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What is the treatment for fungal ear infection? answers (80)

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what is the treatment for fungal ear infection?

A: fungal ear infection? is caused by many things like moisture in the ears and dandruff and this is sometimes called swimming ears . and there are lots of diff treatments for this including swimming ears drops you can get over the counter at walmarts or any drug stores and then there are a little use of a dry vacuum that the...

what is the best medicine for fungal infection in the ear?

A: fungal infections of the ear are also called otomycosis. they can cause very few symptoms or they can result in swelling and pain within the ear canal. One cause of fungal ear infection is prolonged use of an antibacterial ear drop, especially those containing a corticosteroid to reduce swelling and pain. Typically, fungal ear infections will respond to topical over-the-counter antifungal...


what Are the Different Types of Lung infection?

A: A lung infection can be quite a distressing medical condition. Common lung infection symptoms may include difficulty breathing, chest congestion, and back pain. there are several different types of lung infections, including bacterial infections, viral infections, and fungal infections. treatment will depend on the exact cause of the infection, but some of the more typical treatment options include the use of antibiotics, antiviral medications, or steroid medications.. Bacterial lung infections are relatively common causes of lung inflammation. Symptoms of th


fungal ear infection

A: I assume the fungal infection has cleared.  It sounds like your treatment was rendered by an ENT.   True?  It"s really hard to say what is going on without seeing your ear.  If you have not been seen by an ENT and the symptom persists,   you should.  A month seems too long....


My daughter has a blood blister in her ear. what is the best way to get rid off this blister?

A: A blood blister is an accumulation of blood that forms under the skin de to a bruise or a pinch of some sort. Blood blisters have a very unique look and can be easily identified as the sub dermal tissues and blood vessels are damaged without any piercing of the skin. Initially, most blood blisters are extremely painful and, if broken, will let out only a small amount of the contained blood. This not only leaves the skin raw and tender, but also extremely prone to...


what is the yellow sticky discharge with odor behind my daughters ears and around neck?

A: Sounds like a fungal infection. She will need some anti fungal cream or antibiotic. Sounds like the formula. Sometimes when they are eating a little falls/drops down their little chins and if they are laying i guess it could go behind the ears too. Anyways you should keep an eye on that after every feeding wipe/clean and make sure its dry too, because it could cause an infection. I agree with anon 6:03 It could be seborhic (sp) dermatitis. It requires a steroid cream for treatment. try cortizone...

my baby (5 months old)has an ear infection and now his body cold and clammy

A: Baby ear infections are quite common among children below two years of age. the types of infections that can affect them are outer and middle ear infections. the medical term for an ear infection is otitis media, which, in Latin, literally means inflammation of the middle ear. It is imperative to look for symptoms of ear infection in infants as they are not able to express pain verbally.


what Are the Most Common Uses for Penicillin?

A: Penicillin is an umbrella term for a large family of antibiotics doctors can prescribe to treat infections caused by bacteria. these antibiotics are broad spectrum, working against a variety of organisms, and they are the drug of choice in many infections because their toxicity is low, and they can be highly effective. Some patients have penicillin allergies and sometimes bacteria have resistance to the antibiotic, in which case the patient must take a different medication.


what is Otomycosis?

A: Otomycosis is a fungal infection that affects the external portion of the ear. A variety of fungal species can cause this infection, resulting in symptoms such as pain, redness, and decreased hearing. the diagnosis of the condition typically relies on observing the clinical symptoms and studying the discharge produced as a result of the infection. treatment of


what to give my son for swimmers ear

A: the medical term for swimmer’s ear is otitis externa. It is essentially an inflammation of the ear canal. the most common cause of swimmer’s ear is exposure to contaminated water. In some cases, persistent moisture in the ear and cold, humid weather can also lead to swimmer’s ear. When the ear becomes...

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