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what causes muscle stiffness?

A: muscle stiffness is caused when the muscles in a certain area of the body contract and become tense. Stiff muscles can happen from a variety of situations. These situations can range from having periods of inactivity to exercising, physical labor or playing sports. If muscles are healthy, muscle stiffness may be caused from an insect bite, an infection, an injury or possibly bleeding in the muscle and various medical conditions. muscle stiffness can occur in any area of the body. Any prolonged stiffness should be looked at by a physician to rule out any medical issues that need treated. muscle...

what causes a Stiff Neck and Headache?

A: Perhaps the most common cause of a stiff neck and headache is overuse of the muscles in the neck and shoulders. The tension caused by the tight muscles can lead to a tension headache, which can last for several hours or even a day or more if left untreated. Stress-induced tightness in the neck and shoulders can also cause a stiff neck and headache, as can poor posture or poor conditioning of the muscles in the upper body and back. Illnesses such as the flu, a common cold, or sinus infections can also lead to a stiff neck and headache.. Injuries occur often in the neck and shoulders, particularly among athletes or active people. muscle strains occur when the small fibers that make up a


what causes a Stiff Neck and Shoulder?

A: The causes of a stiff neck and shoulder may include poor posture, stress, a muscle sprain in that area or a headache. Stiffness may also be caused by poor ergonomic conditions and is often accompanied by shoulder and arm pain. In more severe cases, a stiff neck and shoulder may be due to an underlying medical condition such as meningitis. Poor sleeping positions, particularly when the head and neck are improperly supported, may also cause shoulder and neck problems.. A stiff, sore neck and shoulder pain is commonly associated with bad sitting or standing posture. When the weight of the head is not properly balanced, stress is placed on the head and shoulders, which results in stiffness and pain. Stiffness in the neck and shoulders caused by...


what causes muscle Rigidity?

A: muscle rigidity refers to an involuntary tensing and stiffness of the muscles. It is caused by neurological conditions, musculoskeletal disorders and reactions to some medications or black widow spider venom, among other things. Doctors usually do many different tests to try to determine the exact cause of muscle rigidity, as there are at least 60 different conditions that could cause it. If a person with involuntary muscle tensing has been bitten by a black widow spider and/or is also experiencing breathing difficulties, intense restlessness or loses consciousness, it''s important to get immediate emergency medical help. A black widow spider bite usually causes...

what causes a Stiff Back?

A: A stiff back can be caused by overuse of the muscles in the back, a lack of conditioning of the core muscles that support the spine, arthritis, trauma-induced injuries, and many other conditions that can impact the function of the back. Poor posture can cause a stiff back as well, and people who sit at desks all day long at work are very susceptible to stiff back pain and discomfort. Using an ergonomic chair and improving one`s posture can often help alleviate pain in the back and even alleviate pain in other parts of the body.. One common cause of a stiff back is arthritis, which occurs when ligaments and cartilage in a joint begin to wear out, leading to inflammation and excess movement in the joint. Arthritis can occur in any joint in...


what causes a Stiff Neck with Pain?

A: Various conditions can lead to a stiff neck with pain, and some of these conditions can be quite serious. If the stiff neck with pain is an isolated occurrence, the pain may go away with rest and immobilization, meaning the condition is relatively minor. This situation may result from overuse of the muscles or a muscle strain, as well as tension in the neck and shoulders from stress or lack of movement. More serious conditions that can lead to pain include arthritis, meningitis, and fractures of the vertebrae in the neck.. If the stiff neck with pain is persistent or overwhelmingly painful, it is important to consult a doctor immediately to find out what the cause of the pain is. Spinal fractures as well as...


what causes a Stiff Neck and Dizziness?

A: Neck problems are a common source of pain and a stiff neck and dizziness are a combination that should not be ignored, especially if the symptoms last for a time. Any strain on the neck muscle also affects the muscles in the brain which is why stiff neck is often accompanied by dizziness or headaches. The causes of these symptoms range from an inappropriate sleep position or a pillow that is too soft to a nervous disorder such as multiple sclerosis and tumors. The symptoms, when presented together, are also considered as warning signs for heart attacks.. Other causes of stiff neck and dizziness include abnormal levels of blood pressure, poor circulation due to heart disease or blocked...


what causes a Stiff Neck and Sore Throat?

A: While a stiff neck and sore throat may result from having one`s head in an uncomfortable position along with snoring or breathing through the mouth during sleep, the causes may also be viral or bacterial. Viral meningitis, mumps and mononucleosis are virus-based causes of a stiff neck and sore throat. Strep throat is a bacterial cause of these two symptoms.. Strep throat is very common in children although adults can also get it. The Streptococcus (strep) bacterium can be easily transmitted to others through coughing or sneezing since the bacteria of an infected person is in the nose and mouth. Hand washing may prevent transmission, but strep throat is highly contagious. In young children, an early symptom of strep throat may be refusing...


what causes muscle Soreness?

A: muscle soreness usually comes from overextending ourselves in activities or sports that we are not accustom to. It can happen while we are actively participating in the exertion as when we sprain, strain or tear a muscle and feel immediate pain. This form of muscle soreness has a sudden and specific onset of pain that occurs during the activity. Bruising and swelling often accompany this type of injury. Pain during exercise can also be caused from a spasm, which inhibits arterial blood flow, preventing sufficient oxygen supply to the area. This is known as claudication and can be experienced as cramping or muscle pain in the lower leg. The pain will subside if you rest. The most common cause...

what causes a Stiff Neck and Back?

A: A stiff neck and back can be caused by a variety of conditions, some quite serious and others temporary and mild. The stiffness can trigger other reactions as well, and sufferers of a stiff neck and back may experience headaches, a loss or reduction of mobility, and even shoulder or arm pain. Some of the causes of such stiffness may include overuse or improper use of the muscles, sprains and strains of soft tissue, spinal compression, meningitis, and even fractures from direct impacts or other trauma.. Meningitis is one of the more serious causes of a stiff neck and back, and it should be treated immediately by a doctor because the condition is potentially life-threatening. It occurs when the protective layer around...

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