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what is normal cholesterol levels for a 18 year old female?

A: a minimum or 40mg/DL and highest of 200mg/DL of LDL''s, bad cholesterol but i''m not sure about HDL''s, good cholesterol...but thats good for you so have lotss Its 5mmol/L but i dont know what that meens....

what is normal cholesterol level

A: Hi Dorothy,   Here are the recommendations of the American Heart Association:   Total cholesterol less than 200 HDL cholesterol at least > 40, ideally > 60 LDL cholesterol at least less than 130, ideally less than 100 Triglycerides less than 150   All the best,   Lisa Nelson, RD Lower cholesterol Naturally  ...


what are normal cholesterol levels?

A: The most significant factor in determining your risk of heart and cardiovascular disease is cholesterol. The liver synthesizes cholesterol into a product that can be found in most of the cells of the body. Deposits of plaque from this fatty substance can be found in the walls of the arteries and develop into “hardening of the arteries” or arteriosclerosis. In order to know if you have normal cholesterol levels, you need to have a blood test or blood panel. Elevated cholesterol levels are also recognized in genetic d

what is normal cholesterol for Women?

A: The American Heart Association identifies cardiovascular disease as the leading killer of women. High cholesterol levels contribute to heart disease, so it is important for women to control their cholesterol and keep total levels below 200 mg/dL.TypesThere are two types of cholesterol. Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol is ''bad.'' This is the type of cholesterol that adheres to blood vessels and blocks them. High-density lipoprotein (HDL) is the ''good''


what does a cholesterol level of 5.5 mean?

A: "The amount of cholesterol present in the blood can range from 3.6 to 7.8 mmol/litre. A level above 6 mmol/litre is regarded as high, and is a risk factor for arterial disease. Government advice recommends a target cholesterol level of under 5, but on average men in England have a level of 5.5, and women a level of 5.6" you have an average cholesterol level but ideally it could be lower!! Its high....normal should be under 2. elevated triglycerides means you have lots of not unhealth food too. Unless its inherited, my advice is control your diet and do more...


what is VLDL cholesterol?

A: Very low density lipoprotein, also known as VLDL cholesterol, is a form of cholesterol that helps to distribute trigylicerides through the bloodstream. A portion of this type of cholesterol also converts into LDL or low density protein cholesterol, which can eventually clog blood vessels and lead to a number of health issues. Because of this conversion, physicians tend to monitor VLDL cholesterol levels along with LDL and HDL levels. Unlike the processes for measuring the levels of HDL and LDL cholesterol present in the...

what is HDL cholesterol?

A: HDL cholesterol is a type of lipid found in the body. It serves a number of important functions, including scouring the blood for excess cholesterol and removing the excess to the liver, where it is broken down so that the body can eliminate it. This type of cholesterol is sometimes referred to as “good cholesterol,” because it has positive health benefits. Many doctors recommend keeping HDL cholesterol levels high so that their patients can enjoy better health. cholesterol gets a bad reputation in the news, but it is a...

what Are Healthy cholesterol levels?

A: Your total cholesterol should be below 200 mg/dL. LDL levels should be below 100-129 mg/dL. HDL goes the opposite, higher the better, it should be 60 mg/dL and above. And finally your triglycerides should be below 150 mg/dL. There are some gender/age specific levels and you should check with your doctor. A total cholesterol level of under 200 mg/dL is considered desirable. A level between 200 mg/dL and 239 mg/dL is considered to be borderline high risk. Over 240 mg/dL is considered high risk, with roughly twice the risk of coronary heart disease. Healthy


what is Good cholesterol?

A: cholesterol is fatty substance that is a by-product of normal liver metabolism. While many people become alarmed at the mere mention of the word, cholesterol is actually necessary for a number of biological processes. For instance, the body requires cholesterol in order to manufacture vitamin D. It is also needed to produce bile acid to promote proper digestion and to manufacture androgenic hormones. However, there is a key difference between good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. Since various...


what Are normal Testosterone Levels in Males?

A: The normal testosterone levels in males varies depending upon the person’s natural hormone levels. Most physicians agree that the range of a normal level is 250 to 1,000 nanograms (ng) per deciliter (dL) of blood. For young males under the age of 30, the normal range is upwards of 600 ng/dL. normal testosterone levels in males naturally decreases as men age. Men in their 50s usually test in the mid-500 ng/dL. Each man’s production of the hormone is different, so ranges will vary depending upon the individual.. Testosterone is an androgen-type steroid hormone produced by males in the testes and...

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