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What happens after you take the abortion pill? answers (209)

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what happens after you take the abortion Pill ?

A: Do you mean the day after pill...........because it has to be with in 72 hours of taking it or you will have a deformed baby but after you take it it pretty much just kill the egg and thats it...


the abortion pill

A: Hi, kayleigh, your brother has NO RIGHT to expect his girlfriend to use the abortion pill. It can KILL her. the manufacturer specifically says it is NOT to be used by pregnant women. your brother has a duty to protect his girlfriend. there are several ways this can kill. One way is by causing toxic shock syndrome. That kills within hours, usually before emergency room personnel can even diagnose the problem. It can cause the uterus to have such violent contractions that it will rupture. It can cause a woman to bleed to death. Depending on...

what happens if you continue to take anticonceptive pills after becoming pregnant?

A: you need to talk to your doctor. Taking anti contraceptives while being pregnant is so dangerous for the child. See if there''s any harm to the baby, if not, it''s a lucky break. yes, there is an increased rate of birth defects, and there is a higher chance for miscarriage A lot of women unknowingly get pregnant while on birth control, and continue to take it. Just like taking the morning after pill will not abort a baby if it''s already implanting…birth control won''t cause a miscarriage. I am not sure on the...


Pain and medical abortion, the abortion pill, RU486

A: Dear Jem, you made a good choice to try the abortion pill at this stage of pregnancy. If you are only 5 weeks pregnant, you have a very good chance of haing a positive experience with the abortion pill, or RU486.  the abortion pill is very unpredictable, but generally if you are under 7 weeks pregnant, you tend to have fewer problems with pain, nausea, and bleeding. the best way to control the pain during a medical abortion is: 1)

How frequent can I take the pills? is it ok within 2 months that I can re take the pills?

A: 21 Sep 2011 I have not heard of a reason you cant use them again. these pills are not intended as a form of birth control however. Did they not counsel you about birth control after the last terminated pregnancy? If you dont want to be pregnant then you either need to quit having sex or you MUST use some form of birth control!! Condoms are cheap and easily available and birth control pills can be had in most county clinics for either free or a very low cost.


bleeding after abortion pills

A: Dear Mary, It is common and normal to have bleeding that stops for weeks, and then starts again after taking the abortion Pills.  Blood flow that is like a period is normal.  Blood that is red like a period, or brown, like discharge is normal. Sometimes the blood flow can be much heavier, and have clots.  This is also normal. the bleeding can happen daily, or it can stop and start.   Irregular bleeding from the abortion Pills can go on for weeks to months.  the average length of irregular bleeding is 6 weeks.  This kind of bleeding is...

Pregnancy & abortion Pill

A: Hi, Jan, It is possible that the discharge and some other symptoms could be caused by an STD. you should have it checked out. you indicated the messing around you did was in August. Correct? Given that the pregnancy test you took today was negative, it is unlikely you are pregnant. If you were, you"d be about 6 weeks pregnant. But the only way you are going to get to the bottom of this is to see a doctor. Please do let me know

medical abortion failed, incomplete abortion, aspiration procedure, abortion pill, cytotec

A: Dear Marilyn, you have excellent questions. I am always impressed with women who do their research when they need to get an abortion.  Most women do not know all of their options in the area of early abortion. Here are my thoughts on your questions: 1) No - measuring the thickness of the endometrium DOES NOT correlate with retained products or incomplete abortion.  the only reason to do an aspiration abortion procedure after a...

Still pregant after abortion pill

A: No, your actions would not cause the *abortion not to work, but they do put you at greater risk for infections of th cervix and uterus, which could be a very serious matter in itself. It"s even more urgent for you to see a doctor immediately, and tell him/her that you used tampons and also that water may have gotten into your vagina when your cervix wasn"t fully closed (happens when you swim or take baths). See, ANYTHING you put in your vagina...

bleeding, cramping, continuing pregnancy after abortion pill

A: Dear Lian, Thank you for your question about bleeding and cramping and possibility of continuing pregnancy after the abortion pill. you should definitely see a doctor, to make sure that the pregnancy didn"t continue. the failure rate for the abortion pill is 2-5%. you should not wait until the pregnancy hormones decline - it can take up to 1-2 months to have a negative pregnancy test after the
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