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what is a cellulitis?

A: Cellutis: A Bacterial Infection, Its Symptoms and Treatments Cellulitis is a skin disorder that affects the connective tissue that lies directly beneath the skin. The disorder is generally caused by an infection of the bacteria that enters into the human body through a break or cut in the skin that was caused due to a burn, insect bite, a surgical wound etc. This break or cut does not have to even be visible. The bacteria are generally the normal bacteria that reside in the skin or by bacteria that is alien or exogenous. The most effective...

what is Toe Cellulitis?

A: Toe cellulitis, or cellulitis of the foot, is a bacterial infection of the tissues just below the skin. Infected parts of the toe can include skin membranes, muscles, or connective tissues. Most cases of cellulitis are caused by streptococcus or staphylococcus bacteria, commonly known as strep or staph, but it can be caused by many different bacterium types. Healthy, intact skin usually prevents bacteria from entering the body. Any break in the skin, such as small cuts, surgical wounds, and insect or animal bites, can allow bacteria to enter skin tissues and potentially cause infection.. Symptoms of toe cellulit


what is Orbital Cellulitis?

A: Orbital cellulitis is an infection of the eye and the orbit, the underlying structure in the eye socket which supports the eye. A closely related conditions, periorbital cellulitis, involves the tissue around the eye, including the eyelid. Both conditions are considered urgent emergencies which require prompt medical attention to avoid potential complications. Left untreated, orbital cellulitis can contribute to the development of several conditions, including meningitis, which can be deadly. This condition is caused by an infection in or around the eye with a bacterium such as Staph. Trauma...

what is Breast Cellulitis?

A: Breast cellulitis is an infection in the layers of skin covering the breast. It is typically painful and can appear red and swollen. Left untreated, there is a potential for serious complications, like widespread tissue death in the breast and a spread of infection to other areas of the body. People with breast cellulitis will be given antibiotics to kill the organisms and may in some cases need surgery to remove dead and severely infected tissue.. People can develop breast cellulitis for a variety of reasons. A break in the skin caused by an insect bite, surgery, or...


what is Acute Cellulitis?

A: Acute cellulitis is a type of skin infection which progresses rapidly. As it is an acute condition, the symptoms may appear suddenly and severely, but will generally subside after proper treatment. In most cases, acute cellulitis is caused by certain types of bacteria. Symptoms of this condition may include tenderness, pain, swelling and skin redness. The treatment will generally include antibiotics.. Bacteria is the most typical cause of acute cellulitis. Staphylococcus and often streptococcus are the two most prominent types of bacteria that usually cause this skin...


what is a staph infection?

A: A staph infection is caused by bacteria (staphylococcus). About 25% of all humans have naturally occurring staph bacteria in their mouths, noses, genitals or feet. This bacteria doesn’t pose a problem unless the person carrying it suffers a small cut. . Once the bacteria gets inside the skin, the staph infection begins. A staph infection can be as minor as a boil or as serious as antibiotic-resistant or flesh-eating infections. How deep the wound and how fast the infection spreads determines the severity of the infection. In North America, because of the overuse of antibiotics, antibiotic-resistant infections are more common. One of the most common staph infections


what is a natural remedy of MRSA?

A: MRSA refers to a bacterium with the name of methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus. These bacteria are known to cause infections of the skin and also some other infections. These infections are commonly called as staph infections. This bacterium is resistant to a lot of different antibiotics such as penicillin, oxacillin, amoxicillin, tetracycline and others. The MRSA bacterium is also called as a superbug because of its ability to resist a wide range of antibiotics, thus making it difficult to be removed. The MRSA bacteria can be found all over the world. Certain signs and symptoms can be seen if a person is...


what is a Primary Infection?

A: Primary infection has two meanings and can relate either to the first signs that a person/living thing has become infected or to a hierarchy of infections that begin with a single illness. In the second definition, a person with a virus like a cold could get a bacterial infection in the chest such as bronchitis. These could be labeled primary and secondary infections both arising from the original cold. On the other hand, primary infection resulting from first contact with a viral or bacterial source might mean the first noted signs of that infection. These are often identified as specific symptoms.. The first symptoms of an illness or a primary infection are often identified in diseases that continue to live in the...


what is staff infection?

A: Staph Infections Staph (pronounced "staff") is medical quick speak for staphylococcus aureus bacteria. This annoying little bacterium is very common (many people have some living on their skin all the time), but when it enters the human body, usually through an open cut or break in the skin, it can cause infection and trouble anywhere in the body. Staph infections tend to be pus producing. Common minor (or relatively minor) skin infections caused by staph include: Folliculitis Infections of hair follicles that cause itchy white pus-filled bumps on the skin (often where people shave or have irritations from skin rubbing against clothes) Boils Infections deeper within hair follicles...


what is Cellulitis?

A: Cellulitis is an inflammation and infection of the deeper layers of the skin. It is caused by bacteria breaking through a break in the surface of the skin and then invading the deeper tissue. It is a skin disease caused by foreign bodies entering and infecting the skin. The infection mostly enters through cuts or bruises that are already present in the body. So these areas should be kept clean. Cellulitis can occur in the mouth, eye socket or in the legs. The skin can be painful, warm and red when affected with cellulitis. Cellulitis

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