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what foods should I avoid if I have ibs?

A: Hi Rich,   This site is devoted to IBD - Inflammatory Bowel Disease, not IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome.   That said, I can tell you a bit about IBS - firstly, it affects most people differently and as such there isn''t one set diet for all IBS sufferers. Many people do find, though, that fast food, junk food, prepared foods, and foods with preservatives all cause their issues to worsen. You may be best off to eat whole foods and to keep a food journal where you will document everything you eat and how you feel after you eat it. This can help you to identify those foods that are causing issues.   Good...

what foods should i avoid with ibs?

A: dairey products can irratate ibs. thats all i know for that one have you ever thought you might have an intolerence? Sometimes it can be disguised as IBSbut for example if you cannot digest milk well you would get the same symptoms, also try something like activa or danone because that can sometimes help, but of course not if it is milk you are intolerant to. Or high in fibre - it''ll rip you open A good source of information is to ask your doctor. He should be able to give you a diet Plan or pamplet on this. Also, run some research on the net. Then experiment with your own body. See what works for you. Nuts are not a good idea Curry Anything...


what should I eat if I have a colon problem?

A: Some doctors think that irritable bowel syndrome ( also known as spastic colon ) may be second only to common cold as America's most widespread medical complaint. And your doctor now says that irritable bowel syndrome (IBS ) is the source of your complaint.Well,rest assured that there are lot of things you can do to take the irritability out of your bowel. Take the news in stride. " There's a very good connection between stress and an irritable bowel" says Douglas A Drossman,M.D., a gastroenterologist and psychiatrist at the University of Northern Corolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine. what you don't want to do is get stressed because you have an irritable bowel,and because you have an...

what foods should I not eat or eat in moderation. I have IBS with constipation. Thank you-Nancy

A: foods to Choose if You have Mixed Irritable Bowel Syndrome You can find some great tips and information here. Best wishes. With constipation, you will want to look to foods that are high in insoluble fiber, such as raw fruits and vegetables, grains and bran. Those have a laxative effect and will likely make you more comfortable. Drink lots of water as well. I would avoid foods that are fatty or red meat and avoid things that are dehydrating such as caffeine or alcohol. You may also want to ask your doctor about supplementing with an over the counter fiber supplement such as Metamucil or...

what foods should a 6 year old with irritable bowl avoid ?

A: ew does he like poop everywhere? I would go back to the GI and scope upper and lower to rule out/in an eos disorder, celiacs, reflux, and run blood and stool samples (should have been done already) for infections. IBS is a blanket diagnosis, and I would never accept that for my kiddos. They have food allergies, and my son has a scope scheduled to look for all of the above disorders. Time for your friend to take her son back to the Dr. No matter the age Irritable bowel can be hard to treat because they are not even sure what triggers it, but they do know for sure that stress can often trigger it for some people. My husband, Mother in law, my Dad, and several friends I know


I have IBS and tend to have very bad stomach cramps.. what can i take for these cramps?

A: 27 Nov 2011 Hi, U might want to ask this again in the conversation form. That way we can ask questions, etc. I looked at your profile and didn''t see anything that would help me answer you. How long have you had ibs? what meds r U taking? How long have U been taking these meds? How long have U been on diet to avoid trigger foods? Do U have diarrhea? Constipation or both? Do U have GERD? R U in lots of stress? what other meds RU taking? R U physically active? walking? lifting weights? My IBS was diagnosed in the...


I have IBS, acid reflux, hiatus hernia and diverticulitis. I think now I''ve got Crohn''s?

A: 22 Jul 2011 Fiber, small meals and check with a Dr. because of the multi-probs. Good Luck. Votes:+0CommentVote upReport Eve54 25 Jul 2011what are multi-probs... ive had more flare ups than i can count, my dr says to watch what i eat and gave a list of what i should avoid, everything on that list makes me think my dr is full of it, i was told to eat 6small meals a day, with more fiber, what is true and not? Add your Comment meyati22 Jul 2011 My PC acted up the other day. GERD makes IBS worse, as the acid from GERD goes through the GI and further upsets the IBS, etc. Do you use diet-avoid spices, raw veges, alcohol,...


what foods should you have more of when you have Irtritable bowel and what foods should you avoid?

A: I have IBS and have to be very carefull what I eat. Spicy foods or sometimes even certain other foods that don''t make any sense trigger an attack. Also about 6 months ago I became completelu unable to eat beef. if I eat beef at all I become very sick and have severe pain in what feels like my back but they say is my colon. There is no medication for the pain. The only thing I can do for about three days after consuming beef or beef products is lay in pain and try to sleep through the pain. It gets super bad at times. Keeping a good bulk in your died, such as fresh fruits and vegetables or...


I have ibs i would be very grateful if someone could give me some advice on the foods i should be eating?

A: I also have ibs. Everyone has different "trigger foods". Mine happens 2 be dairy. The only thing u can do is try slowly eliminating things from your diet (1 at a time) and you will find out which foods r the culprit. if the food is not 100% organic its not good for u and u should eat alot of organic fruits and vegies Here is one of my VERY favorite websites! It explains all about how humans react to food and how to minimize the symptoms of IBS. http://www.helpforibs.com/diet/how_to_eat.asp The biggest tips are to never eat anything until you have had some fiber first. It gets your digestive system ready for...


I''ve been having diarrhea now for about 10 days. It came on very suddenly 1.5 weeks ago and hasn''t stopped, nor slowed, since.I''ve been to the Doctor numerous times (they took a stool sample: results pending) where they checked my blood pressure, my temperature and assessed me in other areas. I''m fine with everything listed above, except excessive diarrhea. By ''excessive'', I mean 12-15 times a day. I just ate something, for example, and within the hour it''s gone: out. I wonder if I''m getting anything from the food I eat?I''m not lethargic, not feeling weak. I''ve a healthy appetite, no signs of dehydration (well, minus the skin on my hands ''snapping back down'' at a slow rate: more like oozing down after pinched). Everything seems fine. It''s just, literally, diarrhea. Unstoppable, it seems.I''ve been to my Doctor once (for the stool sample) as well as the ER (I worry..) several times.Just not sure what else I can look in to. As for diet: I''ve been following, pretty stringently, the BRATT diet as well as avoiding the recommended list of foods/drinks to avoid. The problem isn''t worse, but isn''t better, than 10 days ago.Any ideas?

A: Oh, I meant to add: My urinations are just fine. No decrease, no odd color/s. It''s as it''s always been. The stool itself (if you can call it that) isn''t bloody nor black nor anything but liquid. And lots of it. Thanks. Also, I apologize for the 6 posts. I submitted the question once, before signing up, but then with server lag/holdups, I evidently posted the same question 6 times. Sorry! Ignore all other posts from me on this topic. Apologies again. :) hi there im elise and ive had dirreia for years when i eat, fruit roughege cereal soda carbanations drinks salads cottege cheese , cheese its seems like everything i eat i get diareaa , i went to doc back in 98 and had all tests and he looked at me and said its you , well i was hurt but its gotten worse so i just...

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