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What does the average meal weigh? answers (180)

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what does the average meal weigh?

A: 1lb of food will make the average person feel full....

what is the average and below avg. weight for a 5

A: As you grow up it is natural for you to put on weight. Once you stop growing up you start growing OUT. I understand your situation, I used to be stick thin and now I have a bit of a stomach. According to the BMI (Body Mass Index) caculator you right right smack in the middle of a healthy weight for your height. You are definately NOT fat. I understand it is hard when you've always been tiny and now you are average. It takes a bit of getting used to but don't worry, everyone goes through it. Sometimes people put on weight and then take it off again. Yes, it is because of your hormones, in your teen years your body changes A LOT. Something I would suggest though is have small

what is the average of those who gain weight back?

A: the figure that I have seen quoted in the various WLS books that I havebought is 10%. In other words, if you lose 150 pounds from the surgery,you can expect to put 15 back on. Of course, YMMV (your mileage mayvary).... I''m only about ten weeks post op... but I have to say this, people gainweight back, people keep it all off.. or gain it all back and everything inbetween. I''ve read all the things you''ve read. I spent two monthsresearching and another 2.5 months pouring over everything on this sitebefore I had my surgery. One thing I know for sure -- whatever happens,short of a medical complication -- is within your...


14 years old and i weigh 124 pounds?

A: THATS TOO MUCH ..YOU BETTER GET STOMACHE STAPELING SURGERY move ur fat a$s of the computer and do something wow! i think your soposed to be 130-140 when ur 14 so ur under weight You saound fine,just remember to eat your veggies and fruits and exercise and you will be just fine you''re doing good - better than me! im 12 and 115 am i average or above? i think your average Should be ok. Don''t get too much heavier, though. Eat sensibly and do not miss any meals. And DO NOT take any diet pills. average That sounds pretty much ideal. Take care : ) Well, I am 16 and weigh 120-125. I am 5''7". It does not matter how much you weigh, it matters...


I''ve always been an average eater/ slow loser. Will I still lose fairly quickly. .

A: Lora, I had the exact same concerns that you have. I never finished a bagof this or a box of that, I was always content with just a few, and I neverwould eat seconds, or finish a meal out at a resturant. My husband and Iwould often split a plate. Was not a snacker or grazer and not a sweetaddict. I think that I am plagued with a metablolism that doesn''t existand that is why I have always been heavy. I have been a slow loser, butstill not as slow as some that I have seen, but probably overall one of theslower ones. I lost 30 lbs. the first month, around 10 each monthfollowing until month 4, now around 6 lbs. a month at 5 1/2 months out. Ihave been very pleased with...


what do I need to do to see fat loss?

A: First, you need to burn more calories than you consume. An active woman can consume roughly 2000 calories per day, but you need to assure that you are exercising enough to burn those calories. Exercising early in the day and before eating helps boost your metabolism and will facilitate burning fat and subsequent weight loss.. Also, do not rely on aerobic exercise alone. That will help your heart stay healthy, which is good, but if you want to burn fat, you must also engage in a healthy regimen of resistance training/ weight lifting. Cardio workouts alone won`t do it.. You must also be realistic about your weight loss. Losing 1-2 pounds per week can be healthy but losing 5+ pounds per week is not. It is also not sustainable. Weight loss occurs for a variety of...


Is eating what you want at weekends and eating less on weekdays ok? is that a good way to lose weight?

A: No. My daddy was that way and died one month past his 36th birthday, from a heart attack. Eating less is never a healthy way to lose weight. the trick is to actually eat once every two hours! Just make sure what you''re eating is healthy and keep the portions small... that along with exercise will help you lose weight the HEALTHY way. And there''s nothing wrong with allowing one day a week for you to eat exactly what you want... When you eat less and/or irregularly your body never knows when it''s going to get its energy (food) so as soon as it does it immediately stores it as fat just to make sure... (because


How well does Alli work? 1 dose vs prescription dose? And will it work for me?

A: Before using Alli, you might want to investigate this news about it. the jury seems to still be out on this, but you want to be careful when your health is involved. Regards, WallyH I am a week into the use of Alli. I usuallly eat pretty clean 6 days of the week anyways, but I took Alli with meals that had more than 5g of fat in them over last week. On the first day I noticed i had runnier stool but that was about it. I didn''t have the leakage like I have heard reported, or have digestive tract pain or anything. After that, I have not experienced any kind of diahrea. I don''t know what that...


what can be done about national obesity in US?

A: Bring back recess and phys ed in schools. Also, the liberals have to stop denying that obesity today is a bigger problem than "poverty." "Fancy that" Are you sure you aren''t UK? Who says "fancy" in the US? Obesity in the US is a complicated mess of lifestyle, lack of exercise, stress. It is up to the individual, their significant others, and their doctor to work out a plan. we need to walk more-exercise in general everybody has a car and nobody walks when i started walking with my kid to school, he asked if the car was broken. portion size-


does anyone have weightloss advice?

A: You could be holding excess water weight. I used HRI water retention tablets & found they worked very effectively in getting rid of the excess pounds! they only cost about 3 too, bargain if you ask me. Forget about magic pills and secrets. there aren''t any. You have a good start by doing something. Find a comfortable amount of time that you can spend on the treadmill. Write down the speed setting. Start to increase that slowly but consistently. Interval training is a better way to expend energy. Try this. Find a good slow pace that you are comfortable with on the treadmill. This is going to remain constant....

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