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what causes muscles fatigue?

A: The cells in your muscles use ATP adenosine triphosphate to store energy (think of ATP molecules as mini reusable chemical batteries). ATP is normally generated in a long aerobic process (uses oxygen) called the citric acid cycle. However, our cells are only capable of storing enough ATP for a few seconds of strain, before they are required to switch to a type of fermentation which is faster than the aerobic method and requires less oxygen, but is drastically less efficient, and produces several byproducts. Prolonged strain to muscles which are unaccustomed to it can lead to an energy shortage of sorts, as the body struggles to keep up with ATP demands. If you have built up your muscles for endurance activities,...


what Is muscle fatigue?

A: muscle fatigue occurs when the muscles cannot exert normal force, or when more effort than normal is required to achieve a desired level of force. There are a number of causes for muscle fatigue, ranging from exercise-induced fatigue to genetic conditions which lead to muscle weakness. Doctors and researchers have conducted a number of studies to learn how and why muscles get tired or fail to function normally, as muscle fatigue is recognized as a physical issue which can be very dangerous for patients. In the case of exercise-induced fatigue, muscle fatigue is believed to occur when the...


what causes muscle spasms?

A: Usually a lack of potassium. Try eating a banana or orange juice more often to prevent this. muscle spasms can cause cramps and are usually brought on by the following: muscle fatigue Heavy exercise Dehydration Pregnancy Hypothyroidism Reduced levels of magnesium or calcium in the body Other metabolic problems Alcoholism Kidney failure Medications '' http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/......

what causes high levels of potassium?

A: Hope all will be ok. Can you see a Specialist? Ask your Doc to refer you. "aumunlvr", may have the name wrong, but you are a Doctor, and answer was very informative. And will be praying that your levels drop down to normal. Don''t panic. We love you and care for you. And read up as much as you can, so you understand what is going on, then you can check for symptoms. Feedback to your Doc., always helps them evaluate what the problem is. Please keep us posted. i have high blood pressure and i need to take potasium so maybe urs is the opposite but im not sure. You have to know more than your potassium is elevated. A high potassium is sometimes associated with renal failiure. Maybe you are taking medication which is causing your...


what causes Eyebrow Twitching?

A: Almost all causes of eyebrow twitching are benign and go as fast as they come, but an eyebrow twitch itself can last several weeks and may indicate a serious problem. The most common causes are fatigue, stress, and eye problems. Nutritional deficiencies or too much of certain substances, such as caffeine and alcohol, can also trigger twitching. Less common but more serious causes of an eyebrow twitch include dehydration, diabetes, and anemia, among other disorders.. The most common cause of eyebrow spasms is fatigue, which is usually caused by a lack of sleep but can also arise from much work. Tiredness can actually cause any part of the eye to twitch. Usually cases of twitching caused by fatigue will last only a...


what Is Exercise fatigue?

A: Exercise fatigue is more than simply being tired when working out. This is a sign that you are over exercising and are not getting enough rest, nutrition, and hydration. When describing fatigue, health professionals use terms such as asthenia, fatigue, lassitude, prostration, exercise intolerance, lack of energy, and weakness. muscle fatigue is referred to as peripheral fatigue. This includes impairments in neuromuscular transmission and propagation down the sarcolemma, dysfunction within the sarcoplasmic reticulum involving calcium release and uptake, availability of metabolic substrates and the accumulation of metabolites, as well as actin-myosin cross bridge interactions. The most important causes of physical fatigue include the...


what causes a physical fatuige latting more than a week at a time? i have had a sleep study with mild apena. a fullheart work up that was fine a cat scan that was fine.and every kind of blood test known. still no answer nobody seems toknow i just get re

A: Fatigue is a feeling of tiredness, exhaustion, lack of energy, poor sleep, worry and lack of exercise. causesof fatigue could be many. Some of them are :-?Anaemia ---To confirm your anemia a trip to your physician is needed?Underactive thyroid ----If you feel sluggish, run down and even a little depressed you may have anunderactive thyroid also known as hypothyroidism. Your thyroid sits at the base of your neck and controls yourmetabolism.Hypothyroidism is the process where they body destroys the cells responsible for producingthyroxine and other hormones secreted by the thyroid gland.Your doctor will do blood tests to determine ifthis is the cause of your fatigue and if so will prescribe synthetic hormones. ?Urinary tract infection---- UTI''s are caused when...

what causes a High Lymphocyte Count?

A: A high lymphocyte count is a symptom that may occur with several types of illnesses, including infections, autoimmune disorders, or certain forms of cancer. Some of the specific illnesses that may cause the development of this symptom include hepatitis, mononucleosis, and Crohn`s disease. Whooping cough, influenza, and leukemia may also cause a high lymphocyte count. There is no specific treatment for this symptom, and management is dependent upon the underlying cause. Any specific questions or concerns about a high lymphocyte count in an individual situation should be discussed with a doctor or other medical professional.. Hepatitis is a medical term used to describe inflammation of the liver and is one potential cause of a high lymphocyte count. This illness can cause symptoms such as a...


what causes a Stiff Neck and Sore Throat?

A: While a stiff neck and sore throat may result from having one`s head in an uncomfortable position along with snoring or breathing through the mouth during sleep, the causes may also be viral or bacterial. Viral meningitis, mumps and mononucleosis are virus-based causes of a stiff neck and sore throat. Strep throat is a bacterial cause of these two symptoms.. Strep throat is very common in children although adults can also get it. The Streptococcus (strep) bacterium can be easily transmitted to others through coughing or sneezing since the bacteria of an infected person is in the nose and mouth. Hand washing may prevent transmission, but strep throat is highly contagious. In young children, an early symptom of strep throat may be refusing...


what causes Legs To Ache?

A: Leg pain may be because of several reasons.It may be because of cramp, muscle pain, knee problem, post pregnancy, obesity.Cramps are generally because of muscle fatigue, lack of Potassium in our body, fluid shifts, Vigorous activity lack of proper muscle stretching before starting exercises or poor flexibility To resolve muscle cramp,we need to do a bit of stretching, massage that particular part. frequently. To resolve post pregnancy leg pain, we need to take hot bath and keeping a check on posture, exercises etc.Also include some stretching exercises to improve flexibility. Hi Adam, There may be many reasons for leg ache lik: 1. Fracture 2. Tendinitis 3. Cramp 4. Shin splints 5. Sprain...

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