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what is the thymus?

A: It may sound like the name of a mythological Greek god, but the thymus plays a crucial role in your immune system because this is where your T-cells mature. T-cells are those helper cells that come in and add reinforcements to the initial emergency call. Some convince other cells to enter the fray and spread the news of battle. Some directly destroy the intruders and are aptly named ''natural killer'' cells. When you were a child, your thymus, which is located in front of your heart, was actually the size of your heart....

what is the thymus glad?

A: ... thymus gland , mass of glandular tissue located in the neck or chest of most vertebrate animals....


what is the thymus gland of lamb veal and beef?

A: When cooked, they are known as sweetbreads....


what is the THYMUS CHAKRA, and what does it do?

A: I just typed in my search bar "thymus chakra" and alot of sites came up with information on this. Why don't you try and start your research there, I'm sure these sites will be helpful to you. Good Luck!...

what is residual thymus? If a 10 month old child has been diagnosed with this, what is the prognosis

A: the thymus gland is a small gland just under the upper part of the breastbone. At birth it is about 5cm insize. It increases in size during the adolescence and upto about 25 years. then the size decreases until in anelderly person of about 70 years, it may be barely seen.I suspect that the term ''residual thymus gland'' was mentioned in an ultrasound or otherinvestigation of the thyroid gland and is a coincidental finding. It simply means that the thymus gland can...

what is the Sail Sign?

A: the sail sign is a radiological finding in the lung or elbow, potentially indicative of a problem. the name of this clinical sign derives from its distinctive triangular shape, resembling a spinnaker sail, and some people may refer to it as the spinnaker or spinnaker sail sign. A skilled radiologist can identify it on an X-ray and provide more information to help a clinician decide whether the patient`s X-rays are normal, and what steps to take in order to provide treatment.. In the elbow,


what is the Immune System?

A: Have you experienced being exposed to various elements in a day and still feel healthy without feeling any pain or weakness? the very reason why you don`t get sick that easily is because of your immune system. Immune system safeguards you from the attacks of viruses outside your body. It is your defence mechanism but when it bogged down, you are not safe from being sick and your body will be affected. the immune system is consists of the cells and tissues that act as your protective guards against viruses and pathogens. It counter attacks...


what is the best home remedy for a blocked nose?

A: Steam inhalation with a small amount of Vicks vaporub put in the hot water jar.. Saline spray is good, so is Afrin. then lie down for a while with your blocked nostril up -- i.e., say your left nostril is blocked, lie with your right ear on the pillow. Strangely (or maybe nature meant it to be that way), this somethimes help clear the nostril just due to the angle the nasal passage is formed at and the position in which you''re lying. Lots of mosture. A long HOT bath/shower, humidifier, maybe a...


what is the composition of syrup chlophen DM ?

A: 17 Aug 2011 Chlorphen DM is a combination medicine containing Chlorpheniramine, Dextromethorphan and Phenylephrine. Piriton DM contains only Chlorpheniramine and Dextromethorphan. By giving Piriton DM instead you are missing out on the decongestant. Votes:+0CommentVote upReportSearch for questionsStill looking for answers? Try searching for what you seek or ask your own question. Search:Similar questionsAndehist DM NR Syrup - will it mess you up in any way?Will this impare my vision make me feel drowzy or light headed 1 answer • 28 Nov 2009 • My spouse seems to believe that Ipecac...


what is the largest lymphatic organ in a child?

A: the largest lymphatic organ in a child is the thymus. the largest lymphatic organ in an adult is the spleen....

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