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what Is a Living and raw food diet?

A: With a steadily growing obesity problem afflicting most of the developed world, it is not surprising that some people feel that alternative diets may be better for humans. the living and raw food diet, a form of veganism, suggests that people should only eat food that has not been cooked or processed. Not all people on this diet fulfill the requirements all the time; the consensus is that following the diet 75% of the time qualifies as a living...


what Is the 4 Day diet?

A: According to Dr. Ian Smith, the author of the 4 Day diet, successful weight loss is only 20 percent physical. the other 80 percent, he says, is all in a person''s head. Many people do not fully prepare themselves mentally when they begin a weight loss journey, and Smith says that factor is the biggest mistake a person can make. the 4 Day diet brings to light the concept of retraining the brain for successful weight loss and health maintenance. It also claims to help eliminate boredom-induced...


what Is the Vegetable Juice diet?

A: the vegetable juice diet is a fasting diet that consists only of vegetable juice. Proponents of this diet believe that drinking only vegetable juice helps to eliminate toxins within the body while thoroughly cleansing one''s immune system. the notion behind the vegetable juice diet is that by drinking an excessive amount of vegetables, a person will begin to feel more energetic while also losing weight. While eating vegetables is healthy, the process of cooking raw vegetables can eliminate vital nutrients....


does anyone know about the raw food movement? Where in the south can one learn about it. what does it consist of?

A: Some believe raw food prevents and heals sickness and disease. To experience raw food at restaurants, try this. about 2 hours ago Feeling Better wrote: Some believe raw food prevents and heals sickness and disease. To experience raw food at restaurants, try this.Thanks, the site you referred me to had some great links, as well as information for Sprouts in Atlanta. what I know about raw food is that it is far healthier then cooked food because...

what is the Best Detox diet

A: I have heard that the acai berry diet is one of the best.. I have heard from medical people that the Doctor`s Detox diet established by Christine Gerbstadt who is both a dietitian and a medical doctor, is quite good -- safe,healthy and effective. She has a book out this year by the title: the Doctor`s Detox diet, the Ultimate Weight Loss Prescription. I`ve heard that it is not as restrictive as some other detox diets so you won`t have to worry about getting dehydrated or lacking energy.. Even...


what are the best foods to activate the digestion process?

A: there are OTC's that work like Fiber Choice or Fiber Con or even Metimucil that work with the diet to regulate the body and stimulate digestion, per a local proctologist! You need to make sure you have EIGHT glasses of plain water a day, spread out through the day and not taken at one time. You need to increase your intake of fluids and raw veggies to at least SIX or more servings a day, consistently. You need to limit or eliminate sweets. Add nuts like almonds to your diet daily as almonds and most nuts are good sources to aid digestion. Surprisingly exercise actually aids in

what Is the Best diet for Immunity?

A: the best diet for immunity is one rich in fruits and vegetables, as they are full of immune-boosting ingredients like antioxidants, vitamins, and phytochemicals. Most modern diets consist of a lot of processed food and chemicals or toxins, which bring the immune system down. Adding more fresh, whole, foods to the diet is the best way to enhance immune function and cleanse the body of toxins. It is best to consume fruits and vegetables from a variety of families. Eating various colors and...


what is the best cat food you feed your kitties?

A: You haven''t mentioned what tests your vet has performed. A cat that age should certainly have kidney and liver function checked (keep in mind, kidney values won''t show any increases until at least 80% of kidney function has been lost). You should also check her thyroid levels – older cats often become hyperthyroid and lose weight in spite of a good appetite. A thorough work up (radiographs and bloodwork) is your best bet. An appropriate diet can be recommended based on the results of the tests. At the very least, she should be on a senior or reduced protein diet. Any good quality diet is fine for


whats the best food to prevent heart disease?

A: why werent you paying attention in health class? you have the 100% good answer for 100% curing the heart diseases.... yes...... just get into this..... and see...... www.theheartdiseases.com In & Out Double-Doubles FRUITS AND VEGETABLES A well balanced diet of fresh fruits & veggies, no red meat, more white meats....less fast foods and no canned foods. Drink plenty of water and less candy (sugars). Exercise and a Vit. supp. daily. It''s really simple! :O) However, if it''s in your genes from parents, there ain''t a damm thing you can do about it! :O( A good rule of thumb to remember when choosing


what Are the Types of Digestive Enzymes?

A: Knowing the different types of digestive enzymes proves to be an essential factor when looking for a supplement that would aid your digestive health. No doubt, you must have already figured out by now that enzymes for digestion are necessary in the maintenance of good health, and that a number of health conditions can in fact be attributed to enzyme deficiencies, but what exactly are the types of digestive enzymes does your body needs? Digestive enzymes may be classified according to their function. Enzymes that break proteins down into amino acids are called protease enzymes. Enzymes that absorb carbohydrates are amylase enzymes, while...

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