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what is a Cold Low Level Laser?

A: The most accepted uses for cold lasers are damaged tissue healing, neuropathys, inflammation reduction and pain reduction treatment. In addition to these treatments, Cold Lasers are used for dental surgery, hair growth, stop-smoking therapy and many other applications. In this health video you will learn what a cold low level laser is and how it is used. Powered by 5min...


what is a Cold Burn?

A: Cold burns are burns that take place as the result of skin coming in contact with an object that is extremely cold. The cold is sufficient to cause damage to the skin and the underlying tissue, leaving the area with blisters or tissue damage that may or may not be reparable. Frostbite is one example of an extreme case of cold burn. In order to sustain a cold burn, it is necessary for the skin to be exposed to some type of extreme cold. For example, a bare hand that comes into prolonged contact with ice and snow will begin to experience decreased circulation as the natural body heat transfers from the hand to the ice....

what is a Cold Abscess?

A: A cold abscess is a specific type of abscess that forms without the heat or inflammation characteristically associated with standard abscesses. One usually forms gradually over time, which results in less irritation or inflammation. Pain generally only occurs when pressure is applied. These swellings can be chronic, persisting after initial growth with no sign of either healing or worsening. Abscesses are caused by infection at the site of the swelling, and cold abscesses are usually associated with tuberculosis bacterial infections.. When a cold abscess forms, the infected area fills with pus which can harden over time. Abscesses can range in size, from the size of...


what is A cold?

A: what we usually call as cold in the medical term, is meant by the condition marked by weak symptoms of an infectious disease, most often caused by some rhino viruses, or some other viruses, which cause flu-like symptoms, but with easier symptoms. Mildly raised temperature, nose running, weak headaches, muscle pains, and sometimes cough, those are the symptoms of cold. The common cold is a viral infection of the upper respiratory system. It resolves approximately 7 to 10 days. There is no cure for the common cold. Symptoms that may present are sneezing, runny nose, and nasal congestion and usually presents with little or no fever. A cold


what is a cold soar and how do you get one?

A: what? There must be some mistake! But chances are you -- like an estimated 90% of the population -- have some form of herpes. Stop wondering where it came from and learn how to live with it. By Duane Swierczynski WebMD Feature from "Men''s Health"Reviewed by Ngozi A. Osondu, MDSARS. West Nile. Ebola. These are the "A-list" viruses. If one of them decides to star in a major outbreak, Ashleigh Banfield will be there in a pink biohazard suit to report on the big event. Scary stuff. Then there''s herpes. It goes about its business of infecting the human race with little or no fanfare, mainly because it isn''t the serial killer that the other viruses are. But


what is a cold sore a form of?

A: i use valtrex. If I start to feel the tingle on my lip, I pop 2 grams then redose in another 12 hrs. It keep them from coming for me. Denevir is topical- it works well too. its nothing my sister gets them all the time and its nothing...don''t even worry about it but if ur really concerned, go see ur doctor. It is from HSV 1 usually. However, now adays you can never be sure if it is Type 1 or 2 so you should have the blood test done to determine which type it is. The importance of knowing the difference in Type 1 there will usually be 1 breakout a year but if it is Type 2, there is possibility of up to 10 or more...


what is a cold sore on my tongue mean?

A: Try gargling with hydrogen peroxide. Watch your stress level, sleep 8 hours and reduce eating spicy foods....

what is a cold chain?

A: The term ''cold chain'' describes the techniques and procedures used to ensure that heat-sensitive biological products such as vaccines, sera, and antibiotics do not deteriorate in transit ......


what is a cold sore?

A: Cold sores are caused by the herpes virus (similar to, but typically not the same virus that causes genital herpes, although you can get genital herpes on your face or mouth herpes on your genitals if you engage in oral sex). They are painful, pus-filled sores that usually erupt around your mouth. Infected individuals typically experience cold sore when their immune system is run down (hence they may appear at the same time that you get a cold) and their body is unable to control the virus....


what is a cold pack used for?

A: Answer In terms of first aid, a cold pack is used to prevent swelling. It''s especially useful on sprained muscles, and is sometimes used on tooth aches. On long term injuries, it is often alternated with hot packs. Answer sprains and pulls of the muscle and joints...

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