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What happens when you eat too much salt? answers (634)

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what happens when you eat too much salt?

A: can raise your blood pressure, which increases the risk of serious conditions such as stroke and heart disease. also your stomach can eat its self....


what happens when you eat a lot of salt?

A: eating a lot of salt is really bad for the diet. It increases, obesity, heart failure, heart attacks and many other health problems. It is best to see how much your daily intake is of salt and then tell your doctor how much you eat. your doctor will then tell you if your daily intake is good or bad depending on your weight, height and age. However too much salt is really bad and if you think you are


what would happen if i eat too much salty foods?

A: you''d get hypertension (high blood pressure) raises your blood pressure mostly which with other factors age , overweight, etc. can lead to many other problems, i believe anyone can kick the salt habit, i did , i very seldom crave extra salt, and dont even use salt substitute any more....good luck with kicking the habit Salt can cause you to retain water. you need to consume salt to maintain good health but too much can cause your body to hold water and you get swollen feet, ankles, and legs. Excess salt CAN cause hypertension as well as fluid retention. A normal diet should include about...


Can someone please explain to me EXACTLY what happens when you get dehydrated?

A: Symptoms of Dehydration:<p>1st: Thirst, irritability, fatigue, weakness, apathy, emotionalinstability (cranky), chills, clammy skin, nausea, throbbing heart beat,loss of appetite, low blood pressure. <p>2nd: Headache, cramps (leg cramps, hands, etc.), shortness of breath,dizziness, confusion, tremors, tingling in arms, hands, and feet, irritatedeyes, fainting<p>3rd: Visual problems, hallucinations, deafness, swollen tongue, kidneyfailure<p>Pinch your skin..if it stays put or slowly goes back into shape you maybe dehydrated.. I had a problem with severe legs cramps (charlie horses,shin splints etc.) when I became dehydrated post-op, once I...


Hands swelling ate too much salt ache

A: I don''t understand! what do you mean by too much salt ache? Are you eating too much salt? But I don''t think that eating too much salt will make your hands bloat up. As far as I know bloating of the hands happen when the blood supple to hand is cut off. This sometimes happens when you are sleeping and your hand gets caught under


what happens when your thyroid status is checked and they discover that it is under-active?

A: Underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) Published by BUPA''s Health Information Team February 2004 Hypothyroidism occurs when the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormones. This tends to slow down the body''s functions. Symptoms include tiredness, constipation and sensitivity to the cold. Approximately 1 in 50 women and 1 in 1000 men will develop symptoms of hypothyroidism at some stage in their lives. Once diagnosed, treatment is usually straightforward. The thyroid gland The thyroid gland is found in the neck. It lies in front of the wind-pipe (trachea), above the level of the collar-bones and measures approximately 2 by 4 cm. It secretes hormones, which are chemicals produced by the body to help regulate how cells, and the...


can eating too much junk food and drinking too much soda give you diabetes? and i''m normal weight 155lbs and 5''8''

A: The short answer would be yes. But to give you a bit more explanation -- family history and being overweight *may* be factors in getting diabetes, too, as is your diet. you might be exercising regularly, but if your sweet/fatty food intake is more than the times you are keeping fit then maybe it''s the time to change your diet. Of course, you can''t force yourself to immediately change what you eat completely, but I urge you to make this a practice at home, with


Can you get too much water?

A: My surgeon said you can NEVER get too much water. Maybe you should callyour surgeon and ask?? 7 days post-op! Good luck in your weight lossjourney. Yes, too much water can throw off your electrolyte balance. you''re gettingin almost 200 ozs of fluid per day. I''d call my surgeon before I continuedwith that:) Did a little reading...one page says that any extra water you drink ispassed out of your body as urine. That''s from a dietician. The followingis long but informative:)July, 2002By Judy...


what happens and how does it feel to get both your bottom wisdom teeth pulled out? how long does it hurt for?

A: i got novacaine shots they just took em out i didnt even feel it. then they gave me vicodin and it hurt for 4 days I have had them removed of the age of only 16 and it was an actual surgery and they gave me a local . I didn''t have them removed at once but one by one. I will not lie to you it did hurt a lot after, for about a week and my face was swell up too. I went through quiet a lot of Tylenol. But I believe that everyone reacts different to certain things and some people''s pain tolerance is also higher than others. Also some doctors and methods are better than others too.And afterall my surgery is now 12 years ago and i am sure they have better and more modern ways nowadays on such...


Can drinking too much Coke harm your body in any way?

A: I drink abut 2 litres a day. I am sure it''s bad for me but I like it and I don''t want to give it up. Of course it damages the body especially the colorant and the carbonic gas that causes bone decalcification coke harms your body by to much sugar you feel tired because you are use to the ammount of sugar in the coke but if you drink water as much as you drink coke you will feel refreshed i am not saying dont drink coke but water must me drank more if you throw coke on a battery it will eat up the acid no you have...

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