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what causes Thumb Twitching?

A: muscle twitching is the presence of uncontrollable muscle contractions that might be temporary or chronic. When this occurs in the thumb, it can be referred to as thumb twitching, and it might occur for a variety of reasons, including overuse of the muscle from playing video games or texting, nutritional deficiencies, carpal tunnel syndrome or restricted blood flow. Other causes might include neurological disorders, side effects from prescription drugs, anxiety or a chronic state of tension. muscle contractions are very common, and most cases of thumb twitching are benign, but chronic thumb twitching might indicate a serious condition.. Repetitive motion injury is a...


what causes Lip Twitching?

A: Lip twitching is caused by involuntary, sudden muscle contractions in or around the lips. These contractions can be caused by irritants that affect the nerves in the lips or may be stress induced. Injuries to the lipís nerves can also result in twitching of the lips. At times, the nerves in the face do not work the way they are supposed to and will cause the muscles in the lips to contract.. When a lip twitches, the muscles in or around the lip contract, making the lip feel like it is quivering. If the twitching is fast, the lip may not appear to be twitching to observers, but it may still be felt. Some conditions make the contractions more noticeable to others and may be accompanied by other symptoms.. Withdrawal...


what causes Sleep Twitching?

A: The four common causes of sleep twitching are sleep myoclonus, Periodic Limb Movement Disorder (PLMD), Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) and Rapid Eye Movement (REM) behavior disorder. Sleep twitching can also be referred to as twitching, moving or jerking. The level of movement patients may experience is determined by the disorder that causes the twitching.. Sleep myoclonus is a slight twitching of the muscles involving the fingers, eyes, lips and toes. One symptom of sleep moclonus is the feeling of jerking awake right after falling asleep. This form of myoclonus is not typically life threatening. When sleep myoclonus is present it can be a sign of other sleep disorders such as narcolepsy and sleep apnea.. The cause of...


what causes hand twitching in a 5month old born with encephlocele taking the medication phenobarbita

A: Hi,muscle twitching could be because of the condition Encephalocele itself or could also occur as a side effectof Phenobarbital .Please consult a neurologist for the treatment options . Hope this helps you . Take care andregards !...

what causes muscle Rigidity?

A: muscle rigidity refers to an involuntary tensing and stiffness of the muscles. It is caused by neurological conditions, musculoskeletal disorders and reactions to some medications or black widow spider venom, among other things. Doctors usually do many different tests to try to determine the exact cause of muscle rigidity, as there are at least 60 different conditions that could cause it. If a person with involuntary muscle tensing has been bitten by a black widow spider and/or is also experiencing breathing difficulties, intense restlessness or loses consciousness, it''s important to get immediate emergency medical help. A black widow spider bite usually causes...

Can a slipped disc cause muscle twitching in the leg?

A: Yes, and see the doc asap as it could be damaging your spinal cord i have a bulged disc and i get twitching and spasams im my quads and calves, so it is indeed possible and likley that you have the same type of spasams if your slipped disc is in the lumbar area then it almost certian . Yes, sciatica is a symptom of disc herniation. I had a double-disc herniation (slipped disc) for over a year and physical therapy, even chiroproctor sessions, did not improve my symptoms significantly. I had a spinal surgery 3 weeks ago and my symptoms have since decreased. Yes, symptoms include twitchings, muscle spasms, sharp pains and/or numbness depending on the nerve being impinged by the herniation. The most common is L4-L5 level, but it can affect even the upper discs. MRI is...


Can Anxiety/Stress/Panic Attacks Cause muscle Twitching?

A: I`m so glad you raise the question. Way back in 1999 I had my first diagnosed bout of clinicla depression and anxiety. For quite some time muscle twitches and my back would suddenly kind jerk or twist when I was laying down or sitting quietly. No one notices, but I was relieved when it finally went away. It came back this past year for a short time after a serious mental health crisis.. If you are taking any anti-anxiety medications, like Lorazepam (Ativan), that can cause motor agitation (aka slight tremors or twitching) that may last awhile. Withdrawing from certain antidepressant pills (Lexapro, etc.) can also cause twitching.. However sometimes I experience uncontrollable trembling and tingling in my hands and legs right before and during a panic attack, as...


what causes Eyebrow Twitching?

A: Almost all causes of eyebrow twitching are benign and go as fast as they come, but an eyebrow twitch itself can last several weeks and may indicate a serious problem. The most common causes are fatigue, stress, and eye problems. Nutritional deficiencies or too much of certain substances, such as caffeine and alcohol, can also trigger twitching. Less common but more serious causes of an eyebrow twitch include dehydration, diabetes, and anemia, among other disorders.. The most common cause of eyebrow spasms is fatigue, which is usually caused by a lack of sleep but can also arise from much work. Tiredness can actually cause any part of the eye to twitch. Usually cases of twitching caused by fatigue will last only a...


what causes eye twitches?

A: your nerves are at you or you have an eye infection irritations. watching television or playing videogames.. basically anything that has a screen.. I have the same problem.It is assumed that it is caused by eye strain in most cases.Have you been spending a lot of time in front of the pc screen?if so that could be the cause of your problem. It could be a sign that your potassium is getting low. Potassium effects muscle funtion, so when it gets low, muslces twitch and spasm, and since the muscles in your eyelids are so sensative, it''s really noticable there. Grab a sweet potato (something like 4 times the potassium as a banana) or a banana or two. Or you could take a potassium supplement for a few days. Stress. I get twitchy eyes when...


what causes eye twitches and how can you stop it?

A: Sometimes stress, other times they could be symptoms of something more, best to see your optometrist. Good luck. Stress and too much caffeine/nicotine are common factors, so cutting down and getting more sleep ought to help. neurological imbalance... did someone drop you on your head as an infant? nooo j/k... google says it might be epilepsy or seizures... one site mentioned surgery to correct: and Surgical Correction of Involuntary Contraction of the Occipitofrontalis muscle That causes Ö - group of 3 Ľ S Kondoh, K Matsuo, N Kikuchi, S Yuzuriha - Annals of Plastic Surgery, 2006 - annalsplasticsurgery.com ... ptotic eyelid (Fig. 2A, E, and I; Fig. 3A). Figure 4, FIGURE 4. Bilateral involuntary Eyelid Myokymia: Synonyms and related...

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