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what foods provide Protein For Our Body?

A: Meats are high in protein Vegetarians can obtain their protein requirements from such foods like beans, rice, tofu, quorn(meat substitutes) and most nuts and seed foods. Cheese fish and eggs also contain good amounts of protein hope that helps...

what Is Vegan protein?

A: Vegan protein refers to any food rich in protein that does not come from an animal or animal product, and that does not contain any animal protein. As humans require roughly 10-15 percent of their daily calories to come from protein, it is an essential nutrient in the diet. Of the 20 amino acids the body requires from protein, however, only 11 can be manufactured by the body. The remaining nine must be obtained through the diet and therefore are referred to as the essential amino acids. Though these are more readily available in animal foods, a vegan diet can supply enough of the essential amino acids, provided that a variety of foods are consumed. Along with carbohydrates and fat, protein is one of the three...


what Is Whey Protein Hydrolysate?

A: Whey protein is a by-product of cheese production. It is available in three forms: isolate, concentrate, and hydrolysate, and each has somewhat different properties. The whey protein hydrolysate, also known as hydrolyzed whey protein, is a popular nutritional supplement, particularly among bodybuilders. As is true of all three forms, whey protein hydrolysate contains high-quality proteins, and thus it includes all the eight essential amino acids required by human adults. Whey protein hydrolysate is more processed than the other forms, is predigested, and provides the the highest protein quality. Due to its predigested state, hydrolyzed whey protein is more easily absorbed then the isolate or concentrate versions. The additional processing...


what foods help muscle growth?

A: proteins don''t escape, the whoe thing is a protein basically ooh people - any meat is protein, but there is also vegetable protein like tofu but don''t overdo it because meat also has high cholesterol and fats you can buy some kind of protein powder to supplement your diet (comes is big jars) Raw eggs Tuns Skinless chicken breasts Wheat protien Silverside meat PROTEIN!!!! An egg is almost all protein...the protein''s not going anywhere. All meat, fish, nuts, peanut butter, beans, milk, and cheese has protein. So yeah, chicken is fine. protein is best Tuna, beans and nuts. meats and fish proteins help a lot, like meat, egg, fish, nuts Eat eggs. Good for the brain good for the body !!! Eggs whites are the best for you. They provide protein with the cholesterol that...


what food toxins can cause shortness of breath ?

A: Breathlessness or a shortness of breath primarily means a difficulty while breathing. This condition is also referred to as dyspnea. A temporary shortness of breath may also be experienced due to extreme weather conditions, any kind of exhaustive activity and at a high altitude. Persistent and prolonged breathlessness is indicative of a more serious underlying problem. If the condition arises suddenly, with a severe intensity, then it is important to seek medical assistance. Food is known to contain its own natural chemicals, which are considered to be essential for our health and growth. These are known as biological toxins and are quite different from their chemical counterparts. These biological toxins are produced by a large number of living organisms such as plants, fungi and...


what foods do monosodium glutamate ?

A: Any food item should list MSG in the ingredients. Any restaurant should tell you if they use it in the kitchen, and can usually prepare without it. Generally your worst offenders are those prepared gravies (check the ingredients), Chinese food, and possibly the bacon if it''s the ready-cook stuff. Labels are there for a reason, use ''em! It will probably be an all-or-nothing deal, so she will need to cut it out completely, not just reduce it. http://www.carbohydrateaddicts.com/msg.html Monosodium glutamate or MSG is a salt used as a flavor enhancer. Does she us a lot of salt on her food? well cup of soup like the ramen nodles, seasonings, chips, boullion,stuff like that hope your sister feels better and hope i helped. Lots of foods have MSG...Chinese food for one....


what Is Liquid protein?

A: Liquid protein is a suspension of protein in a fluid, such as water. There are a number of ways in which people use liquid protein, and this product is readily available at health food stores, drug stores, grocery stores, and stores which stock supplies for bodybuilding. Liquid proteins are manufactured by a wide range of companies and come in a broad array of formulations for different purposes. Commonly, liquid protein is made with whey. Whey is a protein-rich milk solid which can be processed for inclusion in protein supplements. In addition to whey, liquid protein also usually includes vitamins and minerals which are designed to provide the consumer with a balanced nutritional blend. It is not intended as a long term meal replacement, however. Patients are...


what Are High Protein Cereals?

A: High protein cereals are cereals that are enriched with micronutrients and amino acids. These are small amounts of vitamins and minerals that are used to maintain the body. Protein is an essential component found in every body cell. Nails and hair are made of it and the body uses it to repair damaged tissues. Eating high protein cereals can also help to build and strengthen muscles and produce healthier cartilage. Unlike fat, the body cannot store protein. When it needs a new supply, it has nothing to draw on. The body does not need a significant amount of protein to function properly. The average person only needs a small amount, everyday. Consuming high protein cereals can provide enough protein for one day. Protein can come from many types of


what Are High Protein Fish?

A: High protein fish are healthful for getting needed nutrients to the body without the added fats of some meats. Tuna and salmon often are listed among those fish with the highest protein count, but most fish contain ample proteins to aid in having a well-balanced diet. Protein is available in meats, eggs, nuts, and other foods, but high protein fish generally are recommended as a lower fat and healthy alternative for supplying essential amino acids. Many types of fish are meaty and fleshy white or pink. Some are small and contain less fatty pieces but may be very high in protein. Meatier high protein fish typically are halibut, haddock, sole, and cod, among others. Salmon and tuna are in this group as well. Anchovies and sardines are small but usually...


what is Dietary protein?

A: Proteins are made of strings of amino acids that form chains known as peptides. Our bodies need dietary protein to accomplish many basic functions, such as building bones, moving muscles, and repairing tissue. Dietary protein, an essential nutrient, comes from meat, dairy, and certain grains and beans. Proteins differ by the types and order of amino acids they contain. Even though there are only 20 amino acids, they create almost endless variations in chains as long as 500 links. Proteins form inside animals (including humans) and plants through processes that synthesize peptides. For humans, we cannot synthesize certain ''essential protein,'' and so we must ingest them through food. These essential proteins are made of phenylalanine, threonine, methionine, tryptophan, leucine, isoleucine,...

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