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what is sleep panic disorder?

A: My friend has it. He has choking dreams. He wakes up and runs to the bathroom. He looks down his throat in the mirror to see if their is anything there. He says the dream is very realistic and he thinks he is choking every time. I gave you a source so I hope it helps. It is simply having panic attacks while you are sleeping, also called nocturnal panic attacks. They usually peak at 10 minutes. HI! I have sever panic attacks like you describe. If I fall asleep for an hour or so, I wake up with a start, and jump right out of bed. Sometimes I am sweating so badly, I have to change my clothes or...


what is Nightmare Disorder?

A: Nightmare disorder, formerly known as Dream Anxiety Disorder, is a psychological condition that involves frequent, intensely frightening dreams that wake the sleeper up and significantly and negatively affect the person`s life. For a diagnosis, the nightmares must not be caused by some other medical or psychological condition and must not occur as a side effect of a medication. Nightmare disorder is one of several sleep disorders that a person can suffer from, and there are important differences between this condition and normal nightmares and...


what is sleep Paralysis?

A: sleep paralysis is a condition characterized by brief periods of paralysis as the patient falls to sleep or wakes up. It is usually associated with other sleep disorders, rather than appearing on its own, and since it is often accompanied by hallucinations, sleep paralysis can sometimes be very frightening for patients. People often feel what they describe as a presence in the room when they experience a bout of sleep paralysis, and many cultures...


what is sleep Talking?

A: sleep talking is usually a benign parasomnia or sleep disorder and it is also called by the name somniloquy. It is a condition that is very common in childhood and does occur in some adults. Essentially the name describes it all; people talk, mumble, laugh or converse while sleeping. Sometimes this conditions occurs with other parasomnias, and it may be particularly disturbing to other people if it is part of night terrors, as most often occur in children. While usually sleep talking does no...

what is sleep Apnea?

A: sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder which can affect anyone and occurs when breathing is interrupted during sleep. Throat muscles that keep your airway open when you’re awake relax during sleep; not allowing air to pass through your airway. People who have not been treated for sleep apnea stop breathing frequently during their sleep.. The most common type of sleep apnea is obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and is usually caused by a blockage of the airway when soft t


what is sleeping beauty syndrome?

A: sleeping Beauty Syndrom is the Kleine-Levin syndrome. Kleine-levin Syndrom is a disorder of unknown cause often associated with psychotic conditions that is characterized by episodic sleep, abnormal hunger, and hyperactivity. The episodes of sleep may last for several hours or days and are followed by confusion on awakening. There is no specific treatment. Compare narcolepsy....


what is sleep Terror Disorder?

A: sleep terror disorder, also called night terrors, is a condition marked by waking suddenly and in a frightened state. For example, a person with sleep terror disorder may wake up screaming and feeling both confused and frightened. In the throes of night terrors, a person may be difficult to awaken fully or comfort, and he may be completely unaware of his environment. Other symptoms of the disorder may include dilated pupils, thrashing and flailing, sweating, rapid heartbeat, and hyperventilation. After about 10 to 20 minutes, the affected person usually falls back into a normal sleep pattern....

what type sleep disorder is characterized by holding the abdomen rigid during the breathing cycle?

A: Your wife may have to go to a sleep lab where they can monitor her. I have never heard about something like this before and I can''t find any information either....

what is sleep Apnea Surgery Like?

A: sleep apnea is a serious disorder that causes a person to temporarily stop breathing during sleep. Typically, the person stops breathing for several seconds. Some people may even stop breathing for several minutes. When a person is diagnosed with this disorder, doctors may recommend surgery if other treatments are unsuccessful. Although various surgeries can be performed on the patient, the most common sleep apnea surgery is called uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP). UPPP is a surgery to remove the uvula, a soft piece of t


what is Schizoaffective Disorder?

A: Schizoaffective disorder is a psychological illness in which an individual experiences episodes of schizophrenia and intense mood swings. A person with the disorder might suffer from paranoia, hallucinations, and delusions in combination with extreme mood changes and often severe depression. There are several treatment options available to persons with schizoaffective disorder, including psychotherapy and prescription antipsychotic and antidepressant drugs. Most people with schizoaffective disorder begin showing symptoms in their late teens and early twenties, though the onset can be earlier or later in certain cases. Afflicted individuals...
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