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what kind of virus would make someone have fluid build up around their heart and lungs?

A: Hello,Pericardial effusion or fluid build up around heart is caused by coxsackie virus and HIV and pleural effusionis caused by Epstein barr virus and HIV.Hope it helps....

what kind of lymphoma?

A: I also have this, but i havent been diagnosed with anything..scary....what is lymphoma? and dont u get that if u have HIV/AIDS? =O Hodgkin lymphoma is a localized or disseminated malignant proliferation of cells of the lymphoreticular system, primarily involving lymph node tissue, spleen, liver, and bone marrow. Symptoms include painless lymphadenopathy, sometimes with fever, night sweats, unintentional weight loss, pruritus, splenomegaly, and hepatomegaly. Diagnosis is based on lymph node biopsy. Treatment is curative...


what Type of virus isn''t Harmful?

A: Bear in mind that numerous viruses lead to interference in healthy homeostasis, thus resulting in disease, viruses also sometimes may exist in a relatively harmlessly way within an organism. For instance, with the herpes simplex virus, typically cold sores result, but the virus remains in a dormant condition within our bodies. There is also ongoing research revolving around the possibility of using a harmless virus (called GBV-C) to slow down the HIV virus progression and ultimately prolong...

what kind of Confusion Over Early Symptoms of HIV Time Frame?

A: The primary or sere exchange illness usually starts in the region of week 4 - 8 in most people a number of a little earlier some slightly later, but not all and sundry has serotonin version illness concerning twenty percent contain no symptoms at all. You can''t make a diagnosis from symptoms you can no more than diagnose from a blood test. I f you are concerned, that you may have constricted HIV then go for a blood examination, Symptoms may just be another disease i.e. flu or mono but you require to wait at smallest amount six weeks after previous exposure to get a 90+% precise result and 12 weeks for a 100% primary of all it depends on the...


what kinds of std

A: Many virii (viruses) are found in low levels in the saliva, for example, HIV, but this is far too low for the virus to be transmitted by casual contact, such as kissing. You'd have to drink buckets of saliva to contract it. HPV, the virus that causes cervical cancer in women, can live in the environment of the mouth and should it find it's way there it can cause oral cancer....

what kind of risks are their to having two STD

A: It kind of depends. If you have an STD such as herpes or HIV, it makes you more susceptible to getting another STD. I personally have both genital herpes and HPV and have had them both for about 6 years. I have had problems with both viruses, but not at the same time. what I mean is - my outbreaks aren't twice as painful because I have two STDs compared to one for example. Since mine are both caused by viruses I will have them both for the rest of my life. But if a person had two bacterial STDs at the same time, like gonorrhea and syphilis, they can both be treated and cured with some...


Hypothetically speaking: If everyone in the entire world who is HIV/AIDS postive were annihilated.............?

A: Ans #1: this is too unrealistic to answer Ans #2: In America HIV came from promiscuous homos and ******* who traveled to other countries such as Africa, had sex with homos over there and cam back to America and gave it to people over here. You should research "Patient Zero." This is a homo who was also a stuart that scientist believed brought HIV here. Ans #3:NO i heard a man did a monkey.. and then it started some people hold these virus with no symptoms, you could be one of them! No, HIV is a monkey virus...


If some one donates blood do they check what type of hiv test do they do?

A: they give you a questionair which you should complete as honestly as you can. they also test the blood for type. not sure what type of test it is for hiv, buy you can see infected red cells from under the scope. of course all blood that is donated is tested! No one would risk to possibility of getting infected blood. I would imagine they use the "elisa" test first and if it is positive they retest the blood with the "western blot" test, because I believe the "Western Blot" is much more...


what brought about the Aids virus?is there a possible cure for it?

A: I am a MUZLIM and rule of IZLAM for the followers is that one *MUST* have bath after having sex. But well I don''t think that it will help protecting someone against HIV+. uknown cause!!no cure at the moment but a lot of efforts to give the patients a better quality of life with new drugs See the movie And the Band Played On. This movie documents AIDS from the beginning. From what I can remember, it first appeared in monkeys in Africa who attacked some villagers and gave it to them. And the rest is history. the south african green monkey there is no cure came from some...


what is HIV Testing?

A: HIV testing is done to determine whether or not someone is infected with the Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the virus which causes Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). Sexually active individuals, intravenous drug users, and health care workers should obtain HIV testing on a regular basis, ideally once a year. There are many different types of tests used to look for the presence of HIV in the body, and there are anonymous testing options for people who want to be tested, but are concerned about their privacy. There are three basic kinds of HIV testing...
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