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what is this sleep disorder?

A: http://www.medhelp.org/forums/neuro/archive/2409.html I used to get the same symptom that you describe. I have never found the cause. I did later get diagnosed with sleep apnea which is a condition where your airway relaxes and closes when you fall into deep sleep. That being said, I do not know if the sudden waking, shock like symptom was tied to my sleep apnea or not. You should talk to your doctor and possibly have a sleep study done to evaluate your sleep and look for sleep disorders. Best of luck to you! It seems serious. Visit your doctor. Sleep Paralysis. Don''t panic U''ll make it worse. Go get URself checked-out by a Doc/MD C if there mayB an underlying medical problem. That''s a...


what is REM Sleep Disorder?

A: Most individuals experience a deep state of sleep, known as rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, in which dreams occur, the eyes move quickly, and brain activity temporarily paralyzes voluntary muscles. The brains of people who suffer from REM sleep disorder do not effectively signal the nightly paralysis of muscles, often resulting in spasms, thrashing of the legs and arms, and even acting out vivid dreams. Individuals pose a risk to themselves and others due to their violent movements, and many afflicted people experience physical symptoms from not getting enough rest. Doctors can help people with REM sleep disorder by carefully monitoring their symptoms and prescribing medication to help them...

what is this sleeping disorder?

A: Just wondering, how do you know your still not just asleep dreaming? I''m psychically awake. I can get up and walk around. Overactive ESP? Maybe you''re having the kind of dreams Hertaru is always asking about. Sounds like lucid dreaming to me. Can you decide that you will fly & then go ahead and fly in these dreams? I do, do a lot of lucid dreaming, not always by choice. but if I''m think about something a lot I will do it. Like one time I was getting my new computer delivered and had a dream about that, That works for negative as well. BUT that is not what I''m talking about here. The thing is my question is really unpleasant. I will feel STUCK in my awake dream...


what is a Sleep Lab?

A: A sleep lab or sleep clinic is a facility which has been designed for the purpose of studying sleep disorders. Because the study of such disorders requires getting people to go to sleep, a sleep lab is designed to be a comfortable place to sleep in addition to being a scientific facility. Sleep labs are often attached to major universities and hospitals, although in some cases they are entirely separate entities. People enter a sleep lab when they participate in a sleep study. There are two reasons to participate in a sleep study: to diagnose specific conditions, or to contribute to general advancements in the field of sleep research. In the instance of a specific condition, a patient will...

what is a Sleep Study?

A: A sleep study is a period of scientific observation which is designed to provide insight into sleeping patterns. Someone with a suspected sleep disorder may be asked to take part in a sleep study to diagnose the condition and make a start at treatment, and sleep studies are also used more generally to learn about how people sleep, and how changes in sleep patterns affect mental and physical health. Often, a sleep study takes place in a sleep lab, a facility which has been built specifically for sleep studies. In a general sleep study, a variety of tests may be performed on subjects. Subjects may wear special equipment to bed, for example, to monitor things like brain and heart activity, and...

what is a Sleep Apnea Mask?

A: A sleep apnea mask is a plastic face mask that covers the nose and sometimes the mouth. The mask is connected to tubing which is inserted into a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine. The CPAP machine releases pressurized air, which will travel through the tubing and out of the sleep apnea mask. The mask and CPAP machine help to control sleep apnea, a disorder diagnosed by a physician. Sleep apnea is a disorder where the person will breathe slowly or stop breathing for short periods of time during the night. It is diagnosed after an overnight sleep study is done by a doctor....


what is a Sleep Apnea Study?

A: A sleep apnea study is a test that helps to determine whether a person has sleep apnea. This is a condition that may be caused by several different factors and that results in brief periods of breathing cessation during sleep. It can be mild or very dangerous especially to children and infants. In all cases it interrupts natural sleep patterns, which may affect health in numerous ways. Should sleep apnea be suspected, doctors may ask patients to undergo a study to confirm diagnosis. Typically, what is meant by sleep apnea study is polysomnography or a polysomnogram. This

what is a Sleep Apnea Monitor?

A: A sleep apnea monitor is a device designed to identify episodes of apnea, where a person stops breathing during sleep. Medical equipment for monitoring and measuring apnea is used in settings like sleep clinics where people go for diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. Monitors are also available as home apnea accessories and can be used in the diagnosis and management of apnea. These devices are made by numerous medical supply companies and there are a number of models, along with a range of available features and accessories. Sleep apnea often goes unidentified until someone happens to notice that a person appears to stop breathing...


what is REM Behavior Disorder?

A: REM behavior disorder (RBD) is a sleep disorder, or parasomnia, that occurs during REM sleep. A person with RBD will act out his or her dreams, often in a violent physical manner, and this can include loud shouting or grunting. There is no known cause for REM behavior disorder, which was first described in 1986. Sleep has two main phases, which are NREM sleep and REM sleep. NREM sleep, or non-rapid eye movement sleep, has four stages and each stage has its own unique characteristics. REM sleep involves several physiological changes including increased brain activity, eye movement, accelerated...

what is central sleep apnea?

A: Central sleep apnea is a sleep disorder. During sleep, breathing stops many times for ten seconds or longer. This may cause snoring, snorting, gasping, or choking during sleep. The frequent interruptions caused by sleep apnea may lead to an unsatisfying night''s sleep....

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