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what is Antibody-Dependent Enhancement?

A: When a potentially harmful substance, such as a virus or bacterium, enters the body, cells in the immune system produce antibodies. Antibodies are proteins which attach to specific harmful invaders, or antigens, neutralizing them and preventing infection. The next time a specific threat enters the body, the immune system remembers it and antibodies are produced much more rapidly to deal with it. In the case of some diseases which recur, such as dengue fever, antibodies attach to the dengue virus but fail to neutralize it. Instead, they actually make the virus more able to enter cells and infect them, and this is known as antibody-dependent enhancement.. Antibody-dependent enhancement can make d


what is Hypogammaglobulinemia?

A: Hypogammaglobulinemia is a disorder in which the bodyís immune system does not make antibodies, or makes a reduced amount of antibodies. Hypogammaglobulinemia has a variety of causes. The most common cause is a primary immune deficiency, usually the result of a genetic mutation which prevents the immune system from making antibodies. In a healthy immune system, cells called B lymphocytes make antibodies in response to bacterial and viral infection. Antibodies have a variety of roles, the most important of which is to destroy invading microorganisms. This is achieved through a process called opsonization, in which...

what is AIDS How to infect?

A: Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome is a dreadful disease. Yet to find the cure for the disease. Awareness is the way to protect the people from the dreadful disease. A SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED SERIOUS DisEASE 3 ways: unprotected sex, through blood and mother to child Acquired immunde deficency syndrome. It is sexually transmitted also with the use of "dirty" needles what is AIDS? AIDS stands for Acquired immunodeficiency (or immune deficiency) Syndrome. It results from infection with a virus called HIV, which stands for human immunodeficiency virus. Th


what is this infections disease called clostridium dificile? Where can I get more information about it.?

A: C. Dificil causes diarrhea and is especially dangerous for vunerable people. In my opnion, MRSA is much more serious. Both are found in the general populace but tend only to infect people that are in hospital where they are ill or vunerable. Normally you would not catch either of these in ever day life, but you may be a carrier or have it on your hands. Thats why hygiene is important, especially in hospitals. Use alcohol based hand gels and dont sit on the patients bed. check out the dept of health answer on it here http://www.dh.gov.uk/PolicyAndGuidance/HealthAndSocialCareTopics/HealthcareAcquiredInfection/HealthcareAcquiredGeneralInformation/HealthcareAcquiredGeneralArticle/fs/en?CONTENT_ID=4115800&chk=wHehV/ ...


what is vdrl blood test?

A: Veneral disease research laboratory Definition: This screening test for syphilis measures reaginic antibody. Reaginic antibodies are produced in syphilis as a result of the interaction of the bacteria which causes syphilis (Treponema pallidum) and one''s own body. This test is a useful screening tool for syphilis, yet its ability to detect syphilis depends on the stage of the disease. In the earliest stage of syphilis (primary syphilis) this test


what is an Antitoxin?

A: An antitoxin is a specialized antibody or group of antibodies that has the ability to neutralize a particular toxicant, a type of toxin produced exclusively by living organisms. Like its counterpart, the antitoxin is also produced in living organisms, which includes plants, animals, and humans. The activity of an antitoxin is similar to that of a vaccine in that the organismís immune system is stimulated to produce a specific antitoxin in response to the presence of small amounts of a corresponding toxin. Natural antitoxins are useful in counteracting the poisonous effects of being bitten by...


what is an Antigen?

A: An antigen is a substance which stimulates an immune response. When exposed to an antigen, the body views it as foreign material, and takes steps to neutralize the antigen. Typically, the body accomplishes this by making antibodies, which are intended to defend the body from invasion by potentially dangerous substances. Several medical tests can be used to test for antigens, to determine whether or not someone has been exposed to a disease or toxin.. The term ďantigenĒ comes from the understanding that many foreign substances stimulate antibody generation within the immune system. These antibodies can be beneficial, as is the case when the body learns to fight a...


what is 2C4?

A: This drug is also called pertuzumab or Omnitarg. It was originally developed by an American pharmaceutical company called Genentech. This drug is a monoclonal antibody (MAB). Monoclonal antibodies are designed to seek out particular cells in the body and attach to them. They recognise a protein on the surface of the cells they are looking for. When used for cancer treatment, they are designed to seek out cancer cells. This type of treatment is a form of biological therapy. It is also sometimes referred to as an immunotherapy. Immunotherapies work by encouraging the body''s natural defence...

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what is the importance of knowing your blood type with respect to health

A: Hello @putty! While it is not necessarily the best thing but it is quite important to know what your blood type is. These are some of the reason why it is important to know your blood type. If you have an emergency card, the blood type is usually placed on the card together with other identification information about you. During emergency situation if you are involve in an accident, this can help the doctors to make the treatments fast if they know your blood type. Although, the hospitals are still likely to get your blood type. If you decide to get married it is important to know


what is Sicca Syndrome?

A: Also known as Mikulicz and Ajogrenís syndrome, Sicca syndrome is a health issue in which the proper function of the exocrine glands is disrupted. As the condition worsens, sufferers begin to experience dryness in the eyes and mouth. If not treated in time, the illness can interfere with moisture content in various organs of the body, leading to a wide range of serious health problems. The exocrine glands produce and release hormones into the duct glands. This is in contrast to the endocrine glands, which release hormones into the bloodstream or into target cells that are found near the point of release. Sicca...
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