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what is liver Disease?

A: liver disease refers to any number of conditions that can lead to liver inflammation and tissue damage, and it can also lead to a loss of liver function. The liver is a vital organ that is located on the upper right side of the abdomen. This organ is the size of a football and it weighs about two or three pounds. Some of the vital functions that this organ performs for the body include the following: converting nutrients that come from food consumption into vital blood components, storing vitamins and minerals,...


what is liver Fibrosis?

A: liver fibrosis is a buildup of collagen deposits in the liver in response to chronic disease. Over time, the collagen will start to disrupt the liver`s architecture and will cause problems with normal liver functions. If the patient does not receive treatment, the issue can progress to full-blown cirrhosis, and the patient may need a liver transplant to fully address the issue. This condition can be seen in patients with fatty liver d


what is liver Extract?

A: liver extract is a dietary supplement made from animal liver, usually pig or cow, and is commonly sold either as a freeze-dried powder or a concentrated liquid. It contains vitamin B12, folic acid and iron, and is often marketed as a natural iron supplement or as a remedy for various liver problems. Scientific studies on humans show that liver extract can help boost iron levels as well as the number of red blood cells. Its use for other purposes such as improving liver function, treating allergies and chronic fatigue syndrome, increasing muscle development, and improving physical performance...


what is liver Melanoma?

A: Melanoma is a malignant tumor or cancer arising from melanocytes, the cells in the skin that produces melanin. Melanin is generally responsible for giving color to the skin. Most melanomas usually originate in the skin, but there are also cases where the disease starts from various tissues and organs of the body. Commonly, liver melanomas are the result of metastasis or the spreading of a malignant melanoma that originated from non-adjacent tissues or organs. When the melanoma started in the liver itself, and is not due from a metastas


what is liver Dialysis?

A: liver dialysis is a process which removes toxins from the liver in order to sustain patients until a liver transplant can be done. Unlike kidney dialysis, which can keep patients alive for months or years, liver dialysis is considered a very temporary solution for chronic liver failure. The act of liver filtration can be effective at removing toxins from the liver for several weeks to a few months, taking some of the strain off the ailing organ. Although liver dialys


what is metastatic disease?

A: the short and simple answer is that it is usually used in relation to cancer and means that it has spread quite significantly. metastasis: the transfer of a disease from one part of the body to another, through the blood vessels via the lymph channels or across the body cavities. secondary deposits may occur from a primary malignant growth septic infection may arise in other organs from some original focus. I always thought metastatic when refering to cancer meant that it has spread throughout the body to other organs. Cancer metastasizes http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/metastasize When a tumor keeps growing larger. And spreads to other parts of the body. It...


what is chrome disease and how serious is it? is there a treatement? is it contagious?

A: Crohn''s disease is very much akin to irrital bowel syndrome. It is very serious and can be fatal. Crohn''s disease is a disease of the large intestine. http://.digestive.niddk.nih.gov/ddisease... MD''s say there is no cure for Crohn''s disease. See the bottom of this page to see how someone cured it. http://phifoundation.org/heal.html Are you sure you''re not referring to Crohn''s Disease? That is an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) that causes inflammation or...


what is Caroli Disease?

A: As an inherited biliary tract disorder, Caroli disease can cause a number of unfortunate symptoms in those who develop this condition. Sufferers may experience frequent infections, blockage of the biliary tract, and impaired kidney function as a result of the disease, which causes dilation of the bile ducts located inside the liver. There is no cure for the disease, but symptoms caused by the condition can be managed by medical and surgical interventions.. Caroli disease is a rare inherited genetic disorder that causes the body’s biliary system...


what is liver Sarcoidosis?

A: liver sarcoidosis is part of sarcoidosis disease, which typically impacts several organs in the body at the same time. Fifty percent of those with liver involvement develop enlarged livers. In addition, the disease might also cause fevers, fatigue, and itching. The development of sarcoidosis, with or without liver involvement, places the patient at a significantly higher risk for developing various cancers.. Sarcoidosis, including liver sarcoidos


what is liver Fluke?

A: Infection by the liver fluke parasite is a major health concern for millions of people, specifically those living in the Far East, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia. In addition, because of the large amount of travel between countries, liver fluke infection is becoming more prominent in areas where the disease has not previously been found, such as in North America. There are several kinds of medical conditions that people infected by the parasite may experience, each dependent on the kind of parasite that has embedded itself into its host. The sheep liver fluke, also called the Fasciola hepatica, and the Fasciola gigantica, are two kinds of...
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