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what is an abortion pill?

A: An abortion pill, also known as a medical abortion, is a method of inducing miscarriage and terminating a pregnancy. Generally, though called an abortion pill, the medication is comprised of two pills with different effects. This form of abortion is typically used in early pregnancy, since increased complications are more likely farther along the gestation process. the concept of a substance that induces abortion


what Are the Side Effects of the abortion pill?

A: In most cases, the side effects of the abortion pill are relatively minor. For example, a woman who has taken the abortion pill may experience nausea, vomiting, cramping, headaches, and a feeling of weakness or fatigue. Bleeding is a normal effect of the abortion pill as well, as the medication works to expel the embryo from the woman’s uterus. In some cases, however, a woman may experience excessive bleeding or vomiting after taking the pill. Some women may experience allergic reactions to


the abortion pill

A: Hi, kayleigh, Your brother has NO RIGHT to expect his girlfriend to use the abortion pill. It can KILL her. the manufacturer specifically says it is NOT to be used by pregnant women. Your brother has a duty to protect his girlfriend. there are several ways this can kill. One way is by causing toxic shock syndrome. That kills within hours, usually before emergency room personnel can even diagnose the problem. It can cause the uterus to have such violent contractions...

what is the risk of pregnancy if a birth control pill is taken 3 hours late?

A: the risk is close to zero since she is on combination OCPs, the kind with both estrogen and progesterone. If she was taking the POP progesterone only pill, she would need to use backup birth control is she was more than 3 hours late with a pill. Very low risk in that situation. If it were me in the same situation I would not be worried at all. Zilch. the time of dosage was not exceeded by that much. She should take the forgotten pill as soon as she remembers it, then the...


what is the solution for an migraine attack?

A: I have personally found that migraine pills such as Excedrin [or just the generic brands] do wonders for my somewhat chronic migraines. Perscriptions such as imatrex usually helps a lot, but if you don''t have insurance, like me, try excedrine migraine. I tend to get atleast one a week. Excedrine migraine always helps, drink lots of fluids (mine started out because I was dehydrated) and try to stay in a dark quiet room, if you can. Napping always helps them go away after you''ve taken something. Good luck and I hope you feel better. 2 tablets of Paracetomol (500 mgms) along with 1 tablet of Tab. Domperidone (10 ) to be started as early as possible, on getting the first hint of an attack , in...


I am having regular periods in every months but this time I am not getting anything.what is the symptoms if i ampregnant? write now I am not in the possision of planning a baby can i abot if i am pregnant and what should be therecomended medicine for m

A: Hello, you can confirm pregnancy by urine pregnancy test kit, which ideally should be done 5-7 days aftermissed periods to confirm pregnancy. Missed periods are not always due to pregnancy. This could also be due toreasons like thyroid problem, high prolactine hormone level in blood, birth control pills, anorexia, bulimiaor simply poor diet, prescription drugs and recreational, sexual activity, anxiety, illness or physiologicalimbalance. Consult your gynecologist. Take care....


what is the treatment if manstrual cycle is ceased and pregnency is confirmed byurine report ( we donot want a babybecause our young child is under one year ]

A: Hello nomi, You have to confirm the pregnancy by a beta HCG test and if you are pregnant you have to determinethe age of the fetus. the rule of the land is important for conducting abortion and for this you have todiscuss with your gynecologist. You can use hormone pills if it is early pregnancy and it should always betaken under prescription. Take care!...


Pain and medical abortion, the abortion pill, RU486

A: Dear Jem, You made a good choice to try the abortion pill at this stage of pregnancy. If you are only 5 weeks pregnant, you have a very good chance of haing a positive experience with the abortion pill, or RU486.  the abortion pill is very unpredictable, but generally if you are under 7 weeks pregnant, you tend to have fewer problems with pain, nausea, and bleeding. the best way to control the pain during a medical abortion is: 1) take 800 mg of ibuprofen before you take

Can you buy the abortion pill online?

A: It is possible to buy the abortion pill online, but it is illegal to do so. the United States Food and Drug Administration has ruled that the abortion pill, Mifeprex, can only be legally distributed by doctors who meet certain criteria. the abortion pill cannot legally be sold in pharmacies either.References:U.S. Food and Drug Administration: Mifeprex Questions and answers I hope not or a lot of unwanted pregnancies will be prevented as opposed...


Have you taken the abortion pill?

A: what abortion pill? there is an after morning pill if you failed to use protection or not use it correctly to PREVENT pregnancy. No there''s an abortion pill. I haven''t used it... but I believe you have to be 8 wks or less. It''s as much as a surgical abortion 400-500. You take one pill in office sometimes a shot... and then you take the other pill vaginally at home 2 or 3 days later. You will need to contact your local planned parenthood to find out where it''s done depending on where you live you may have to go...
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