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What's the best drug prescribed to treat social anxiety or social phobia? answers (21)

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What''s the best drug prescribed to treat social anxiety or social phobia?

A: social anxiety can be successfully treated with cognitive-behavioral therapy as well as a variety of medications. What works best for you will depend on a number of factors. If you have been diagnosed with social anxiety or phobia and have not tried a behavioral treatment you may want to do so. these treatments teach people skills to manage


How did you overcome social anxiety Disorder?

A: Hey in that! I am not suffereing from it nor i ever did, but my fiance is....he use to be very unpromising with it, but in a minute he is getting better. I can speak what worked for him - staying in contact near reality, social events and so on, coz if you don''t ur concern will only grow...if try doing stuff that you panic of, after a while you could see that they are not so scary...practice make perfect :) Depending on how big your S.A.D. is, you should consider taking medication, BUT only near the advice of the doctor!!! Don''t bear them on...


social anxiety Disorder: Yet Another Made Up Illness

A: Well, aren''t we making the world a better place today? Good thing you haven''t lost your resolve... some of us have already given up. I don''t like the way drug companies are pushing their products - the consumer ads, the vists to drs., all that, but... there really are people who are unable to function because they are so painfully ''shy''. My niece, who is a very beautiful (and I''m not exagerating here, she is a one-in-a-million type) and talented soon to be 21 yr...


How do you get rid of anxiety/panick attacks for good?

A: You need to smoke a joint it relax''s the mind and body Don''t worry i know how you feel. I have been through exactly what you have......................and come out the other side. I have suffered with a panic disorder for a lot of my life. I spent 6 mnth in my house, afraid to go out. Often afraid to leave my bed, so I wouldn''t wash or eat for days or weeks. A lot of bad things have happened to me in my life, and my doctor explained; when you...


Can others that are bipolar please share with me the effects that this disease has on me ?

A: Ok my friend I am BP too, and suffer from other conditions. I am 41 male..it is as you know very hard to deal with, I do too take seroquel,(klonopin,depakote, lamictal,topamax... ect) I do not know what you did in the past to get in trouble with the law. well if we are talking bars ..must be serious. Bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive illness, is a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, and the ability to carry out day-


Insomnia - What keeps you awake at night?

A: Sounds like a little OCD in you but i do remember why i took my xanax when i had insurance it was because i worried so much i would wake up in the middle of the night and start working. I could not go to sleep with something unfinished it was very unsettling for me. You definantly have anxiety potential and need to see a psychiatrist. You need to mention everything i think they might give you something for the anxiety for...


Need help for about a month I have really been goin threw a inder hell with depassion and anxiety?

A: 20 Aug 2011 Hi DAVID, I just want to say there are plenty of us on this site that do understand. Are you presently receiving any treatment for the depression and anxiety? there are numerous medications that can help. I also recommend counseling to help develop some insight into what may be causing the depression and anxiety. If you haven''t already, try to reach out to a counselor for help. Your doc


I have psychotic illness, but don''t like to go out

A: I could venture to guess on this one. A phobia called agoraphobia does exist. It is a fear of leaving your home that is so bad it causes panic attacks in some people. Medications do exist for treatment. You really need to explore this with your doctor. If you have not delusional thoughs of someone hurting you or watching you, it could be agoraphobia. Meds would be one thing to explore. However, what if you took small steps in going out the door....


I want to die. I am in so much pain, it is unbearable. I don''t know what to do.

A: Hello Dearest Person I have no idea what you are going through. Whether it is physical or emotional painm, or both. All I can share with you is the only cure I know. Please open your heart and ask our Lord to fill your entire being with his Peace and his presence. Please try this. Believe me. I have tried many things in my life, and now know with all certainty that the only one that has the cure to any of my ailments is my Creator. I pray with all my heart that Our Lord Jesus Christ touches you...


Can anyone tell me what i MIGHT have with these symptoms?

A: OCD. maybe doing drugs three months ago subconciously made you realize that the world is not safe, and now you have this crazy case of good old OCD. i think it''s anxiety. i have days where i think people are talking about me too. i could just be walking past a group of people, and if ONE of them laughs out loud... i automaticall assume that they are laughing at me... so relax, dont sweat the small stuff... definately StoP speeding, nobody is after you EXCEPT the police....lol especially if you are speeding =] try...

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