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what is the best diet for a diabetic person?

A: A healthy, well balanced diet low in fat and processed sugar is recommended by dieticians. Regular meals including carbohydrates are important. Long acting (complex) carbs are best. low carb more protein diet go to ediets, they will be able to recommend the right program for you. Good Luck! the same as a healthy diet for anyone else! If you have type 2 diabetes, you will need to pay extra close attention to the amount of sugar you eat (remembering fruit, fruit juice, and...


what is the best diet for a diabetic?

A: diet which has less sugar in it and which doesn’t junk you system with the extra load of sugar is good. Taking six meals a day will be helpful as by the time your consumed amount of sugar is used completely, you may take another set of meal to supplement you sugar requirements. This will keep the amount of sugar to a lower limit. Proper diet is very important for people suffering from diabetes. It is recommended that the diet of diabetes patient...


what is the best cereal for a diabetic?

A: Cereal. the right breakfast cereal is your absolute best opportunity to pack more fiber into your day. there''s a bonus: Studies show that people who start the morning with a high-fiber cereal actually eat less later on. So don''t forgo breakfast. And choose a cereal brand with at least 5 grams fiber per serving. Good choices include Kashi GoLean Crunch! (10 grams), Kellogg''s Raisin Bran (8 grams), General Mills Multi-Bran Chex (8 grams), Post Wheat ''N Bran Spoon Size (8 grams), Kellogg''s All-Bran Original (10 grams) and General Mills Fiber One (14 grams). Top your cereal with fruit and you''ve checked off a fruit...


what is the best diet for a typical American man?

A: the best diet is a nutrient-dense diet. It''s not terribly hard. Meat and vegetables are the most nutrient-dense things; followed by berries (lots of antioxidants without too much extraneous things). the least nutrient-dense foods are made from flour and potatoes. Most processed foods are not very nutrient-dense, containing lots of fillers to maximize profits for the manufacturers. When you eat this way, you''re hungry less often; you don''t really need to count calories because you find yourself satiated sooner--not just because your stomach...


what is the best diet for pre-diabetes?

A: I use the Atkins Diabetes Revolution...I have been using this diet since Feb 16 , 2006. I am a type 2 Diabetic. This book is also for pre-diabetes. When I first started the Atkins my BS was out of control and so was my Blood Pressure and my weight....I weight 186 when I started FEB 16 I have lost 47 pounds I weigh 139 now and need to lose 14 more...my BP was 179/91 now it is 116/63.....my BS was 179 now it is 84--99....all my blood work has been great I have no kidney damage and no protein in my urning and my cholesterol is good. My A1C was...


what is the proper diet for a diabetic? (food guid) (food pyramid)?

A: Go to my product link and read up on low glycemic foods. Also read my diabetes testimonials. there are many web sites giving you the right diet...you can visit http://www.lifeclinic.com/focus/diabetes/diet.asp also Try following the food pyramid. I''m sure that will work. a good healthy diet with no sugar for ur age & height, Any proper diet consists of fresh organic (chemical free) fruit and vegetables. Stary clear of such products are equal etc..as they contain an ingredient called ''aspartame'' which kills mice. ...


what is the best way for a diabetic to get rid of ketones?

A: Drink lots and lots of water!! And most important, get your sugar down. If you can not get your sugar down to a normal level you need to call your doctor. You could suffer from Ketoacidosis, when acid builds up in the blood when the cells are starved from Insulin, trust me, it is not something you want to go through. Here is something I retrieved from the ADA website. Ketoacidosis --------------------------------------... Ketoacidosis (key-toe-***-i-DOE-sis) is a serious condition that can lead to diabetic coma (passing out


what is the right diet for a diabetic people ? where can i find guiding on the subject ?

A: the best way to do that is see a nutritionist. they will now how to help you and build a special program fit to your daily needs. diabetes is more of how to build a routine then what to eat. you have to know an hour in advance what you going to eat and how much. depends on your diabetes type,meds and condition. To be under control for Type2 diabetic persons is go away from carbs, fats, sweets, rise ...etc.and to get meals of rich garden salad and fruits, but not fruits contains glucose.Also to...


Wat is the best way for a diabetic to loose weight?

A: Um diabetics must NOT eat anything with high sugars in as it generally leads to your steady decay and death. Anyway, the diabetic nurses should have given you some leaflets or something to help. Basically eat sensibly. Eat long-lasting carbs like wholegrain breads and pastas, sugar free drinks, non-sweet fruit and all veg is ok. . No fizzy drinks or normal sweets or chocolates. You can have diabetic chocolates as a treat though. If you''re a type one diabetic you''ll need to be much more careful keeping your blood sugars right. You might need to carry around little sugary snacks in case you feel you''re going hypo. It comes with time and practise unfortunately but please try to take your...


what is the best treatment for a charley horse?

A: the term ''charley horse'' has different meanings to different people. In general it is a pain that starts in the calf and feels like a cramping sensation. there are several different medical conditions that can cause a ''charley horse'' and include conditions such as nocturnal leg cramps, deep vein thrombosis, malfunction of the nerves due to a spinal cord injury or a pinched nerve in the back, overusing a muscle, dehydration, lack of minerals from your diet or depleting minerals in your body, and lack of enough blood getting to the muscles.

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