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Small white pimples at base of penis

A: I canít suppose anything about these ďsmall white pimplesĒ around the base of your penis without seeing them. Herpes outbreaks are usually painful but you didnít mention any pain....


I have small hard white pimples on my face and some on my legs, what are they and how do I get rid of them?

A: Information on white pimple From your description it sounds like you have what is known as milia. Milia are cysts that are filled with keratin. Since there are several reasons for the development of white pimples, it is a good idea to consult a doctor before you begin on any mediation. Milia, or drops of protein that are trapped under your skin, can be treated by cleaning your skin thoroughly.   However, always keep in mind the fact that excessive cleansing or using harsh chemicals could cause more harm than benefit. Therefore, be sure to use gentle cleansers to clean your face. Th

what is good for white heads on face?

A: Remedies for white heads A whitehead is basically a pimple — a sweat pore that has been blocked. Underneath sweat pores are sebaceous glands that produce sebum, which is a protective, oily substance. Sometimes, a pore may get blocked by dead skin cells that do not fall away from the skin. The sebaceous gland underneath the pore continues to produce sebum, and the resulting build up forms a pimple. Sometimes, such build ups may also collect bacteria and there may be an infection and inflammation. There is a lot of interchangeability and some confusion as to the names, but a pimple that...

what is Acne?

A: Acne is a skin disease often characterized by inflammation in the skin, erupting in lesions. Acne is widespread, particularly during adolescence, and the majority of people experience acne at some point during their life. There are many myths about what causes and cures acne, and an enormous industry has built up around products intended to help prevent and treat acne, especially in teenagers.. To understand acne, itís important to understand at least basically what a hair follicle looks like. The follicle is buried in the skin, and a hair grows out of it, breaking the skin surface. Attached to the follicle are sebaceous glands, which produce...


what is a great way to get rid of black heads and acne?

A: I can only tell you from my experience with severe acne several years ago: 1) Proactiv became too harsh after a few weeks and I developed a red, puffy reaction to it. But I liked their sulfur mask, it really helped. 2) Murad (3-in-1) is a lot better and gentler. 3) Do not use Panoxybar. Just like Proactiv and most other acne products, it''s very very very high in acid or alcohol and can make your face dry and sting very badly if you have acne. It''s not just about nuking the zits, it''s about healing the tunnels they create under your skin. 4) Don''t squeeze or pick, the reason is that picking causes scarring, pain, and distress. Squeezing an acne allows it to spread bacteria in and under the surface of your skin,...


I have a small lump under my left eye lid, but what is it?

A: I don''t think it''s anything serious if its white and raised then its a sign that your cholesterol is too high. see your gp for confirmation and medication. these lumps can be removed for a few hundred pounds, unfortunately the surgery is not available on nhs I agree with kiriash, it''s a sty. Don''t worry they go away, i''ve had one before. but if your really worried and it doesn''t go away go get it checked After looking at Sting the Avatar conclude if the lump under left eye lid is pea size it must be 20 gauge # 3 buckshot. Hard slap your right skull in front of ear until the spent copper projectile is ejected. I doubt if MI5 wants it...


A bump on the inside corner of my eye. what is it?

A: herpes Eye herpes Edit: Sorry Charlie, looks like I beat ya. Ask the doctor a stye Does it look like a small white pimple? I get these sometimes and I just scratch them open with my fingernail (clean hands of coarse) and they disappear. thats what it sounds like! sorry~ A bump inside the eye is a common symptom of HIV, but I doubt you have it. It''s probably something non-serious. this is your tear duct, don''t be alarmed. Sometimes I get little bumps there...they usually go away! Most likely something caused by an irritation so wait a week and see if it goes and if not see the doc....


little white pimple looking bumps on penis

A: Its hard to tell by what you are describing but it sounds like it might be genital warts. Mr. Hippo, I believe it is time to pay a visit to the doctor. It could be nothing more than sebaceous cysts (oil under the skin) but could be a little more serious. Better to have someone look at it and diagnose it properly than get an incorrect diagnosis over the computer....

what happens if i have a white pimple like under my shaft and it dont wanna pop

A: Leave it alone and go see your doctor. tick Most likely it is just an ingrown hair. You can try putting some moist heat on it, but by all means don''t ''pop'' it. By popping it you open it up leaving yourself open for infection....


white pimple-like bumps on penis

A: It sounds like a harmless common caused by a build up of skin oils, to me. Here is a link your friend to check, and if he is still concerned he could have his doctor take a look: Spots on the penis...

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