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What home remedy is used to flush out your kidney? answers (68)

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what home remedy is used to flush out your kidney?

A: your question is somewhat odd. I assume there was either a typographical error or the question was truncated somehow. It seems what you really meant was what home remedy is used to flush out your kidney stones. Kidney stones are hard rock-like deposits that are formed in the kidney when the chemicals present in urine become concentrated and start crystallizing. Most kidney stones are calcium...

what home remedy is best or urinary infection?

A: All of these answers are good ones, but if there is bacteria present, such as E.Coli- you will need an antibiotic. You don`t want it spreading the kidneys which it can do if left untreated.. Most of the time your own doctor will allow you to bring in a urine sample for testing without having do an office visit.. Cranberry juice can help to flush out the infection along with anti-biotics. Also, if you are prone to getting urine infections, taking cranberry juice on a regualr basis also helps


what home remedies will help me pass a drug test?

A: A: dring lots of water for one, another buy some coconut water is sold in cans now in days, cranberry juices, and any I mean any green tea combinie ( NOT toGETHER BUT SEPEARLY NO ORDER NEEDED JUST DRINK AS YOU ACCORDINGLY DECIDE MAKE SURE YOU DRINK ALL 4 SOLUTIONS STADED HERE ) all this, and I hope that anyone try this, a few days boyfriend at least, taking the test and this works for heavy non heavy smokers one thing is for sure you will pee like a freaking horse but the more the best you want to let all those fat cells were the thc is store


I have been on your site and read a lot of reviews regarding home remedy for kidney stones using olive oil and lemon juice but cannot get back into it, is this effective.

A: Kidney Stone Natural Treatment          Olive oil with lemon juice has apparently worked wonders for a number of people who have tried it after using conventional methods. If you seem queasy to try it out there are many other methods amongst natural remedies as alternatives to help ease kidney stones and provide you relief. Drink plenty of herbal tea and warm water many times during the day as this is known to flush out excessive build up of calcium from your kidneys. Unlike

what kind of home remedy would be used to fight an UTI infection?

A: Urinary tract infection home cures A urinary tract infection or UTI is an infection that affects the urinary tract. UTis are always bacterial infections. Urine generally does not have any bacteria in it, and only contains a number of salts, fluids and waste products. In the case of bacterial infection, bacteria enters into the bladder or kidney, where it multiplies rapidly in the urine, causing a urinary infection. Cystilis, which is the most common of all urinary infections affects the bladder, while pyelonephritis affects the kidneys. Pyelonephritis is one of the...

what is the best home remedy for a blocked nose?

A: Steam inhalation with a small amount of Vicks vaporub put in the hot water jar.. Saline spray is good, so is Afrin. Then lie down for a while with your blocked nostril up -- i.e., say your left nostril is blocked, lie with your right ear on the pillow. Strangely (or maybe nature meant it to be that way), this somethimes help clear the nostril just due to the angle the nasal passage is formed at and the position in which you''re lying. Lots of mosture. A long HOT bath/shower, humidifier, maybe a rub of VICKS. Don''t rush it, and don''t blow hard...


what is the best natural thing to take to speed up your metabolism?

A: Remedies to boost metabolism  It is very important to increase the rate of metabolism in the body in order to increase the rate at which calories are burnt in the body and to avoid storage of excess fat. Since most people don't ever require this stored fat, it leads to excess weight which people struggle to lose. A person's metabolism is based on several factors such as age, weight, hormonal changes, diet,...

what can I do for a UTI infection from home? I am away from home and not able to see a doctor for 7 days is there something I can do now?

A: Urinary tract infections or UTI are an infection that occurs in any area of the urinary tract due to the action of bacteria. Once the bacteria enter the bladder it infects the urine and begins to spread. The bacteria can also spread upwards to the kidneys and cause infection there. Bacteria are usually present near the anus and the groin area, and can enter the urinary tract through the urethra. UTI generally develops more commonly in women. This could be because the urethra is much shorter in females. Improper functioning of the urinary tract could also make a person prone to developing urinary tract infections. Infections commonly result...


what's the best home remedy for colds and sore throats?

A: Sore throat is usually due to a viral infection. Gargling with warm salty water or Mouthwash can reduce the pain and inconvenience. More details and home remedies available at http://ailments.in/sorethroat.html I rasied 4 children and my mother raised me and my sister on Vick''s. At night, Rub it on your chest and throat, and keep warm. Don''t smell all that great but it works, and is inexpensive. time Take 20 black pepper seeds just crack them do not powder add this to 30 ml of water and boil it till it becomes 20 ml and then filter the...


what is a good home remedy for bronchitis?

A: Bronchitis Definition: Bronchitis is the inflammation of the bronchial tubes. Symptoms: An acute or chronic inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bronchial tubes. Cause: This is a condition from improper diet and results in bowel problems. Relieving the effects of the condition will not heal it. Bronchitis usually develops from a cold which settles in the lungs and develops into a chronic condition if not healed, eventually going into consumption or tuberculosis. Herbal Aids 1. Comfrey and Aalmond are Specifics for Bronchit

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