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what should a first aid kit include?

A: On One Hand: The Basic ItemsAccordingtofamilies.com, a first aid kit should contain several basic items that fit in a medium-size compact container. Store varied sizes of bandages and tape to secure them. Keep antibacterial cream and rubbing alcohol for cuts, as well as latex gloves in case you come into contact with blood. A barrier for performing CPR breathing is also necessary. The site also suggests heat packs, a cold pack, pain killers, a splint and burn gel. Pack a flashlight and a pair of scissors as well....


what does a first aid kit typically contain?

A: A well-stocked first aid kit can be invaluable in an emergency. You can buy a prepared kit or put together a kit that will meet your specific needs. Be sure to check your kit regularly to restock items and check expiration dates. A typical first aid kit should include a few standard items.Protective BarriersFor protection against germs and communicable disease, include at least two pairs of sterile latex gloves. It is also a good idea to include a breathing barrier with a one-way valve for the safe administration of mouth-to-mouth breathing....


what should be kept in a first-aid kit for emergencies?

A: a flare gun, an assault rifle preferably AK-47, and condoms Chocolate WATER Do a search on the web for first-aid supplies. It will give you a list of items to put in your first-aid kit depending on where you are going to keep it..for instance a back-packing trip will have different items than a home first-aid kit or a kit to carry in your car. Different situations--different first-aid kits..Try your local Red Cross for information. They should be able to give you a...


what should be in a first aid kit?

A: Injuries can happen at home or away from home at any time whether during an auto accident, in the event of a natural disaster, or as a result of other threats. If so, it is important to have a fully-stocked first aid kit readily available. One first aid kit must always remain in the home, and the other first aid kit is perfect for the car. The first aid kit for the home should be in a clean, large container that is simple to open and easy to transport. If it is too...


what should I have in a first aid kit for my home, car, and purse?

A: Just go to Walmart and buy their first aid kit. It will have everything you need. Most kits comes with the essentials needed. Check with your local Ambulance Service and they will be able to advise you more. Anything really serious, unless you have a certain life threatening condition, should acquire medical help. By life threatening I mean allergic to bee stings and such things. The bigger the kit, the more you get. Purse, band-aid and Aspirin. Hope you find what''s best for your needs. flashlight,batteries, bandaid, disinfectant, gouse pads, snacks, jack, can opener,...


what objects should be included in a first aid kit?

A: Contents of a first aid kit Most store bought first aid kits, especially the cheap ones, are very poor in terms of quality, quantity, and selection of items, and are only suited for treating very minor injuries. A homemade kit, if properly prepared, is generally better and sometimes cheaper than most commercial kits. A generic first aid kit is better than nothing. However, the contents of a first aid kit should be...


what do I need in a first aid kit?

A: Your first aid kit should contain a variety of supplies due to the many different needs it might have to fill. Basics include bandages of different types and sizes - plastic, fabric, waterproof, and gauze, for example. Tape, scissors, tweezers, and needles are useful, as are cold packs, antibiotic ointments, and soap. You should have basic medications, including pain relievers, antihistamines, hydrocortisones, and stomach medication. You should also always have at least two pairs of disposable gloves in order to protect yourself and the person you are administering help to. A small first aid...


what should I Look for in first aid kits?

A: In times of medical crisis, well-stocked first aid kits can help stop bleeding, cleanse wounds, stabilize injuries and provide instant pain relief. Poorly constructed first aid kits, on the other hand, may provide an assortment of bandages or antiseptics but little else. Having proper first aid kits in your home, car, or place of employment can make a medical emergency much more manageable until trained health care workers arrive. But what should these ideal first aid


what should be in an Office first aid kit?

A: Office environments do not usually engender serious accidents, so stocking an office first aid kit is not difficult. When stocking a first aid kit for the office, concentrate on what people are going to need most often. Office injuries are usually minor, including paper cuts, steam burns from the microwave, an occasional scalding from the office coffee pot and the like. what will be needed most often are over-the-counter medications and small personal grooming instruments such as tweezers. Medical items in the first aid


Could someone help me acquire a decent first aid kit please?

A: I would also say the red cross website as you know any profit will be spent in a decent way, Either that or make up one of your own ,mine is in a plastic kitchen tub. you will need wipes, plasters, gauze, tweezers, gloves(if any one else needs treatment) thermometer, safety pins, sterile dressings, bandages, tape. I can''t think of anything else off the top of my head. Go to Boots the Chemists, they always stock first aid kits I would think that most larger drugstores would probably carry them already assembled. If you would like to make one yourself, here''s a good site with information. http://www.essortment.com/all/firstaid

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