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What is the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome? answers (1054)

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what is the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome?

A: It is difficult to pinpoint exactly what causes chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). However, several prominent experts have attempted to identify the causes of CFS during the course of their research on the subject. According to Dr. Charles Shepherd, CFS/ME is widely acknowledged to be a three-stage illness which encompasses the following three aspects: (a) Predisposing factors, including age, sex, genetics and psychological...

what Are the Symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome?

A: chronic fatigue syndrome, also known as CFS or myalgic encephalomyelitis, is a disorder which is not well understood. Symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, which include fatigue and joint and muscle pain, seem to appear without cause or any apparent trigger. While there are some strong theories which suggest a particular cause for the disorder, there are still no clear

what is the cause of excess fatigue and skin infections?

A: Dear Rohit ji, You are suffering from chronic fatigue Syndrome.Please take the following medicines.. Ashwagandharisht 20 ml + Mritsanjeevani 10 ml together with equal quantity of water after food twice a day. After some relief reduce Mritsanjeevani dose to 5 ml.This has to be taken atleast for one month. Review after one month. Wish you good health always....


what is the Connection Between chronic fatigue and Depression?

A: chronic fatigue and depression are closely connected. the two disorders share many symptoms, such as body aches and loss of energy. Doctors are unsure, however, if chronic fatigue and depression are triggered by each other or if having one disorder puts individuals at higher risk for the other.. the symptoms of depression vary from person to person but generally include chronic sadness or unhappiness, irritability,...


what Are the Essential Supplements Suggested During the Treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome?

A: the following essential supplements may be suggested during the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome: Vitamin B12: the deficiency of vitamin 12 causes fatigue, muscle pain, confusion and poor memory. Magnesium: It helps an individual to have relaxed muscle. But individuals suffering from kidney or heart disease may not use this supplement in their diet. Iron: We all know that how much iron is beneficial to our health. It helps in treating anaemia. Anaemia

what are five symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome?

A: Symptoms can vary between patients and over time but to be diagnosed with CFS, patients must meet both of the following criteria: Unexplained continuing or recurring chronic fatigue for at least six months that is of new or definite onset, is not the result of ongoing exertion, and is not mainly relieved by rest, and causes occupational, educational, social, or personal activities to be greatly reduced. Four or more of the following symptoms: loss


what are the causes of chronic muscle pain?

A: Doctors classify chronic muscle pain as myofascial pain syndrome (MPS), and it can be incredibly excruciating for those who suffer from it. there are a number of causes for MPS, and it might be hard to pinpoint the exact reason. However, pain is the body''s way of letting you know something is wrong, so it''s important not to ignore it.fatigueOne simple cause of muscle pain is an inadequate amount of sleep (


what is the cause of impotence?

A: there are many causes. Some are nothing to worry about (transient occurances, stress reactions), others can be more serious (cardiovascular disease, diabetes). If this is an unexpected occurance for you, don''t fret. Your partner should understand that it happens once in a while to all men (if not, there may be more problems in your relationship). If it has happened more than once, it''s important to talk to your doctor. It helps when talking to the doctor to think of the penis as being just ano


Enterovirus a cause of chronic fatigue syndrome?

A: Okay, you''ve got my attention. what were they testing for/ was was the study about? I want to be me again. OK, basically, the researchers involved in this study were looking for a connection between certain types of viruses known as enteroviruses and chronic fatigue Syndrome (CFS). there have been other studies suggesting that these viruses may play a role in triggering and sustaining the illness, but the previous studies were focused on finding


what Are the Different Types of chronic fatigue Syndrome Medicine?

A: chronic fatigue syndrome is a medical condition that causes severe bouts of fatigue and may also involve muscle or joint pain, headaches, and swollen glands. the cause is not completely understood, but chronic fatigue syndrome is more common when other ailments, such as fibromyalgia, are also present. While there is no cure for chronic fatigue syndrome itself,

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