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what causes muscles spasm & leg cramps?

A: Hello, Muscle spasms and cramps in the calf are commonly caused due to lack of calcium in the blood. Youshould take calcium supplements and drink plenty of milk. Also you should test your blood for calcium levelsand consult a physician for complete evaluation....

Muscle spasms & leg cramps

A: Hi Bob I can''t offer any advice on this one, hopefully someone else on this board will be able to answer your question. Take care Bob,Over the years I have talked to many with PD that have suffered with cramping.I do believe that those with PD suffer with this affliction.what seems to help me is keeping my calcium and potassium levels up thru bannanas,orange and tomatoe juice.Worth a try .Wish you the best.Ed it my GP gave me some quinine tabs to try, its a bit better but not much , hope we can find something Philjo,Quinine is not approved by the F.D.A for leg cramps,and is considered risky.If you Google this you will find plenty of info on the danger of using quinine.Wish you the best .Ed  I get muscle


what cause muscle spasms, and are they noxious?

A: muscles are pressing against adipose tissue (fat) and this surrounded by turn presses on the muscle called the diaphram. This control inhalation of lungs- Reduce the number and start slow- your body requests to work out the kinks it is not use to. Some spasms are due to lactic sour building up due to anaerobic metabolism related to glucose usage- I do not think this is your problem- As all right, dehydration can lead to potassium level declining which could organize to increased spasm response- I do not think this is ur problem- but try potassium surrounded by gatorade and bananas to rule this out- its do to a lack of sodium and river try adding more to your diet. no serious impair done by them though just really...


Cure For Muscle Spasams leg cramps?

A: what works for my leg cramps is taking an 8oz. glass of orange juice and two (2) 99mg potassium tablets. If my muscles continue to pull, I have to keep walking and trying to stretch out the pull. Also, stretching before and after I do any exercises or go for a walk, helps to keep my muscles from pulling. I use the mineral magnesium to help relieve muscle aches and spasms. Your body requires this mineral, especially if you are diabetic. I take 200-250 mg when needed for relief First, start using the check spelling button. Then, ask your Dr. about Requip. When I get leg cramps or muscle spasams, I eat banans and they go away. Potasium is...


what causes Muscle Soreness?

A: Muscle soreness usually comes from overextending ourselves in activities or sports that we are not accustom to. It can happen while we are actively participating in the exertion as when we sprain, strain or tear a muscle and feel immediate pain. This form of muscle soreness has a sudden and specific onset of pain that occurs during the activity. Bruising and swelling often accompany this type of injury. Pain during exercise can also be caused from a spasm, which inhibits arterial blood flow, preventing sufficient oxygen supply to the area. This is known as claudication and can be experienced as cramping or muscle pain in the lower leg. The pain will subside if you rest. The most common cause of mild to intermediate claudication is this

what causes Muscle cramps?

A: Muscle cramps are painful spasms of muscles that can occur anywhere in the body. People think mostly of cramps that occur in the legs, sometimes called charley horses, but you can get cramps in your feet, arms, shoulders, hips, hands or back. Muscle cramps are often marked by the body stiffening in the cramped area, and an inability to relax the area for several minutes to sometimes several hours. There are many causes of muscle cramps. You can get them if you have worked out too hard, especially if you donít stretch first. They also can result if youíve used a specific muscle group or muscle, much more often than you normally do. For instance you could get cramps in your arms or fingers...


Can we compare what our muscle spasms feel like?

A: No one has spasms like this? How about worse when lying down, feeling the bone temporal bone or zygomatic at the temporal bone region pulling and severe nausea. When I talk it increases, I do have TMD , bad, but this is so scary and no one is saying they have anything similar. Also I get a feeling across the bridge of nose and under both eyes, but it goes away once I sit up. I am wondering if I don''t have increased cerebral spinal fluid in the brain, its intense. I am just so effected by this and scared. I was hoping others would go into detail about their symptoms to see if any were similar. My left jaw is also clicking so loud now, it can be heard across the room and the left side was not even effected at FIRST...Anyone at all have anything similar? ...


Constant calf muscle spasm/twitching cramps

A: Hi, I have the same problem but I do not drink alcohol at all. My liver enzymes have returned to normal. I don''t know why they were elevated. No one can tell me why my whole body cramps up and why I have the crawling sensations, numbness, jolts and tingling. Alcohol does dehydrate. Try increasing your fluid intake. I drink 8 ounces of tonic water every night. It will help if the cramping hasn''t started. Is your calcium, magnesium and potassium ok? Gatoraide or some kind of sports drink might help. I drink pedialyte when my cramping starts. So far no rhyme or reason to my problem. Hopefully eliminating the drinking will fix yours Thanks for the reply. I don''t know if my calcium, magnesium and potassium levels are OK or not. The doctor never mentioned them to me. Would they...


what are some causes and remedies for leg cramps?

A: There are many causes of leg cramps but in most cases it is not known. There is a theory that states that leg cramps happen when a muscle that is already shortened position is stimulated to contract. Since the muscle is already shortened, if this will contract further it can cause the muscle to go into spasm just like that in leg cramps. This usually happen at night when a person is in bed and we lie in natural position where the knees are slightly bent and feet pointing slightly downwards. In this position the calf muscle or is shortened and is prone to cramps. This is the reason why stretching exercises may cure the problem. There are also secondary


Muscle spasms in leg

A: Muscle spasms are usually a sign of low potassium, I find eating a banana a day, keeps me free of them. Best thing to do is go back to your doctor and tell him that your condition is worsening and that you do not want a quick fix like medication. Tell him that you want to find out the actual cause and that you want tests to find out what is happening to your leg. Best of luck and yes, I agree with the above that potassium is important in your diet. I would say it needs to be further investigated before treating it with the possibilities of what it could be. You need to find out exactly what it is. You need to communicate this with your doctor. Joe Before I go on,...

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