will allow the salts, minerals and other substances in the urine to stick together...


Renal colic (kidney stones)?

A: I have given birth many times, and I will tell you that renal colic is far worse than giving birth. It is excrutiating pain. I went to the hospital and I suggest you do the same since you will need an IV drip with pain medication until the kidney stone passes down into your bladder. The pain is caused by the stone moving from the kidney down the ureter. That is what is causing your pain. Once the stone has reached the bladder, the pain goes away. Good luck. stones should be removed surgically or broken into small pieces by a process called lithotripsy The gold standard is voltarol supposititories.However some have needed morphine.Treatments depend on the size of the stone.Very small ones can...


kidney stones? ever had them ?

A: I ended up in hospital with one last week now waiting to see the specialist. Never know pain like it hope it doesn''t return. How did you get kidney stones? It must be your diet.. have you thought about ajusting that? Prevention is better than cure. kidney stones only develop with lack of water intake. Just like the deposits in the urinal when not properly flushed, deposits occur with concentrated urine. So to avoid formation of stones, one needs frequent flow of urine and it is only achieved with frequent water intake. Stone formation is not caused by minerals taken in with water. As a matter of fact, the minerals like calcium present in the stone is helpful. Stone...

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