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What is the cause of low blood sugar when pregnant? answers (299)

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what is the cause of low blood sugar when pregnant?

A: low sugar levels in blood or hypoglycemia during pregnancy is common problem which can cause dizziness, headache, confusion, irritability, shaking, hunger and nervousness. This is due to growing fetus which also need glucose for the brain development. Mother is responsible for supplying glucose to the fetus and this can cause low levels of sugar during pregnancy. You can manage th

what is the cause of diabetes?

A: obesity is the #1 cause of adult onset diabetes when there is high level of sugar in the blood low level of insulin. you eat lots of sugar, the apncreas gets tired, and start to fail. it may still be working but is not doing enough insulin to break all sugar. it may be cause by infection, and stop


what is the best way to deal with restless leg syndrome?

A: Depending on the severity of the occurrances, discuss with your doctor to try Requip. It''s for moderate to severe restless leg syndrome with 15 or more occurrances every month. In the source area is the website of the medication. I have it too but it''s mild & the medication won''t be effective for me. the best way that I have found to deal with my restless leg syndrome is to eat a banana and have a glass of milk before going to bed. Usually th


what is the level in which your blood glucose is normal and when its to low or too high?

A: As a nurse that deals with this all of the time....anywhere from 70 up to 175 is ok....Most people do not get insulin coverage unless it goes over 200....don''t freak out and talk to your doctor... Fasting, 70-99 is normal; 100 to 125 is Prediabetes range; over 126 = diabetes, if a second test confirms. low depends on the person and what kind of treatment. someone who is type 2 using diet and exercise are usually fine with their blood


what are the symptoms of diabeties?

A: please visit this website you can get good answers. Get well soon!!!! Don''t eat before bed. Get a blood/sugar test, it only takes a minute. Insatiable thirst, excessive urination, gnawing hunger, fatigue, are all symptoms. It''s NEVER too late, not even if you do develop the disease. Lots and lots of people find their blood sugar levels return to normal when they lose weight. Go for a walk every day, at least 20 minutes (10 minutes out, 10 minutes back). That will get...


what are Some causes of Food Cravings?

A: Food cravings are intense yearnings for a certain type of food. Sweet or salty foods are common food cravings as are protein foods such as meat or cheese. Most food cravings are thought to be caused by hormones, fluctuations in blood sugar levels, emotional and psychological reasons or sometimes by nutritional deficiencies. Hormones such as those produced in pregnant women can cause some very strong food cravings. Studies show that men experience food cravings less than women. Pregnant women tend to experience food cravings during pregnancy as their body''s way of making sure they eat to feed...


Why does a bowl of cereal screw with your blood sugar when you are diabetic?

A: Your body metabolizes the carbohydrate load very quickly causing a glucose spike. Congratulations on the pregnancy, by the way! If you have any questions after you have talked to your dietitian, you should get her to explain in understandable terms exactly what is the issue. My dietitian explains each and every suggestion in full, until I feel like I''m being treated like an idiot, but I never wonder why she has made the suggestion. Use the services you are paying for – from a professional. I have never encountered


what is the best way to clean your teeth?

A: javex bleach brush and floss daily -include your tongue. visit your dentist twice a year, drink less sugary drinks and more water. Neydent NeyDent prevents caries and pain when the teeth are extremely sensitive. NeyDent also improves the blood flow, which strengthens the gums and builds up resistance against colds and infections. or APAGARD remineralizing toothpaste According to the Japan Corporate News Network, Japanese toothpaste manufacturer Sangi has developed a technology to control...


what is the Best Way to Exercise During Pregnancy?

A: the best way to exercise during pregnancy is often to keep up with the exercise plan that one had before becoming pregnant, with some modifications for safety. of course, it is important for any pregnant woman to check with her doctor first before beginning an exercise plan during pregnancy; a doctor will also be able to discuss any specific concerns that she should keep in mind. Otherwise, the best way to exercise during pregnancy


what is the best weight loss program for very overweight people?

A: the best way to achieve healthy weightless is not to follow a particular diet fad, but to eat a healthy diet, avoiding fatty, sugary junk food and do some moderate exercise. Very overweight people should definitely consult a doctor before starting any exercise program and they should take it very slowly to start with because the danger of injury, hurting one`s joints or back etc, putting too much strain on the heart increases drastically with obesity. A doctor or a nutrition

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