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What is obesity and what are the conventional causes of it? answers (67)

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what is obesity and what are the conventional causes of it?

A: obesity, being classified as a social modern ill, is a disease that characterizes abberrant flabbiness and heaviness to a magnitude that it is not conventional and in some cases is even hazardous for the maintainence of health.  In an easier comprehension obesity is the state of having extra body fat that is calculated by the Body Mass Index (the proportion...

obesity - what are the long term side effects of using Adipex?

A: Adipex dangers are a very serious issue, and as such more and more people are opting for natural weight loss alternatives to avoid the many potential side effects of this and other prescription weight loss drugs. Although Adipex can help you lose weight, the strong potential for adverse health effects can make it an unwise choice for shedding unwanted pounds. what is Adipex and what


what is psorasis ? is it infectious? is there any permanent cure for it?

A: It''s cause when someone has been put to severe stress, or is often stressed, if to keep all your emotion supressed or to yourself. Although I also read that it''s caused do to an infection, when the body producess lots of white cells due to an infection on the body.So it''s a good idea to play it save and have a blood test, if you have one it will come up. Don''t freak. Go to a dermatologist so she can look at it & prescribe you something Psoriasis (IPA pronunciation: [s?''ra?.?s?s]) is an immune-mediated disease[1] which affects


what is the Side Effect of Drinking Too Much Ionized Alkaline Water?

A: ''Over-alkalinity'' is the most common question I face in my years of dealing in the ionized water industry. I saw a news article in the paper last month that a young doctor claims that we human do not need to drink alkaline water. He says that our body has the natural ability to regulate the body pH through urination, breathing, and sweating. Yes! He was right that our body has the natural ability to get rid of the excess acids in the body, but he forgot that we are no...


what is Hernioplasty?

A: Hernioplasty is a surgical procedure used for correcting a hernia. Recommended for inguinal hernias, hernioplasty is frequently conducted as an outpatient procedure, unless the patient is known to have specific risk factors. the procedure can be conducted conventionally by incision or laparoscopically, which only requires a small opening. there are risks associated with hernioplasty, and these should be discussed with a physician prior to...


what is recommended for natural gout relief?

A: Gout can be an extremely painful condition that is debilitating, leaving the affected individual with painfully inflamed joints. there are a variety of treatments for gout, but dietary measures are the most important, without which no other treatment can be effective. there are also plenty of natural treatments and methods that you can use in combination with your conventional treatments. To understand how to control and...

what is good home remedy that I can take for acid reflux?

A: Acid reflux is a very common digestive problem, and it is one that we normally don’t pay adequate attention to. In this condition digestive acids in the stomach, flow up into the upper intestines and esophagus. the condition is not necessarily severe, but in most cases it is so. It in fact becomes almost debilitating and even poses a risk of permanent damage to the stomach lining. Under normal circumstances the...

what is Gastric Bypass Surgery?

A: Gastric bypass surgery (sometimes called stomach stapling) is a medical procedure in which the patient''s stomach pouch is drastically reduced in size with medical staples and reattached to the midsection of the intestines. the rest of the stomach pouch is also attached to the upper intestines to aid in digestion. Following gastric bypass surgery, the patient can only consume 1 to 2 ounces of food at one sitting. the...


what are Some Natural Diuretics?

A: For those people who want to avoid taking prescribed diuretics from their doctor, there are numerous natural diuretics. these are available to help promote urination in those suffering from conditions that are causing them to retain water. Natural diuretics can be found in the form of dietary supplements, drinks or food. It is important that natural diuretics are used with care and caution, as they can lead to potassium deficiency or dehydration...


what is the youngest age that you can have this surgery at?

A: Hey Linzy I know there are lots of young women on here that have and orpursuing to have this surgery. Have your mom ask your insurance what theminimum age requirement is. It may be a tough road being that some doctorsmay not want to be supportive being your so young but it has been proventhat it is very beneficial if given the proper guidance. I''m sure beingyour mom has been through this she will be your biggest supporter in yourlife right now. I am 25 and I had the...

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