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what is stomuch ulcer ? how it is occurs ?

A: it occurs after having too many bad wicked evil thoughts but its treatable An ulcer is when the lining in your stomach is cut or damaged and the acid gets into the unprotected tissue, making it raised and painful. eating spicy food, swallowing chips unchweded, and anxiety cause ulcers. : A peptic ulcer is a sore on the lining of the stomach or duodenum, which is the beginning of the small intestine. peptic ulcers are common: One in 10 Americans develops an ulcer at some...


what are the symptoms of peptic ulcers disease?

A: Acid eructation, Burning sensation in the chest,spasmodic pain in the upper abdomen and nausea and vomitting.Sense of fullness in the stomach. burning sensation in the stomach...very localised, especially at lunch time Flatulence... An ulcer can result when the stomach produces excess acid or there is insufficient mucus to protect the lining from damage. There are several factors that increase a person''s risk of getting a peptic ulcer. Some people with peptic ulcers have no symptoms. However, many people have abdominal pain, usually just below the chestbone. A gastric


what is an ulcer?

A: ulcer is defined as the medical condition in which open or deep sore is formed due to the tissue destruction which in turn occurs because of skin abrasion, or inflammation, or an infection.. ulcer can occur in any part of the alimentary canal and they are classified accordingly into Mouth ulcer (occurs in mouth), or Esophagus ulcers (occurs in esophagus), peptic ulcer (occurs in stomach), Duodenal ulcer (occurs in duodenum part of intestine), etc. ulcer occurs mainly due to the imbalance in the gastric acid...


what Should Be My Best Nursing Diagnosis For My Patient Who Had Pulmonary Emhysema And peptic ulcer Disease?

A: Pulmonary emphysema is also called chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). In this condition, lungs lose elasticity of their tissues due to smoking, and toxic chemicals. Symptoms are shortness of breath, pursed-lipped breathing, hyperventilation, cyanosis,  peripheral edema and finger clubbing. Emphysema is an irreversible condition. Its progression can be slowed down by avoiding active and passive smoking and other lung irritants. peptic ulcer disease characterized by formation of ulcer in GI tract. Th

In a person requiring an antiplatelet (due to TIAs), but with a past history of peptic ulcer disease, is there any guidance available regarding with antiplatelet to choose?

A: PRODIGY has recently published a guideline on antiplatelets [1], this discusses the GI problems.  The guidelines rates “History of peptic ulcer disease (even if Helicobacter pylori was not initially present or was subsequently eradicated).” As a factor:   “…likely to be the most strongly associated with a risk of serious GI adverse effects from the use of low-dose aspirin”   It later has a section “what should I do if a person on aspirin is at increased risk of...

Correlation between peptic ulcer disease and gastritis AND GI cancers?

A: CD my dear..have you any thoughts on this? Shine still waitin on how you are doin........... Hi sweeheart: Ok, there is no coorelation between peptic ulcer disease and gastritis and GI Cancers, UNLESS accompanied by other symptoms... bleeding, increased frequency, change in bowel qualities (flattened stools, etc.). There has to be something else going on to indicate abnormality. Hope this helps. Fondly, CancerDad Thanks for the answer, CD. Pop round to Pain Man. and see what I have been giggling about the past 10 minutes or so. It is so nice to...


GI problemsSo I originally wanted lapband, but the doctor said RNY would be better for me because I have GERD, peptic ulcer disease, Barretts esophagus and other GI issues. I take 3 times the normal meds that most people take for it, and if I dont the ulcers return within 2-3 days. The doctor said it would correct most of these things. I was wondering if anyone has or had these problems and what it was like after surgery. I wonder if the surgery aggravates the situation anymore? Dawn

A: I have had laproscopic RNY surgery almost 5 years ago by next July. I nowhave to take Nexium twice a day because of my lack of stomach acid.Stouffer''s Italiano Lasagna sent me to the hosp ER one time and I willnever touch it again. They had to give me a GI cocktail that was nasty, andthen give me a shot for this and gave me something for the severe pain thatI suffered. I could hardly breathe because of the pain. It is funny I caneat regular Lasagna with the meat sauce but not the Italiano stuff. I guessthe sausage bothered me in the other? Anyway, that is the only drawback tomy surgery. They ran a tube down my throat but did not see anything wrongwith the surgery, my pouch looked normal in size, but notice some...

Discuss the common investigative and treatment strategies relevant to peptic ulcer disease... what is this question asking me? I am not looking for answers

A: It is asking for you to talk about the analytical (detailed/research) strategies for that disease. And also the stratagies for treating the disease. :P I hope that was at least a little helpful ++...

what is Helicobacter peptic ulcer Disease?

A: Helicobacter pylori Bacteria The ability of the Helicobacter pylori bacteria to cause peptic ulcer was first discovered by an Australian physician in 1982. The doctor cultured a microaerophilic, spiral-shaped bacterium observed in a biopsied tissue of a stomach ulcer patient. He ascertained that the bacterium has the ability to hydrolyze the stomach cells and actually create ulcer. The bacterium is now called Helicobacter pylori, and it is accepted that this bacteria is accountable for most peptic


what are the newest drugs approved for the management of peptic ulcer disease?

A: The best way I can help you is ... the links below has medicines used in treating peptic ulcers. If you select a particular medicine .. for some medicines, on the main page, on the right hand side it gives information about FDA approval history. Hope this helps you. http://www.drugs.com/condition/peptic-ulcer.html...

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