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What do you call a person with attention deficit disorder? answers (115)

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Has anyone out there been diagnosed with attention deficit Disorder for the first time as an adult?

A: many people go thru a good part of their adult lives without being diagnosed, count your blessings. I am 41 years of age and was diagnosed at 37. I have ADHD and an LD. I have had trouble keeping a steady employment record since 2001 because I feel trapped in full time permanent jobs. My creativity is stifled. I began working with www.opportunityworks.ca in Dec 2002 to become self-employed. In secular work, I last about 3 months and then get bored or due to poor inter-personal skills I am fired. I waited a year after my diagnosis (got two opinions) and then began meds. I started out on 5 mg Dexedrine (short acting) - got dizzy on those and split them so I was taking 2.5 mgs to start. I...


do I have attention deficit disorder?

A: I have ADHD and was diagnosed in the first grade. The memory thing is definately not unrelated, in fact that is a symptom. Along with your focusing issues and fidgeting. do you have anger problems? Or are you easily angered, moreso than your peers seem to be? It''s 5:30 AM here, since time is being mentioned. But I''m not up due to focus issues or a project to do. I''ve actually been out all night, haha. hobbes! oh no! if you do, i think i do too. i''m also awake right now (it''s only 4:20 here, ha ha ha, like there''s a difference) for the...


Is there a link between television and attention deficit disorder in children?

A: According to some, yes: http://www.whitedot.org/issue/iss_story.asp?slug=ADHD%20Toddlers . But, I would also put money on a correlation between the amount of prescription drugs available for ADD and diagnoses of ADD. I never even heard of ADD when I was a child, they just called it “being a child”, and I had tv as a child (I''m not THAT old). But nowadays it seems there has to be a name for everything. Everything is a disorder nowadays. I actually saw an article in the newspaper detailing how a guy was being defended on murder charges due to a narcisstic disorder. I mean please people. Take a little responsiblity for yourself here. But, I digress… I think that television is one of the few things...


ADD(attention deficit disorder) support?

A: ADD is a total 100% fraud.. according to Fred Baughman Jr. MD. See http://www.adhdfraud.com for more information Suffers of attention deficit Disorder (ADD) enjoy many hurdles to overcome on a each day basis. Typically, ADD behavioral problems will stop a sufferer’s ability to successfully interact contained by social situations. This can lead to problems surrounded by at home, in college, at work, or even in a romantic situation. The frustration that a sufferer can incur from the absence of control over their conduct can be emotionally exhaustive. A common ADD behavioral problem is the inability to focus on a chore. Many sufferers are easily distracted by things which other general public would consider periphery...


attention deficit Disorder

A: Any ideas anyone. Have I put this question in the right section? He may benefit from a course of CBT (Cognitive behavioural Therapy),he needs to be referred for this by your GP. Having a daughter,now 19,who was diagnosed at 14,I really sympathise. I have tried desperately to get help from doctors and psychiatrists to no avail.Unless they have adHd they really dont know how to deal with it. My daughter is very intelligent and articulate too and that didn''t help either. She still has severe concentration and organisational problems and life is hard! The best you can hope for is the extra time for exams. There is a book I used to have with...


Is it possible for adults to have ADD ( attention deficit disorder)?

A: Yes, adults can have ADD. There are many different strategies that help - I know a couple of my adult friends find that drinking coffee seems to help them concentrate better - it also works for children with ADD/ADHD. There are several websites that can give you some resources and information. CHADD National Headquarters (800) 233-4050 http://www.chadd.org ADDA (847) 432-ADDA http://www.add.org Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA) (412) 341-1515 http://www.ldanatl.org Thanet ADDers Kent, England (0) 1843 851145 http://www.adders.org E-mail: simon@adders.org True ADD is presently understood to be genetic. Its first diagnosis could only be attempted with a look at the family tree.


Any post-ops dealing with adult attention deficit disorder?

A: Ah . . . diagnosed about 18 months ago and I will be 21 months post op onmay 6th. Ritlan and Adderall were awful for me but I am now takingStratterra!! It works great for me, don''t know how I survived without out!!My pcp sent me to a psych for a true diagnosis although he knew I didsuffer from ADD. Psych have way more experience with this and are verycurrent with the meds.Feel free to email me with anymore questions you might have!! I was diagnosed bipolar-then with schizoaffective disorder- still mentaldisorder. Both after surgery. I am being medicated, and I struggle with itall the time as...


what is attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)? does Ritalin help?

A: Dear Reader, Having attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) does not mean that you are stupid! Many people with ADHD are smart — even gifted — and lots of others have special talents that go beyond their skills in school. ADHD, similar to other mental health concerns as well as learning disabilities and other conditions, can affect people`s ability to do as well as they`d like to, or are expected to do, in school and in other areas of their lives. Getting diagnosed and participating in appropriate treatment for ADHD can make a huge difference. The three main symptoms of ADHD — difficulty concentrating,...


8 yr old son with attention problems

A: Dear Paula, Thanks for asking me your question.  I apologize for the delayed response.   If your son has not been evaluated for attention deficit disorder, I would recommend it.   I would also recommend that he be assessed for language problems and processing problems.   Language problems can be assessed through a speech therapist, and also some of the sub-tests of achievement testing.   A psychologist could give him an IQ test where one of the components is processing speed.  If this score comes out low, then you will know that the problem is not a matter of pure focusing and will power.  I would also recommend the...
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