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What remedies can be suggested for allergic reaction and skin irritation? answers (49)

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what remedies can be suggested for allergic reaction and skin irritation?

A: Home cure for allergies A home cure for allergic rash and skin irritation would be more effective if you had revealed what had caused to reaction and irritation. There are some general cures that will help the situation, however. You must improve your immunity to keep your skin generally healthy. Indian gooseberry (indian gooseberry) and Echinacea help with this tremendously. If you can get these products fresh, it is

what can I Do About allergic Itching?

A: allergic reactions to foods, airborne pathogens, medications, or insect stings can result in a number of uncomfortable symptoms. One common problem is allergic itching, when the skin becomes red and irritated and hives begin to develop. There are many different remedies to ease allergic itching, depending on the location and severity of the problem. Doctors often suggest bathing in cool water, applying over-the-counter anti-itch creams,


Please recommend some remedies for skin irritation.

A: Your question is extremely vague - you have not provided any description of what you are suffering from at all. skin irritation can be a long list of things; the symptoms can vary greatly, and so can the causes. and as with any health problem, treating skin irritation effectively depends upon correctly identifying the cause of the problem. Since you have not mentioned your symptoms at all, it is impossible to diagnose your problem or suggest any specific treatment. You should visit your doctor for a proper physical examination of your...

My mother-in-law is suffering with eczema from past 20 years. can you suggest something for her?

A: 20 years is a very long time to be suffering from eczema. You have not mentioned anything about medical treatment. Have you taken her to a good doctor? Is she being treated correctly for it? There are several kinds of eczema and just as many causes for them. You have not mentioned what kind of eczema she has and which is the affected area. Eczema can be hereditary; if her family has had a history of it then she would too. It could also be caused due to an allergic reaction to soap, cleaning...

skin Irritation - Itchy Back and Chest

A: Dear quiksilverabf, i am not a dermatologist but i think what you are describing is some type of a condition called physical urticaria where the person breaks out or itches after changes in body temperatures. i suggest that you be evaluated by a dermatologist for proper care. for the time being, i suggest that you use claritine tablets (non-drowsy) before you go to the gym and see whether this will make any difference. Thank you very much for using our website http://doctorslounge.com and i hope that this in


Hi have eczema on my hands and have tried everything ? Please help!?

A: hi, Where are u staying now? and what is ur true name and age? can u befriend with me? i m from m''sia looking for u. i feel like boaring when i alonely. but, i thing i won''t feel boaring if u befriend with me right? can u reply anything for me? go to ur local pharmency to find eczema cream or just go and see ur local doctor Eczema is a form of dermatitis, or inflammation of the upper layers of the skin. The term eczema is broadly applied to a range of persistent or recurring


On the skin allergy tests. Have you had one?

A: I didn''t have one but I do it for patients. We call it Patch testing. Allergens like hair dye, ink, cement, fragrances,nickel, metals,ointments,eye drops, nail polish,lotion & deodorant contents, shampoo.etc...almost every stuff that you use in your body and can be found in your environment.It will not cause major reactions since it will only be tested (it will be put on your back like a patch) for 72 hours. and just the minimal amount introduced.It will itch (like an ordinary allergy/ insect bite) and will just bring slight discom


Itchy eyes - natural remedy

A: The eyes are one of the most delicate and sensitive parts of the human body and because they are connected with a person’s vision, any problem that is related to the eyes, could cause people to get all worried and worked up. However, there are a lot of people who suffer from redness in the eye, accompanied by irritation and itchiness, especially, as the allergy season gets closer. When allergens are high in the air, it is possible for a person’s eye to remain itchy and red for most of the time, but the condition usually tends to get worse, if the eyes are touched or rub


Why do i always get thrush, a least twice a month and is there a way reducing the symptoms?

A: Has your partner been treated also ? You could be passing it back and forth. Also get rid of your toothbrush, it can carry germs. If you don''t stay on the meds long enough it doesn''t completly kill it. Also try any of the germ killing mouthwashes several times a day with the meds to help kill the germs. I splash it over my toothbrush each time to kill anything too. do you go swimming a lot as the chlorine will cause it, also don''t use fabric conditioner in you under ware and don''t use anything except go old fashioned soap and water to wash your private parts We know that thrush is usually caused by a yeast called...


How can a pregnant woman get relief from itching at night?

A: From a midwifery site: “Itching skin during pregnancy can be caused by hormonal changes. Also remember that in later pregnancy your skin must stretch, which also can cause itching. Dry skin can become very irritated, especially during the winter months when forced-air heating aggravates skin discomfort.” To prevent skin irritation, pregnant women (and all people) should avoid mineral oil-based skin care...

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