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What is the differance between short term memory and alzheimer's disease? answers (32)

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what is the differance between short term memory and Alzheimer''s Disease?

A: Hi Magdalina, This could be Alzheimer''s, but she would need a diagnosis by a neurologist or some type of doctor qualified to diagnose the disease. they may want to do a brain scan to see why she is having this memory loss. But yes, short term memory loss can be a sign of Alzheimer''s disease.   Her medications could also be an issue, so they should be checked in case side effects are causing problems.  ...


what is the difference between alzheimer''s disease and senility or dementia?

A: This is how the doctor described it to my grandmother. Alzheimers is when you walk up to a stove and you forget its a stove. Dementia is when you walk to the stove and forget why you walked over there. Alzheimer''s is a specific type of dementia. Senile isn''t an official diagnosis, where as dementia and Alzheimer''s is. This is actually really...


what is the difference between Dementia and Alzheimers

A: Dementia is the broad catagory for those with cognitive and memory loss. Alzheimer''s is just one type of Dementia. there are many types of Dementia. Hope that helps...... Have a Merry Christmas!!!! Love, Deb the symptoms are so similar --but, ---Scientists now know that AlZ is caused by a genetic predisposition or a change in a particular gene or enzyme. Not sure if I have said that correctly. has something to do with acetycholine in the brain. ---Dementia


what`s the difference between schizophrenia and Alzheimer`s?

A: Schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s Disease are both diseases of the brain that can cause dramatic symptoms. they are different in many ways, but there are some similarities. Both can be associated with psychotic symptoms. That is, they can include hallucinations or delusions. Hallucinations are false sensory perceptions, which can involve someone believing they are seeing things, hearing things, touching things, or smelling things, but these perceptions are not real. Delusions are fixed false beliefs, such as someone believing


what is the life expectancy of someone with Alzheimer`s?

A: So much depends on the person`s overall health and age. My husband at the age of 77 is now at the mid moderate stage of Alzheimer`s after having been offically diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2005 and has had symptoms of dementia since a stroke in 1981. He`s now in a dementia care unit and getting excellent care.. My husband who will be 80 in May was diagnosed with dementia(loss of short term memory)almost 4 years ago. He is taking aricept & namenda. He has a bad...


Difference between Alzheimers and Dementia

A: Dementia: Dementia is an impairment of thinking and memory that interferes with a person''s ability to do things which he or she previously was able to do. Alzheimer''s: Alzheimer''s disease is the common cause of dementia, and is particularly common in older people. Because it is the most common cause of dementia, Alzheimer''s disease is commonly equated with the general term dementia. However, there are...


is alzheimer's infectious?

A: Hi, Alzheimer’s disease is a degenerative disorder, which destroys brain cells. It leads to a decline in mental function affecting memory, thinking, language and behavior. the disease affects people more than 65 years old. Dementia is a general decline in mental ability and Alzheimer''s disease is the most common cause. the exact cause of these changes is not known. Some people with Alzheimer’s d


Can signs of Alzheimer`s show up as early as mid 50`s?

A: Are alzheimers and dimentia the same thing? and how do you know which is which if the symptoms mimick each other.. My mother developed early onset Alzheimer`s disease in her late forties, early fifties. I am now 50 and lost my car in Wal-Mart`s parking lot for over a half hour last year!! I was so freaked out and in tears that my husband thought the car was stolen (guess that was all he could understand of my babbling over the phone). It wasn`t...


How do we tell mother that we think she has Alzheimer`s?

A: Telling your mother she has memory loss will evoke a denial. Like most people, denial for your mother is a common response to many issues, and she is being no different in defending her belief that there is nothing wrong with her. In part this is due to fear, feelings of loss of control or may simply be the disease manifesting in that type of behavior. Telling her that she is showing signs of memory loss will initially...


is abortion a medical issue or is it a moral issue or a legal issue?

A: Abortion is ''in the eye of the beholder''. I don''t believe the dilemmas around it will ever be resolved, especially with the rise and popularity of anti-abortion political factions and personalities in the United States. Worldwide, the Catholic Church is highly influential. It is most known for an anti-abortion stance, but there are many other religions against abortion as well, such a evangelical protestantism

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