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Please Help Me! Its Important!?

A: get adjectives of the things you will need for the morning or night and put them by your bed. Stay contained by bed and don''t get out unless you own to go to the bathroom. Rest and drink lots of dampen and keep super reheat. If you start to feel sweaty, walk take a hot shower and follow near an epsom salt tub. Then, get pay for in bed. This is what I did freshly the other day to get hold of better from the same entity. I''m feeling fine immediately. Just STAY IN bed and keep verbs! honey and lemonHot tea. It soothes your throat and could also clear out a stuffy nose if you hold one.drink a lot of fluids but not...


THP: Post-surgery--things they don''t tell you!

A: Thanks for all the tips. I go in for THR next week and am trying to predict what I might need. You didn''t mention clothing though. Did you find certain articles of clothing more comfortable than others? Like pajama bottoms vs. nightgown? hi michamouse1: Any time I have been in a hospital I found it most comfortable to just use the hospital gowns. They will provide a robe if asked, I think, or give you two gowns, one to tie in front and the other tie in back for complete coverage. for getting up out of bed you won''t want PJ pants bottoms I think. If you are going into a rehab...


circulation after long bedrest

A: Sounds like you''re developing bed sores? There are special cushions you can buy that are supposed to prevent those and make you more comfortable when you have to rest in the same position for a long time. Hi, It sounds like what my dad had after his surgery and long bed rest. They called it a bed rash a type of bed sores. It sort of looked like prickly heat. Cold compresses and turning him was the treatment the hospital gave and some ointment. Have you asked your doctor? That''s a good place to start. Thank you so much


Is nearby a intuitive remedy to a cold/flu?

A: Actually, there are lots. My mom is route into natural remedies, and I win sick a lot, so I''ve used profusely of them. Drink lots and lots of water. Hot showers will also sustain your runny nose to drain. And you can buy little bottles of saline spray to squirt up your antenna, which will also help next to the congestion. Vitamin supplements that work well for dealing near cold/flu are vitamin C (definitely lots of vitamin C!!), garlic, echinacea, and goldenseal. You should be able to buy adjectives of these things in the pharmacy piece at your grocery store. There''s also this stuff from Canada called ColdFX which is different to the U.S. market. It''s made from some sort of derivative of ginseng, and it''s amazing. I''m not sure if you can find it everywhere,...


Help with a cold?

A: " Jasmine Green Tea, With Cinnamon Powder, Corriander Seeds, and a Crushed Almond in a tablespoon of cold water. ( add to the tea) " . Start drinking Chinese Green Tea regularly and you will NEVER ever have a cold again. Guaranteed. I have done it myself and have not had one for 9 years. Google "Chinese Green Tea" and you will be convinced. Besides it is natural, inexpensive and readily available everywhere. Honey & lemon juice hey have warm water with tea and drop some lemon juice and have some honey as well. It is good for Ur throat. Then later u can have a warm soup before u go to bed. Oh what ever u do don''t drink cold water from the...


How can I tell if I pulled something inside?

A: I had a similar problem when I was about 3 weeks post-op. I was apparentlystretching in the middle of the night in bed and contracted my stomachmuscles too hard. I felt a sharp pain under my longest incision too (sameplace as yours - the one they stuck the staple gun through). Then it hurt(not bad, but pretty persistantly) for days and was very tender for over aweek. I saw the doctor. He said I probably just tore a little bit of thehealing muscle under there, but not enough to require him to fix it. Ifyou really did some damage, they told me you''d see something poking out ofyour side there at the incision - a hernia. If not, take it easy and itwill heal itself. You might want to call your doctor just to be sure,...


help im out of ideas,.

A: Hi hun,  sounds like our 2 year old! lol.  I have to ask, what''s changed in your life recently?  Even a seemingly insignificant event can trigger this behaviour. Is it possible she has sore ears?  Doesn''t need to be a fever or other symptoms present for the ears to be sore/infected (I know, mine have been blocked for over 6 months). One other thing, try not to stress about it!!!! The more you stress, the more she does and so on and so on and so on.  if you have to, put her in her bed and shut the door.  Hopefully, she will stop pretty quickly.  Make sure you have some interesting toys in there with her,...


Shoes with support, comfort

A: Hello Janet First, the bad news; shoes will not solve your problem. Here is why; I work outdoors, in construction. I wear steel toed work boots. You could not buy a worse shoe for DISCOMforT. I was in a lot of foot pain, ankle swelling, and my legs had cramps so bad at night, it felt like knives were sticking into them. That was 17 years ago. I am now age 53; still working outdoors (the foot inserts don"t work either; they do not stay put; they keep climbing up into the toe area of the shoe, causing pressure and pain on the toes). I work 8-14 hours a day and have NO feet pain. Here is what was happening to me, probably the same thing is happening to you; As I got older, my muscles were getting weaker. I...

Is there a natural remedy to a cold/flu?

A: if you experience frequent cold,headache,feverish,congested or running nose problems, then it may not be neglected as common cold or seasonal viral-flu. you have to consult a ENT specialist. cold anr upper RTI are caused by less immunization of body and in environment full of dust, less esinophils,lymphocites count of blood,physicians usually Cod Liver Oil capsules ,anti-oxident vitamins and other anti-allergic,anti-hystamin drugs for prevention of those but body immunization is the main issue., 1. Load up on vitamin C. 2. Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. 3. Just stay in bed and rest. It sounds like one of my sinus infections and it usually takes antibiotics to cure. If you want some relief from the symptoms, you could try...


Coldsore help pleaseeee?!!!?

A: talk to local pharmacy or vist a dermatologist Go to your doctor, they can prescribe you some cream that makes it dissapear very quickly I agree with tata2257, abreva is the best! If you have problems with cold sores its best to treat the area before it becomes full blown....it will have symtoms like a tingling feeling, soreness, maybe a little burning, and they usually pop up in the same place, so thats a dead give away to go ahead and start putting the abreva on! I always get mine right next to my lip on the left side and I was always miserable and felt ugly for the next week! My girlfriend has herpes (the sexually transmitted kind) and she actually uses abreva for...

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