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what causes muscle cramps, and is there any way to stop them?

A: Nobody really knows what causes muscle cramps but some researchers believe that they are caused by overexcercise, intense heat,dehydration, or electrolite depletion. You cant really stop them but when they occur stretching the muscle will help. Also stretching before any exercise and plenty of water helps too. staying hydrated and Potassium will help. Bananas are a good source of Potassium. lack of salt or bad circulation always exercise and rub with analgesic cream They are caused by a buildup of lactic acid as a result of not enough oxygen getting to the muscle cells. The cells then need to use alternate methods to make energy, which are less effective and cause...


what causes muscle Cramps?

A: muscle cramps are painful spasms of muscles that can occur anywhere in the body. People think mostly of cramps that occur in the legs, sometimes called charley horses, but you can get cramps in your feet, arms, shoulders, hips, hands or back. muscle cramps are often marked by the body stiffening in the cramped area, and an inability to relax the area for several minutes to sometimes several hours. There are many causes of muscle cramps. You can get them if you have worked out too hard, especially if you donít stretch first. They also can result if youíve used a specific muscle group or muscle, much more often than...


what causes muscle cramps in legs,

A: what causes muscle cramps in legs. It can make a grown man shed a few tears. It is due to low calcium or potassium in the blood. you can Prevent it by.. -regular exercise -drinking at least eight glasses of liquid per day -stretching of your muscles on a daily -cutting down on fatty -eating enough foods rich in calcium and potassium - you can place a heating pad on the cramped area to cure it....

what causes muscle cramps or what causes muscle spasms?

A: being really cold or being really hot with not stretching....

what causes muscle cramps in the ribs?

A: you probably jsut pulled a muscle or stretched it a little too far. just relax it and try and get a good night's sleep. it shoudl help '' many injuries...

what causes muscle cramps and spasms and how do i prevent them?

A: Cramps. That's a bit vague. Do you mean soreness after exercise? Or do you mean when the muscle stays in contraction without effort? (Which is actually a spasm) If you mean soreness, then that is because every time you contract a muscle, it thickens and stretches the epimyceum, the layer of connective tissue that surrounds the muscle. This is the only part of the muscle that has pain fibers. he more you contract it, either by intensity or prolonged use, it tears the epimyceum. If you are trying to improve performance/strength, you cannot prevent this from happening as it is part of the normal growth cycle when strengthening a muscle group. You can only prevent it...

what causes leg cramps while pregnant?

A: There are a few possible causes. Your salt intake could be too low (that usually causes leg cramps). As you get further along in pregnancy muscles can cramp more because of how the baby presses on particular parts of your body. Also your are carrying more weight on top so this puts a strain on muscles. Ligaments and joints begin to relax so that could also cause some cramping too. welcome to pregnancy and congrats :) IT IS WHERE YOUR BODY IS GOING THREW A BIG CHANGE. EVERYTHING IS STRECHTING. YOU NEED TO KEEP THEM UP WHEN YOU ARE RESTING. GOOD LUCK... Lack of potassium can cause leg cramps. Your doctor can easily check for this, and a supplement can help. Also, try eating foods high in...


what causes side cramps when exercising?

A: I recognize that an answer to your question is important to you. The problem a doctor faces when given a brief history as you have is that there is not sufficient information to establish a diagnosis. Your symptom description should be made more specific in order to answer your question. For example, ''side cramps''.. where are the cramps located? ..on the sides of your chest? on the sides of your abdomen? on the sides of your back? are the cramps in your legs? Are the cramps on both sides at once or alternate or only on one side and if so..which side? After how long does the cramps begin after starting the exercise? How long do they last? Do they continue to persist after stopping the exercise? Does taking a breath bring on or aggravate the pain? How long have you had this symptom? And...


what causes leg cramps and which are some of the natural remedies for leg cramps?

A: If you are faced with the problem of cramping legs, the first thing you need to do is increase your water intake. Sometimes, when muscles are exercised and there is a paucity of water in the body, they will tend to cramp in protest. So make sure that you drink plenty of water to begin with. Remember that water is your best bet. Juice or aerated drinks will not have the same positive results that water will have on the good health of your muscles. In a hurry to get to the game, athletes also sometimes neglect to do a proper warm up. This is important because it is a preparation of the body to get ready for exercise. You need to loosen up normally stiff muscles by stretching them and exercising them mildly before...

what causes Ankle Cramps?

A: Ankle cramps are shooting pains or dull aches that occur in the ankle area. There are several factors that can cause these cramps, from dehydration to menstruation. Stretching and massage can greatly reduce the pain of ankle cramps, though people who suffer chronic or constant ankle pain may want to consult a doctor for comprehensive diagnosis.. Most ankle pain comes from overexertion of the body. Repetitive motion, such as walking or jogging, can cause gradual strain on the ankles that develops throughout a workout, eventually leading to ankle cramps. While some cramps set in during the exercise or activity, others may not appear until hours later as the muscles try to fully relax.. Many women report feeling ankle pain prior to or during menstruation. This may be...

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