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What is the medical name for iron deficiency? answers (105)

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what is the medical name for iron deficiency?

A: Anemia or being anemic...

what is the best agency to restore to health operate wound aside from fish & sturdy boiled egg?

A: In Homeopathy CALENDULA(Marie-gold) is known to restore to health and cure deep gash and wounds and surgical incisions like artifice. It is available in emolument form or you can buy it in Q(Mother Tincture) potency and mix it within any unscented non medicated moisturizer and apply it to the wound and it cures without departing a visible mark. Totally amazing results. To read more about this treasure of a remedy please click the link :- http://homeoint.org/books/boericmm/c/cal... Take Care and God Bless. soy beans hold


what is this disease?? helpp?

A: need more symtoms. Its not just anemia, i have that n im not losing my hair. its possibly anemia and alapeesha. It might be thyroid or Graves disease. i looked it up on google and that''s the best that i could find. i hope i helped somewhat. srry that i couldn''t get anything better. Its anemia and she haves to get help fast because she can die after a while Anemia is the short word for it. I hope she gets well soon. I am very sorry. well there are many things that could cause this... does she have cancer? because the radiation treatment that


what Are the Cures for Restless Leg Syndrome?

A: Restless leg syndrome (RLS) often makes legs itch, tingle, or simply hurt. these sensations create a need to get up and move around, which temporarily relieves the issue, though it comes back once the movement ceases. fortunately, there are more permanent cures for restless leg syndrome. Making several lifestyle changes is often necessary to get rid of this problem. there is also medication available for it, though what helps one person may not get results in ano


what is Anemia?

A: Anemia refers to a red blood cell count that is below normal. While white blood cells fight infection, red blood cells are responsible for transporting oxygen throughout the body. When red blood cell levels drop too low, the body feels tired due to lack of oxygen. Hence, someone with anemia is often referred to as having “tired blood.”. Various factors can cause anemia, including blood loss, iron deficiency, poor diet, disease, and reactions to medications like chemotherapy, to name but a few. To treat anemia a doctor must first learn the...


what causes the corners of the mouth to get sore and sometimes crack?

A: Usually dehydration. Probably the fact that saliva gets stuck there in the corners. Saliva is salty and salt is very drying. vitamin deficiency. B-Complex you can buy them at the dollar store and take 2 a day. Also you need to try and drink 8 glasses of water a day. Dehydration, but it''s also a vitamin deficiency. Try taking a multivitamin daily. Dryness with a mix of your skin sensitivity. Nothing to worry about. If it''s been there for more than a month then start worrying. Otherwise, just...


what is Aquasol A®?

A: Aquasol A® is one of the brand names used for vitamin A, an essential vitamin necessary to maintain the health of the bones, skin and eyes of the human body. People who fail to eat a healthy diet or who have a medical condition that depletes vitamin A levels may take an Aquasol A® supplement to prevent a potential vitamin A deficiency. A vitamin A deficiency is serious — it is possible to go blind if enough vitamin A is not consumed through a proper diet. Vitamin A can also play a role in a person''s...


what is Beeturia?

A: Beeturia is a condition that is named for the vegetable that causes it, beets. Some people who eat beets will develop beeturia, which means they pass red urine or pink urine. Sometimes beets also turn feces red. In some people, the body needs to excrete much of the vegetable’s bright pigment because it cannot absorb it all. It is believed that less than 15 percent of people experience this condition, and it can be related to a lack of iron, or iron deficiency anemia. the...


what is Pica?

A: Pica is a medical condition which is characterized by an appetite for things which have no nutritional value, including clay, coal, soil, feces, chalk, paper, soap, mucus, ash, etc. It can also indicate an abnormal appetite for things which can be considered to be food, like food ingredients such as flour, raw potato, raw rice, ice cubes, salt, etc. In order for this to be considered to be pica, the actions have to last for more than one month and must also not be considered to be age appropriate. the name of


what is Citracal® Prenatal?

A: Citracal® Prenatal is a brand of vitamins that can be prescribed by a doctor to pregnant women. It comes in the form of a coated tablet, powder, capsule, or chewable tablet, and is typically meant to be taken once per day with a glass of water, about two hours after a meal. Like most other prenatal vitamins, its purpose is to prevent a deficiency of important vitamins during pregnancy, and can also be taken when trying to conceive or when breastfeeding. This kind of prenatal vitamin includes all the typical minerals in most other brands, with

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