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What is thymoma? answers (23)

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what is Thymic Carcinoma?

A: The thymus is a small, irregular-shaped organ located in the upper chest, just behind the breastbone. A crucial component of the immune system, the thymus is responsible for the production and development of T lymphocytes, also known as T cells, a type of white blood cell that helps protect the body from a variety of infections, including those caused by fungi and viruses. Thymic carcinoma, also known as type C thymoma, is the most dangerous cancer of the thymus. This rare malignancy has a high rate of metastasis, is difficult to keep in remission, and has a poor overall prognosis. Thymic...

what is an Enlarged Thymus?

A: The thymus gland is situated just below the neck, behind the breastbone and in front of the heart. It is a flattish structure divided into two lobes, and it plays a part in the normal functioning of the immune system. An enlarged thymus gland can occur for a number of reasons, including simple overgrowth of thymus tissue, which is found in some autoimmune disorders where the body`s immune system attacks itself. Other causes of enlargement are: cysts, benign tumors and cancers.. Normally, the thymus gland grows until puberty, when it begins to reduce in size, with the tissue being replaced gradually by fat as one gets...


what is Mediastinal ? How Dangerous is It?

A: Mediastinum is group of some structures in the chest. It is also called mediastinal tumor, thymoma or lymphoma. These tumors are present in the mediastinum area which contains heart, thymus, trachea, large blood vessels and connective tissues. These tumors are usually cancerous. These tumors can spread to the surrounding areas. Prognosis depends upon type of tumor. These tumors respond to chemotherapy and radiotherapy....


what to do for a six year old whos dad has cancer?

A: you said it was your best friends daughter so just be there for them both and be supportive I have a good friend who''s husband just died last year from a 12+ year total (broken up with bouts of remision) battle with cancer...they have a now 8 year old daughter who was informed of her father''s condition since the beginning. Being a very motherly child, she was very involved in his care (he refused hospice) and she was and wanted to be his "nurse." She''d get his juice, blankets, and call the nurse if he needed. It was kind of a role reversal, but when he did die she handled it amazingly well. This may be one way to help the six year old cope and spend...


what Are the Different Types of Thymus Cancer?

A: Thymus cancer is a malignancy that begins in the thymus gland. This organ is found in the area of the chest that is between the lungs. This places the thymus above and in front of the heart. There are several different forms of thymus cancer that may develop over time. Also known as thymoma, thymic carcinoma is a form of thymus cancer that develops from the epithelial cells which give the thymus its distinctive shape. There are actually several classes of thymic carcinoma that may be present. Each varies in terms of cure rates and physical traits. Type A thymic carcinoma is an example of...

I had a sternotomy for removal of thymoma in 1987...what type of wire was used for the closure then

A: Hi,While looking at the trend, in 1987, the sternotomy wound may have been closed with metal wire, which in turnmay affect the MRI imaging. However, confirmation is required regarding the same. You can extract your medicalrecords from the facility where the surgery was conducted or get in touch with surgeons wherever presentlythey are. Take care and regards....

I had a sternotomy for removal of thymoma in 1987...what type of wire was used for the closure then of the sternum andshould I be concerned about going into an MRI. Mr Physician at Baylor has long since retired and the cardiology group isno longer with

A: Hi,Wires of stainless steel and polypropylene are used in Sternostomy . It is very difficult to say which one wasused for you .If you have the surgery reports , it may be mentioned therein . Hope this helps you . Take careand regards !...

what Are Mediastinal Masses?

A: Mediastinal masses are tumors that develop at the front of the thorax, the part of the human body ranging from the diaphragm to the neck. The tumors that can grow in this area are associated with a handful of cancers. Tumors discovered in the mediastinal compartment are more likely to be malignant than those found in other areas of the thorax. Diagnosis generally requires a variety of tests. Treatment depends on which cancer is the root cause.. The anterior mediastinal compartment is the area between the front of the ribcage and the heart. In this compartment, mediastinal masses caused by one of three types of cancer can develop. The first


Who here is battling any kind of cancer or has survived any kind of cancer?

A: cancer is healed through no protein in the diet...............................the progression of it stops.........................please be aaware of this...................yours is not cancer..................its a tumor i had thymoma. the doctors told me i had a mass in my left side. i got sent to walter reid medical center for treatment. all this happend 3 weeks after i turned 17. i''m doing fine now. the scans are just make me sleepy. both of my parents, my dad kidney got it removed and is okay now my mom and is planning on getting all her reporducttive organs removed I''m 27 and I have leukemia. My 7 year old son


16 year old with enlarged thymus or thymoma

A: Some doctors prefer not to interfere if the mass is not compressing the surrounding strutures and causing any form of compromise. However, it seems to be already causing compression as evidenced by the slow flow in the superior vena cava, the neck swelling and chest pain. I suggest you seek a second opinion. Hello Dr. ismail, Thank you so much for replying to my post. Since my last post we had a new catscan done to follow up on the kidneys and spleen that is now questioning whether or not this is benign or malignant etiology. The test showed new nodules in the left lung and enlarged lymph nodes near the spleen. W e are worried now. Have you...

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