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what cause muscle ache?

A: common cause of muscle aches is fibromyalgia....

what causes Hand aches?

A: Hand aches may be caused by a number of conditions including injury, arthritis or bursitis. Sore hands may specifically be caused by a condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome, which may require surgery to correct. Poor ergonomics when using a computer and mouse is increasingly becoming one of the leading causes of hand aches among daily computer users.. Although usually due to preventable and treatable causes, hand aches can still seriously impact a person’s life. Even temporarily having to reduce activities due to aching hands can be an inconvenience and cause a serious disruption in performing daily tasks. When the hands ache, an immediate cause should be sought and remedied to reduce the impact that pain


what causes muscle Inflammation?

A: muscle inflammation is a condition characterized by swelling, stiffness, non-specific pain, and muscle soreness or weakness. Without undergoing testing to diagnose the specific cause of muscle inflammation, it can be difficult to know how to proceed to effectively reduce inflammation and relieve muscle pain. For that matter, there are various causes of this condition that should be ruled out if symptoms are severe and of unknown origin. For instance, chronic muscle inflammation may be due to multiple sclerosis or lupus. Therefore, a consultation with a rheumatologist for imaging and blood tests may be in order if any of these disorders are...

Can Enbrel cause muscle aches and tight achilles?

A: 16 Jun 2011 I have taken Humira for 3 years and LOVE it. Just inject myself every two weeks. For me it works great! I was wondering maybe you need a muscle relaxant. I take Soma for my fibromyalgia that works wonders. I''m a mess anyway LOL. I have RA, OA, FIBRO, Migraines, scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, bulging disc, all kinds of fun things! You might want to also try Voltaren gel 1% It is an external NSAID you rub on painful areas. Perfectly safe and easy to use. I rub it on my hands and knees and sometimes on my back. My husband was so sold on it, he asked the orthopaedic doctor for a prescription. It is awesome stuff to take pain away. Votes:+0CommentVote upReport anacortes 1 Aug 2011Does the Humira sting as bad as they say/ I am suppose to choose...


what makes muscles ache?

A: Well it may be low potassium, sodium or magnesium in the blood. Could be dehydration. When you're sick, your body is using up all it's vitamins and minerals and water to fight off your illness, so that is the cause of muscle ache while you're sick. That's why it's important to drink lots of fluids and eat a lot or at least take a vitamin or two while you're sick! Other possible causes: Excessive exercise Unaccustomed exertion muscle injury muscle strain Infection - many infections cause muscle aches and pains. Virus Bacterial infection Fibromyalgia - causing multiple muscle tender points. Thyroid disease Chronic...

what causes back aches?

A: The muscles along the spine pull in different directions and when you strain of pull one of the muscles in a certain direction the muscles on the opposite side pull in the opposite direction so that your spine stays straight. Sitting up straight should not cause you to have pain unless you are flexing your back muscles in which case you probably just need a break.. Is that your mouse arm? Do you change positions frequently? You should.. As one ages, the back has to work harder. The spinal cord, the vertebrae, the nerves, the fascia, and all the other soft tissue need to be loved and supported.. Get some suitable core strengthening and stretching exercises, designed for your particular...


Please Doctor, what causes muscle pains and occasional joint pains and what can be done to eliminate such pains?

A: Home Treatment for Joint Aches  If you are faced with the troublesome problem of joint ache and are below the age of 35, you need to first get a medical check up and determine what exactly the problem is. This is not a natural phenomenon and it is essential that you are adequately educated about your problem in order to treat it best. Joint pains can be caused due to many reasons. It could be that you have inflamed joints, or are facing the onset of arthritis or rheumatism. In either case, you will have to take great care not to aggravate the situation. You can begin a routine of Yoga everyday, for at least 30 minutes. This is generally considered to be the best way to take care of joint aches of any kind. It will exercise your joints very mildly, yet...

what causes Side aches?

A: If you are aching on the side of your torso, there may be many reasons. Can be due to strain, can even happen if you are about to fall, and hoist yourself back up, sort of a balancing act, which will cause muscles to ache. There is also trauma, if you were hit in an area.  If internal pain, especially on the right side, could be anything from liver problems, kidney infections, in women, often ovarian cysts, could be appendix etc.   Have yourself checked out. Often, if internal, a blood test will determine. Get yourself to a clinic or doctor and have yourself checked out...


what causes side-aches when running?

A: It’s called a side stitch.. When did you last get new shoes? Pounding on pavement / sidewalks on old shoes can give you side pains.. I ran for over a decade when younger and many times it was intestinal gas that got shifted around. Serious.. I always thought it was a lack of oxygen or something like that.. @Randy I have always known it as the stitch… as to why it happens, I have absolutely no idea.. I think it was wrong breathing. They say, you have to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth with a regular pace.. @Tropical_Willie that could be it as well! My sneakers are definitely old, so I guess this might be a good excuse to go out and get some new ones. :) thanks. Lol I was told it was the “losing weight part” but I doubt it.. Typicall a side stitch, as Randy pointed out....


what causes leg aching

A: Hi, It may be due to compression of nerves. causes include any chronic illness, infection, injury, muscle strain, lipoma, hormonal imbalance, previous surgeries, thigh bone osteomyelitis etc. Infectious arthritis causes pain that is intense with walking or even touching. Kindly check if you have fever, bruises, or swelling too. I would advise you to consult with your GP about your medical history including medications that you are currently on and any other associated issues. Gentle massage and warm baths help to relieve pain. Do not strain much. Corticosteroid injections are widely given. Treatment aims at eliminating the underlying cause. Good luck....

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