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Oh no!!! LP headache?

A: its normal to be soar, and quite possibly to have a neck ache....a spinal headache is described as intense SERIOUS pain, not an ache.....if you can , try to STOP moving around and give it till tomororow, definately continue with caffeeine and liquids- but stop doing so much....you should be resting! Give it another 24 hours...you''ll know if you have to go to the ER. feel better. Nikki get a blood patch, it''s just gonna get worse my dear. I''m going by your description of pressure in your head and neck. Thats what happened to me. I had a severe headache as they were taking out the fluid. The headache and neck pain got so bad I needed a blood patch. Go to the ER....


I went outside!! I did it!!

A: Yay Girl!...doesnt outside feel good! Im now doing my walks outside rather than on an inside track and it makes it so much better. Good for you on your progress!...things get better slowly every day...thinking of you NLena Congrats! I can''t wait to get my life back too! Even just the small things are worth so much. It''s amazing what we take for granted when we feel good You go girl, thats great. You did it once and you will do it again, and again. Ten years ago I had an AP Lateral disectomy with bone fusion at the C 5-6, and 6-7. I did very good with recovery. I just had the PLIF at the L5 and S1 done Jan, 16. I guess I expect a miricle overnight. lol. I have been out shopping, so Iam back...


Pre Surgery Qualification and class

A: Maggie, Are you having the minimal invasive anterior surgery? Ash Yes. that''s my understanding. You''re going to be shocked at how easy it is. It sounds as though you''ll have even less anesthesia (epidural & local) than I did (full), so you''re recovery will be even quicker. I went in early morning, woke up in the afternoon with a catheter and a morphine drip, liquid food IV, and a TV remote (what more could a girl want?) Day 2 they got me out of bed on a walker (with all my connections.) Day 3 they took away all my connections, and put me on oral meds. In the morning I was on a walker and successfully used the toilet with no problems. Shockingly easy to get up and down. (The muscles are really


The Definitive Guide to Gall Bladder Disease

A: Thanks for the great advice I surley will look into it!!!! I wish I had this info three and a half years ago.. dealing with the pain of the gallbladder.   Just reading this post gave me flashbacks to the stabbing pain that the gallbladder gave me.  I am much happier its gone! I definitely don''t regret getting mine out. Even though I have to take medicine for the bile diarrhea, I had bile diarrhea AND pain before, so this is a definite improvement. Hey, I just remembered today that I will have had my GB out 3 years the 17th of this month. I went on my first date with my fiance on a Saturday, had the gall bladder out the following Monday and went on my second date with him that Sunday, lol. That ought...


circulation after long bedrest

A: Sounds like you''re developing bed sores? There are special cushions you can buy that are supposed to prevent those and make you more comfortable when you have to rest in the same position for a long time. Hi, It sounds like what my dad had after his surgery and long bed rest. They called it a bed rash a type of bed sores. It sort of looked like prickly heat. Cold compresses and turning him was the treatment the hospital gave and some ointment. Have you asked your doctor? That''s a good place to start. Thank you so much


Hayfever at darkness - worse than ever?

A: I had alike problem and an allergy nurse told me to buy new pillows and to move my bed and vacuum lower than, around and on it (the headboard, mattress etc.) I was a bit sulky because my house isn''t dusty but she told me that at night your buttresses are low and smaller amounts of pollen or dust can trigger the hayfever. The new pillows worked! My eyes aren''t swollen shut contained by the mornings and I''m not sneezing and wheezing all hours of darkness!! The nurse told me that as soon as I start sneezing and coughing at night I should acquire new pillows! And it''s working for me! The sounds close to allergic rhinitis, and may be caused by your bed. If you own feather pillows, try shifting them


Sleep stress

A: Hello Newt, It seems that you have quite a bit going on with your body. I would encourage you to seek out a professional herbalist in your area to help you futher. I would encourage you to get a massage or go to a chiropractor who uses a drop table to check for issues with the spine. I would like to see you use some Bach flowers for any emotional healing that you might want to do.  You can find them pre-made called Distress remedy or rescue remedy but I would encourage you to find someone who can make up a specific combination of Bach flowers for you. To help you fall alseep I would take Herbal Sleep. I would also take a Chinese formual I use that works on the physical and...


Will I need help with basic functioning once I get home from surgery?

A: I didn''t need any help, I have a husband, but he didn''t have to do anythingfor me. You should be fine...wishing you a speedy recovery. (I had lapRNY). Depends on what kind of surgery. I had bypass/rny and only spent one nitein hospital. I needed help getting up out of bed for a while. Yourstomach muscles are very sore. Best of luck to you. I had lap RNY 26July10. My cousin stayed with me to help for the 1st weekbut I really didn''t need assistance. However, it was very nice to havesomeone cook my stage 2 soups for me so I could just focus on adjusting.There are some things I did that proved very useful. I made sure...


How can I tell if I pulled something inside?

A: I had a similar problem when I was about 3 weeks post-op. I was apparentlystretching in the middle of the night in bed and contracted my stomachmuscles too hard. I felt a sharp pain under my longest incision too (sameplace as yours - the one they stuck the staple gun through). Then it hurt(not bad, but pretty persistantly) for days and was very tender for over aweek. I saw the doctor. He said I probably just tore a little bit of thehealing muscle under there, but not enough to require him to fix it. Ifyou really did some damage, they told me you''d see something poking out ofyour side there at the incision - a hernia. If not, take it easy and itwill heal itself. You might want to call your doctor just to be sure,...


Trying to prepare for my physical tomorrow?

A: 13 Oct 2011 Hi redhdbk, Have you tried Nucynta yet? I''ve read good things about it on this site. Many people say it helps with pain associated with Fibro as well as fatigue. Your post is loaded with info and that is great, yet a lot for this Fibro sufferer to digest (on no sleep too!!) so give me some time to think about your situation. But for now, in my opinion, I might ask for a mild opiate med like hydrocodone for the pain. It MAY make you drowsy though and with your children that would not be a good choice, plus tis addictive as I''m sure you know. Yet if taken occasionally it can be helpful. I may catch some serious flack over that suggestion, but oh well... Expand this post... I am...

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