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what foods are included in a clear liquid Diet

A: what is a clear liquid diet? If you were ordered to consume only liquids, would you know what foods are included in a clear liquid diet? Though it doesn’t sound appetizing, a person can easily survive on this diet for a short period of time with no ill effects. These diets are used after surgeries, during certain digestive disorders and to prepare for tests and procedures, like a colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy. Certain type of x-rays and imaging...


what Is a clear liquid diet?

A: A clear liquid diet is a diet that is made up completely of liquids that are easy to digest and leave little to no material in the digestive tract. It is common for doctors to prescribe clear liquid diets to their patients prior to medical procedures. This is especially common if the patient has digestive problems or if the procedure has to do with the digestive tract. This kind of diet might also be prescribed to patients who are experiencing nausea or vomiting, or those recovering from certain kinds of medical procedures. This diet does not offer sufficient nutrients or calories in the long term. For this reason,...


How do I get Protein on a clear liquid diet?

A: First off, I would ask other patients of your doctors (if you know if any)and also ask your doctor if they really expect you to get 85-100 grams ofprotein via your early post-op diet. My guess would be your doctor wouldsay to try your best---UNLESS of course your doctor is including proteinshakes in the clear liquid diet. If not, try Lean Protein (GNC) or Isopure(GNC) and see how that works. Then, I would assume, that when you startyour full liquid diet, the protein shakes would be included. It''s hard onclear liquids...hell, it''s hard on solid foods to get your protein in- ifyou can''t depend on protein supplements!...


what Is a Full liquid diet?

A: A full liquid diet is a type of medical diet usually prescribed to people who have just undergone gastrointestinal surgery. Similar to a soft liquid diet and a clear liquid diet, a full liquid diet also includes a list of specific foods that a person can, and cannot, consume. Essentially, a full liquid diet consists of foods that are thick and creamy such as pudding, ice cream, and milk. The main reason why a medical doctor may prescribe a full liquid diet is that solid food is not digested properly following stomach surgery. In order to help a...


what foods are easy to digest?

A: Pretty much anything mushy. White stuff too. Oatmeal should be fine. :) I''ve had my stomach lining get inflamed before, I live on flat ginger ale and jell-o for a few days each time it happens. Otherwise, I''ll throw everything up. gastritis? Bananas, rice, dry toast… farina/cream of wheat Milk. I''ve heard its the choice food of babies. Easy-to-digest foods (add to the clear liquids) plain crackers white bread, rolls “instant” hot cereal white rice, noodles, potatoes angel food cake fruit nectars all juices soft or baked custard canned, peeled fruits and vegetables plain puddings lean beef, fish, skinless chicken or turkey plain milkshakes strained, blenderized broth-based or cream soups smooth...


what kinds of food are high in carcinogens? Should I avoid eating them?

A: “A carcinogen is any substance, radionuclide or radiation, that is an agent directly involved in the exacerbation of cancer or in the increase of its propagation.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carcinogen If you can avoid eating white rice and breads that are made from white flour then it’d best. White rice and white flour’s sugars are known to promote cancer cells. Considering how they’re being grown, we can really say that white rice is toxic. Imagine since the start of planting it, the insecticides, pesticides and inorganic fertilizers have made it already a poison. Basically, foods should have been good to our body only we process them in order to please our tongues without knowing that we only fool ourselves...


what foods are ok to eat day before colonoscopy?

A:  what to Eat A clear, liquid diet allows you to eat only liquids you can see through or foods that melt into clear liquids at room temperature, according to MedlinePlus. This includes clear, fat-free broth; fruit juices that have been strained of all pulp or solids such as cranberry juice; water; plain coffee or tea; sports drinks; clear sodas; Popsicles that have no chunks of fruit or pulp; and gelatin. Try to have a mix of three to five of these foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner. what to Avoid Avoid any


what foods are recommended to eat to get rid of gout?

A: gout and uric acid. Gout is a major cause of chronic arthritis and may be associated with increased blood uric acid. It is also strongly associated with obesity, abnormal cholesterol, diabetes and kidney failure. The disease of Gout is one of the oldest diseases recorded in the history of medicine. It is a chronic disease, which is not contagious, but it passes through generations of one family. It is now estimated that 2% of world population suffers from gout and that among patients, there is one woman for every eight men. The treatment of gout evil seeks the normalization of uric acid level and is typically made from anti-inflammatory drugs and drugs that increase elimination of uric acid in the urine or that inhibit its production by the body. However, to choose the most appropriate...


what is a clear liquid and I need help on food that travel well.

A: yes dapne, clear liquids is just that...clear. broth, tea, black coffee,kool aid, & yes ice pops. as far as traveling, can u take a smallcooler with u? u can get small containers of what u like & they willstay cool in the container with ice from the hotel ice machines.continental breakfasts r hard but in my travels i have found that they haveinstant oatmeal pkgs. I am assuming that you won''t be traveling with your job for a while afteryour surgery and will be on full liquids before you are able to go back towork. Full liquids are liquids that you cannot see...


I''m 3 1/2 weeks post Lap Rny, and still on a full liquid diet. Is it ok to drink

A: Yes, I''m sure the broth would be fine it''s basically justlike chicken bullion (sp?). I added a little water to mine the sodium was way too much for my liking but I think that either broth would be fine. Good luck to you... Not only can you have those things on full liquid diet, you could have themon a clear liquid diet. Full liquids includes LOTS of things. Runny creamof wheat, pudding, milk, etc. You''re being very "good", in fact,better than you "have" to be! My surgeon''s full liquid diet regimen included all the "clearliquids" like broths and Jello plus...

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