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What should i do to help someone who is suffering with obesity? answers (175)

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How can I get help for my sister who is suffering with obesity?

A: Hi, I know too well where your sister is in her thoughts. When I firstbecame obese. I went years without being in touch with myself, I didn''t seemyself as obese, I was big boned, a large women. I refused to buy plus sizeclothing even squeezing my breast in ill fitting bras. I stopped looking atmy body when I was nake. The denial went further, I didn''t own a scale andwent to the doctor only when I was very sick. Always dreading the scalebecause it didn''t want to acknowledge


what is the best way for someone who is obeese and almost very obeese to lose wieght at just 14 ?

A: try a high carb diet and keep up with the exercise routine..cut out sugars and salts.eat more fruit and fresh veg,and drink water even if its flavoured water it will help..good luck.. First, see your doctor to make sure you don''t already have diabetes. Then visit with a nutritionist (your hospital of doctor''s office should have one) and let them help you tailor a diet that meets your needs. BMI of 39 is considered...


my drs. are concerned that my binge eating will continue after surgery. what can i do

A: One of the hardest post-op concepts to get across to those who are pre-opis that food just doesn''t matter as much as it once did -- it''s simply nota priority. I don''t know why that is, but this also applies to all thosenice people in white coats who profess to want to "help" theobese by giving them 600-calorie-a-day diets, prescriptions for Xenical,and vicious obesophobia masquerading as "concern for your health,dear". You''d think they''d know...


Did I really try everything? what am I doing? Terrified

A: I would be more concerned about you if you were not a little scared :-) WLS is a life-altering step which should not be taken lightly, nor withoutdoing adequate research on the subject. You, your parents, and yourphysician(s) are the only ones who know your history of weight gains andlosses...and you are truly the only one who knows how obesity has effectedyou emotionally and psychologically over the years. I think that all of uscan say that we have been successful at losing weight....many, many times. However, the problem has been that we have been unable to maintain...


I''m scared - what did I do?

A: Ahh Sue:( Her site started as a bash WLS. Now I post there from time timeto time. Like you I stumbled onto her site and joined her group to seewhats up? Honestly I enjoy a good debate:) sand had fun debunking her skyis falling position! I ask lots of questions and ran many of her positionsby my surgeon and kindablew her out of the water! She would have youbelieve that anyone who gets anything as a postie got it because they hadsurgery. Now its true that bad things can happen, anyone who has visitedour memorial site knows that. Sorry I was interrupted.<P> Anyhow...


what are some ways to increase the fitness level of children?

A: If you have the money, buy them a Nintendo Wii. I have one and it is a lot of fun. The Wii Sports game that comes with the system is a very good way to exercise. I have have so much fun playing the boxing in particular as it is the most vigorous and leaves my shirt soaked after playing for an hour. I also enjoy Wii Fit and EA Active as they are other great additions to the Wii exercise experience. However, with the Wii, you must be careful as to which games you purchase for it. While there are many great games that...


Any advice for someone who just got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes?

A: do what the doctors tell you. Frosted flakes are not worth going blind and losing your legs. Yes I think there are. Some good advice so far...I''ll just add to cut out the trans fat. Yup those are out now. Try going on a strict vegetarian diet. Recent research shows the vegan diet will reverse type II diabetes. See http://www.vegetarianorganiclife.com/ and http://www.newstarget.com/019785.html I also believe the vegan diet will substantially help prevent the secondary complications of type-1 diabetes. I would avoid them. Here''s your advice: For type I and type II diabetics (and those who are overweight and could...


ARE YOU A VICTIM of society''s anti-fat sentiment? have you/do you know anyone who has been discriminated against?

A: what''s weight got to do with it. Yes, there is too much of an assumption by many that overweight people choose to be that way. They do not like bipolar people... they think a certain image of them and then refused to let me help in the church Schelli said: 5 Nope, I am one of the discrimonators. And, while most of what...


I would to know what the following words mean?

A: I have no idea about the margin stuff, but good nutrition could reverse this diabetic thing. Give your child blueberries to eat, and sip vinegar water, research diabetic for home remedies and get your child well fast. Contact the doctor. I wouldn''t trust anyone but a doctor when it comes to my 3 year old. Ask your doctor or the diabetic nurse. In response to the previous answer - there is NO reversal for diabetese. There are two types = Type 1 which is normally diagnosed in children. The...

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