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  Patient presents today with a chief complaint of radiating pain down theposterior aspect of the right upper extremity.There is evidence of Dysesthesia,Motor Deficit, and Areflexia. There is evidence of Nerve Entrapment exacerbatedbyCervical Extension, R

A: Hi,You may be having a nerve compression at the cervical (neck) level, most probably due to cervical spondylosis.The nerve compression could be due to an osteophyte, growth or a disc. This could be causing the symptoms andsigns mentioned. A neurological examination by your primary care physician may confirm this. He may then askfor blood test, an x ray and if needed an MRI to find out what is causing the compression. This is usuallytreated...


what Are Bouchard`s Nodes?

A: Bouchard`s nodes are growths of bone, cartilage or gelatinous cysts that enlarge and distort the proximal interphalangeal, or middle, joints of fingers or toes. These nodes give the joint a swollen appearance, with a considerably wider circumference than the rest of the digit and are an early sign of osteoarthritis. They take their name from Dr. Charles-Joseph Bouchard, a French pathologist of the late 19th century who studied arthritis extensively. Like the Heberdenís nodes that affect the smallest joints at the ends of the fingers


Newbie who is frustrated (sorry its long)

A: sorry you don''t feel well. it is common for doctors to think your pain is left over from prior problems, because for some people their pain never completely goes away, although it can get better over time, it can also stay pretty strong depending on what damage there was. If you have general degenerative problems, it is reasonable to expect you will alwas have some pain. If you are taking care of yourself and not doing activities that are aggravating your condition, you can expect some improvement as the months roll by. If you are not getting some improvement and...


ACDF C5/6 C6/7 what should expect?

A: Hi Jamie, Im from PA aslo, and i will be having a ACDF of my C-5, C-6 in the near future, my neurosergeon told me i will stay in the hospital one night. He said possible about wearing the collar, but not in all cases. I am having mine done at Geisinger Wyoming Valley, Where are you having your''s done at? Estella I had a C5-C7 ACDF in 2006. I did have an Aspen Brace for 6 weeks. Some doctors feel that a brace is not needed but my surgeon uses them just for extra support. I was so glad I had it as it prevented me from moving the wrong way. So perhaps go buy yourself a soft brace like you can get in major pharmacy chains and...


is There A Normal Again?

A: First let me say Im so sorry you are suffering so. Your post brought back memories. Even though meds are only a bandaide & speaking for myself I strongly dislike taking them, they allow me some kind of life. You are on very weak meds for spinal problems. I dont see any mention of pain management. If your not in PM get a good pain management doctor. A good one will treat the pain & keep looking for causes & long term solutions if there are any. They can give you some life back. If you are in PM get a new one. I went a couple yrs. without one & felt exactly as you do now, it was a nightmare & no life. I was left...


I(37/male) had an x-ray and...

A: Dear Gilbert Julio, Thank you for your question about your pain and your X-ray findings.  Your question is similar to ones I have heard from others who are investigating chiropractic.  Unfortunately, though, it is based on some common misconceptions, so, in order to answer it properly, I"ll first need to give you some background on anatomy and physiology and how they relate to the chiropractic profession.   There are two branches or schools of thought in chiropractic.  Briefly, they are differentiated by whether they...


what Causes Osteophytes?

A: Osteophytes are also known as bone spurs. The main cause of it to happen is lack of movement or lack of movement of joints. The joints do not move much which causes pain and makes them weak as time goes by. It is very important to move around rather than just parking yourself at one place. This usually happens when you are nearing an old age. Old people suffer from this problem a lot. Osteophytes cause back pain and much serious disease known as arthritis. It is also very import


Why is everyone ignoring my symptoms?

A: Hi Joanne, Thanks so much for your questions. Sorry to here that you are in so much pain. Believe me, I can certainly sympathize with your situation. It really angers me that some doctors will show a lack of understanding or sympathy for a patient"s condition just because they can"t make some kind diagnosis or offer a treatment. and a few doctors are coming forward, saying that patients are undermedicated when it comes to pain. Right now, I would suggest to you to seek a 2nd opinion ASAP and any reputable doctors would welcome that. ...


I have high blood pleasure it is safe to take cymbalta.?

A: 23 Oct 2011 Hello germania. I''d have to say yes it is. But I''m not a doctor so you might to ask your doctor or pharmacist to confirm or ask thier opinion. Best wishes to you. Votes:+0CommentVote upReport LaurieShay23 Oct 2011 Hey germania, It is possible for Cymbalta to increase blood pressure. It should be monitored when starting this medication until you see how you respond. Your doctor is the best to advise how to handle this. The literature points out the following: Cardiovascular Cardiovascular side effects have...


posterior disc osteophyte impinging on cord

A: Do not mess around with your spinal cord. I had a bulge posterior at levels C4/5 and then after a minor rear end accident within days I hurt and was back at the doctor and now I had a anterior bulge moderately impinging my spinal cord. Unfortunately workman''s comp drug their feet. It took 18 months to get the fusion at C5/6. I have permanent damage to the nerves. It wasn''t a year that I had a failed laminectomy at C6/7 and had to have that fused and again had to wait wait wait. Now I have FMS and Chronic Pain Syndrome. If your doc says he thinks you need surgery then...

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