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What''s the chances of getting hiv?

A: For you? If you have to ask this question, I would guess that YOUR chances are very high....

What are the chances of getting HIV from a tattoo?

A: the chances are very unlikely, as long as you go to a properly licenced tattoist. the parlour is legally obliged to STERILISE the needles that they use after each session with a client for the sake of public health, so you shouldn''t have a problem because it is illegal to use needles that are not. I wouldn''t worry so much, I''ve been inked and there''s nothing wrong with me :) I think that the needlemay cause some problem. u can''t get hiv from a tattoo, but u can get hiv from the needle if it was used on a hiv positive person and


What are the chances of getting hiv after a single encounter with an infected individual?

A: It depends on a lot of factors, so without more information than you''ve provided (or that any of us really want to hear), it''s impossible to calculate probability. Gut feeling; your chances are better if you''re male than female, if your partner has no open wounds or sores, and if the encounter was brief. Also, the condition of your own immune system has a lot to do with it -- it is possible for some people to fight off a few viral particles, though it''s not a gamble I would choose to take, personally. If you intend on being sexually active, and particularly if you plan on "playing the...


What Are the chances of getting HIV From Oral Sex?

A: I think it''s insane to let people who are not doctors or AIDS specialist to answer such a question this is something that should be consulted through a qualified doctor not some joker who thinks he knows everything but having said that I have asked three different HIV doctors in three different locations all three said if either one of the participants have AIDS and both have open sores in their mouth or penis it is possible but if there is no open sore to transmit the virus NO you won''t pass it on so it would be advised to check the mouth since anything on the penis is going to be obvious...

what is the chance of getting HIV with asian indoor prostitute when wearing a co

A: Your chances of contracting HIV wearing protection at all times are very rare unless it breaks. But, if you did oral sex on her, your chance of contracting HIV are high, especially of other STD's. You can easily contract Herpes, Crabs, Genital Warts even by wearing a condom, because these diseases are transmitted by skin to skin contact....

What are the chances of giving HIV to my bf?

A: your 14 living with HIV---how''d that happen? just wondering He should call the FED''S on you...you should be ashamed you whore bag! i think this was prolly an unrealiable storry, but the chances of that is none.....000000000000000, but i would have told him before slim. if you used protection and it did''nt break it''s safe. the only way you can really get it other than the protection would be to kiss openly and one or the either has a sore inside the mouth. you both would have to have sores in your mouth and than kiss openly. or you would...


What is the chance of getting an std from a bj?

A: Its pretty rare to catch one this way, so dont worry but if you get any symptons, get it checked out. there was a movie on Lifetime about all these kids giving oral sex to each other because they thought it was safer and they all got the throat gonorrhea. That, plus you could get herpes and if you have an open sore somewhere on or around your mouth it could increase your risk of getting HIV or something like that. So, to answer your question, it has the same risk of any other type of unprotected...


What are the odds of getting hiv or aids?

A: You need to do some studying. You get aids/ hiv from transmission of body fluids. Even oral sex. Wear a condom even then. And if she has done it alot you are doing it with ever partner she has had and every partner they have had and they have had ect etc ect. You get my drift. Also if you are willing to do this then how easy are you? Wrap it up if you are scared. there is a very low chance that you could get HIV/AIDS that away but use a condom there are ones out there that have flavors for oral sex. It is considered "low risk." Very unlikely... don''t buy into


What are the chances of getting infected with aids, etc... from a dirty lancet? there are no signs of any conditions with patient or anything like that but i just want to put my mind at ease.

A: Hello. Here is link with information that may help answer your question: HIV/AIDS How do people get hiv? A person gets HIV when an infected person''s body fluids (blood, semen, fluids from the vagina, or breast milk) enter his or her bloodstream. the virus can enter the blood through linings in the mouth, anus, or sex organs (the penis and vagina), or through broken skin. Both men and women can spread HIV. A person with HIV can feel okay and still give the virus to others. Pregnant women with HIV can also give the virus to their babies. Common...


Even with using a condom 100% correctly, what are the chances of getting a STD (

A: Though HIV is an extremely serious and deadly disease, there are many other STD's you can get even if you are wearing a condom, so be weary of your partner(s). Genital herpes (HSV2) is one that can be contracted with just skin on skin contact and most of the time you don't even know if someone has the disease. This is a maintainable virus, but it can not be cured. there are many other STD's that are like the one I have mentioned, just make sure you do research and if you are sexually active then protect yourself as best you can....
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