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what causes leg cramps and how can I avoid it?

A: Sometimes a lack of potassium can cause leg cramps Dehydration can cause them The cause.. many factors. The solution: water, stretch reagularly, train Leg cramps are muscle contractions My mother had this problem....


Does anyone know what cause muscles surrounded by the legs & foot to tighten up into a orb,& how to prevent it? Thank U

A: The muscles tightening and "balling" is a cramp. As it be said before, foods giant in potassium can minister to prevent these from happening. Another preventative determine to take is to freshly take a break from what you''re doing and stretch, only just to get the blood flowing, and keeping your muscles loose. Also, receive sure to drink plenty of water, and the occasional gatorade or other gooey which can restore some of the vitamins and electrolights you lose throughout the day. If they''re overly persistant, a trip to the doctors may be within order, since they most credible can either be cause by another problem which you may have, or may raison d`??tre another problem in itself. your not hydrating...


what causes Leg cramps? If someone gets leg cramps what does that means?

A: leg cramps are caused by many things and it would help me to help you with more info; are you a runner, athlete, male or female, etc. However, in the meantime, there are the things you can do. 1st of all, I want you to think back in time, very hard, and ask yourself if there is ANYTHING new that you are ingesting - within the last 3-4 MONTHS; if so, that could be that cause of your cramps and I would stop ingesting it for at least 2 months to see if cramps stop. 2nd of all, if you're on the birth control pill, you MUST take it EVERYDAY AT THE EXACT SAME TIME (give or take 15 minutes or so) and your legs cramps will stop within a week or 2 at most. Lastly, the one medication to take for...


what causes leg cramps at night? and how can I get rid of them? (I am not pregna

A: Leg cramps, or muscle spasms at night, are nearly always relieved by large doses of magnesium. The Mg is a muscle relaxant, and often the spasms indicate a deficiency of certain elctrolytes, most of which are easily replaced with food in a regular diet. All but magnesium. Even if you are not deficient, the natural relaxation provided by that mineral is usually all that is required for the condition. It's best taken in it's citrate or chelate (Key-late) form, and with calcium. You can't overdose on the mineral, and it's safe for any age. http://www.digitalnaturopath.com/cond/c4... http://www.mothernature.com/library/book... http://thyroid.about.com/b/a/172897.htm... Perscription and over the counter...

what causes a cramp in the infra spinatores muscle?

A: hmm.. there are so many things that can cause cramps...insulin can cause it too. maybe you''ve been taking too much insulin? if your sugar blood levels are normal, it''s not that. if you are taking statins- they can also cause cramps. but don''t change any dosage without consulting a doc!!...


what causes muscle spasms?

A: Usually a lack of potassium. Try eating a banana or orange juice more often to prevent this. muscle spasms can cause cramps and are usually brought on by the following: muscle fatigue Heavy exercise Dehydration Pregnancy Hypothyroidism Reduced levels of magnesium or calcium in the body Other metabolic problems Alcoholism Kidney failure Medications '' http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/......

Why Do muscles Cramp During Exercise?

A: You`re in the middle of your workout, and you`re feeling great. Suddenly, your calf cramps, so you try to stretch it out...but the pain intensifies! what do you do now? Learn how to prevent and get rid of muscle cramps. If you`ve ever had muscle cramps, you know they can be extremely painful if not debilitating. muscle cramps range in intensity from a mild ache to a severe pain. Contrary to what we have been lead to believe, no one is certain what causes muscle cramps....


what causes a charlie horse in the calf upon waking up in the morning? How to rid?

A: Many people already have said what may cause it. I will tell you how to deal with it, whenever it happens. Since, you are able to tell when a Charlie horse is about to take place, sit down on your bed immediately, after you feel it is coming. Extend you leg, not bending your knee. Bend your foot with all your might towards the front of your leg, (Not towards your calf) without touching it with your hands. With your closed fist, massage your calf with all your might. You will see immediate results. You probably need to drink more water. lay on your back, with your legs straight, lift or pull your feet up towards your head. or stand up. basically the back of your calf tenses up and you have to stretch it back out. Several people already said Potassium, but I''ve also...


If i often get calf muscle cramps, what's the problem?

A: If you''re young they call them growing pains?? My thoughts are you aren''t getting enough calcium in your diet and if you are you aren''t absorbing it. 1,200 mg. is the amount for an adult and absorption can be lessened if you don''t get at least 15-20 minutes of sun a day or if you don''t get enough vitamin D. So, a Dr. may be able to tell you what the problem is. I know that calcium deficiency causes muscle cramps and I''m sure other things can also. Good Luck. Drink more water... put a bar of soap under your sheets at the foot of your bed when you get a cramp, pinch the skin under your nose REALLY hard (don''t ask me why that works, I saw it on Johnny Carson) Lack of...


what do you think causes leg cramps?

A: um.. idk it is probably from not drinking enough water dehydration, stress, growing-pains, meds, pulled something, slept on it wrong! usually caused by contraction or over shortening of muscles. You lack exercise and iron. To avoid leg cramps, try eating SALT (yeah, salt). depletion of electrolytes and possible Potassium deficiency, also cuased by dehydration, so drink your water, if active take some gatorade and eat a bannana a day. I honestly don''t think it has anything to do with your diet. It may have something to do with you sitting at a desk all day and not moving around. It also could be a lack of some mineral, Potassium comes to mind. I would have a check-up with a doctor and I assume he would do blood-work to see if there is...

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